MUDRA (Gyan Mudra)

Thursdays, I have exclusively dedicated for mudras.
I have been practicing Mudras since last few years and some of my friends wanted me to introduce Mudra in my blog. So here I am–

Mudra is actually a Sanskrit word, meaning “closure “or “seal.” It is the art which teaches us how we can use our ten fingers to prevent any diseases, ailments and how we can get best of our health.
Simple yet interesting, we start with the set for balancing energy, that is we touch all the finger tips with thumb tip for 10-10 minutes.
Mudra is equally beneficial for men, women and children.

1. When thumb touches tip of index finger it is known as Gyan Mudra.
Gyan Mudra makes you calmer and increases concentration power.

2. When thumb touches tip of middle finger it is known as Akash Mudra.
It fosters patience.

3. When thumb touches tip of ring finger it is Prithivi Mudra.
It is for energy, stability and self-confidence.

4. When thumb touches tip of small finger it is Varuna Mudra.
It makes intuition  and feelings stronger.



Can be called as prime Mudra in all finger Mudra.
1.To do it, preferably sit in meditative pose such as Sukha Asan (easy pose), Vajra Asan (diamond pose) or Padma Asan (lotus pose).
2. Ensure that your back is held straight and your chest and head held high.
3. Rest your hands on your knees with your palms facing upward
4. Close your eyes and focus on your breathe
5. But if you have any arthritis  problem, can’t  sit on floor, sit as you wish.

It was practiced by Lord Krishna.
It is also known as Om Mudra as Om is often chanted in this Mudra.

While breathing-in say, “I am one with the universe” and while breathing out say, “The universe and I are one.”

1. It stimulates wisdom and knowledge.
2. Empowers mind, nervous system and pituitary gland.
3. Enhance concentration.
4. Prevents insomnia.
5. Strengthens all the muscles in the body.
6. Reinforces vocal cords, heart and renders the skin.

Start doing for 10 min and then if you want continue upto 30 min.

Summer vacation is approaching,  encourage your child to practice Mudra, it will bring the best out of him. I will bring to you Mudra for increasing memory and concentration in children in coming post.
Next thursday we will continue with akash Mudra and so on. Till then keep practicing.
Update me with your comments.


8 thoughts on “MUDRA (Gyan Mudra)

  1. My daughter immediately advised to glue thumb with tip of middle finger…..she knows that I need most is PATIENCE 😂😃😆😅😄😀😊☺

    But it’s really good to learn MUDRA in simplified way

    What’s for Friday 2day


  2. Thank you very much for reminding us how simple it’s to keep one self beautiful with mudras. Me n my dot will start over again to practice mudras.


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