Beautiful You

Well said, beauty  lies in the eyes of the beholder, but don’t  you think that actual beauty starts from within.
If your skin and face is beautiful , it’s  not enough. Beauty is the gift, which we enhance by our own will power. Lets unfold it step by step.



The first thing you should see as soon as you  open your eyes is your palm joined  together. Look at them and chant–

Karaage Vasate Lakshmi
Karamadhya Saraswati
Karamule tu Govinda
Prabhaate kar darshanam!

And it means that in  top of your palms  resides Lakshmi, in middle of the palms Saraswati, and in bottom of the palms Govinda. So start your day by seeing your palms.

If you don’t  believe in all this, no problem, then also start your day by seeing your palms, because, you believe in yourself, and your hands are those powerful tools , which can take out the best you have within.

Apne daato ko dekho—
Next check your teeth. For white teeth, add a pinch of baking powder on your regular paste and see yout teeth shine.

Glowing face–
Meanwhile mix a spoon of honey and a spoon of almond oil. Keep it ready to apply before taking bath. Keep for 10 min and wash. Apply for one week and see your skin glowing.

Chant OM–


If you are an early bird it’s good. Start your day by chanting OM followed  by yoga/ jogging/ treadmill, whatever  you prefer. Just give yourself 10 min in the calm atmosphere and feel rejuvenated.

OM is a vibration rather mantra, traditionally i have seen in my family chanting it before and after pooja.

We inhale and chant AAA
Its Brahma  (creation)
Exale and chant OOO
Its  Vishnu (preservation )
Then MMM
Its Mahesh (liberation)
Followed by a second’s silence
Actually  it sounds AUM.

Sit straight preferably  in padmasan.

Your mind relax, BP decrease, heart beat regularise, your concentration  improves, empowers all mental processes.
Not only that when we chant OM, it activates the stomach, throat, spinal cord, nasal  and brain.

The sound OM, when chanted, vibrates at the frequency of 432 Hz, which is the same vibration frequency found throughout everything in nature.

We will continue  with all beauty tips on next beautiful tuesday. Till then start practicing and let me know how you feel.


6 thoughts on “Beautiful You

  1. In our ethos …
    Surat is outweighed by seerat… ..but if one has both nothing like this blissful combo. ….very few have this inbuilt or put in their company. .

    Watching the natural tools on daily basis would certainly improve our belief on ourselves. …All should do

    Lastly AUM . .. It is a portal for purity n power…

    Keep posting

    Expecting WEDNESDAY. ..


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