Hibiscus Tea


Today is Monday. Coming up with my very first post. Hope you will love it.

For me Hibiscus means a sacred red fire which can inspire you to do your best. Its bright color and lively looks connects it with puja. I have grown up seeing Ma offering it to Kali Thakur and other God – goddess.
You must have heard about  Hibiscus shampoo and Hibiscus  oil.
But today for you, i want to start with Hibiscus  Tea.
Easy to make, godown of goodness and the best part is less pain and loads of gain.
Hibiscus  tea lowers BP and i think that was the main thing that drew my attention.

Hibiscus Tea

Boil a glass of water.
Add 10-12 sun dried Hibiscus  petels.
Cool it
Squeeze  half lemon in it
Chill it .
Add honey while serving.
While boiling u can add cinnamon  stick or ginger or cloves or nutmeg if u wish.
I like without adding all this.
The magic is as soon as u add lemon juice the deep purple liquid turns into bright pink
Decorate with pineapple  slice/ rose petel/ mint leaves.
Can be taken in morning or as an afternoon drink.
Shelf life- 24hrs to 48hrs in freeze.

Hibiscus tea is good for–
1. For lowering BP
2. For weight loss
3. For hair growth
4. Combats cold symptoms
5. Improves digestion
6 . decrease  depression
7. Prevents growth of cancerous cells
8.Prevents diabetes
9. Prevents cholesterol
10. Anti-wrinkle benefits

Now it is not good for–

1. People with low BP
2. People with allergy risks
3. Pregnant  ladies
4. Those who have Estrogen issues
5. May cause drowsiness (hallucinations )

While enjoying the yummy taste of this tea get ready to pamper your luscious locks with Hibiscus  oil and  shampoo next monday in this blog.


8 thoughts on “Hibiscus Tea

  1. Hibiscus seems to be a magic medicine. A wonder drug. I now can conclude why you aren’t mistaken in deeming yourself a curator. Keep all week days vibrant and contagious with health and happiness.


  2. Maine use kiya h..really it is very effective for good health… Ye tasty h…and colour is good
    Thanks for the good suggestion..
    Keep it up…..


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