Sai mere… (poem)

Poems are the best medium to convey emotions, ideas and deep feelings.
I feel poem is a home for stunning images, tender reflections and beautiful lyricism.

On poetic Friday, I will like to start with my poem dedicated to Sai Ram.

I often wonder what makes poem so powerful that it pierces in the mind and leaves a scar.

Hope all my poems will mark a presence in your soul and connect you to me.

साईं मेरे


साईं मेरे
प्रभु मेरे
इतनी शक्ति  देना
कम॔ पथ पर
कठिन सफर पर
जब डगमगाए कदम
मुझे थाम लेना

साईं मेरे
प्रभु मेरे
इतना साथ देना
आंसुओं को जब छुपाना चाहूॅ
अपनी हार को तनहाई में सहना चाहूॅ
बिखर कर जब टुट जाऊं
मुझे थाम लेना

साईं मेरे
प्रभु मेरे
इतना विश्वास  देना
हर गम में खुशीयों का आभास हो
हर छल में भी सुख का एहसास हो
जान कर भी अनजान बनने की पीड़ा मे लिप्त हूँ जब
मुझे थाम लेना

साईं मेरे
प्रभु मेरे
इतनी प्राथ॔ना सुनना
कमजोर हाथों में भी इतनी ताकत देना
ना पड़े कभी किसी  से  एहसान  लेना
मौत का दूत जब मुक्त करके ले जाये तब
मुझे थाम लेना

साईं मेरे
प्रभु मेरे
इतनी दुआ सुनना
मेरे सर पर हाथ रखना
मेरे विश्वास को बाधें रखना
मुझे थाम लेना
मुझे थाम लेना ॥

Take care.
See you tommorow.


16 thoughts on “Sai mere… (poem)

  1. The blog space seems to be refurbed nicely. The comment window is too nicely conspicuous. Every endeavour has an evolution cycle. In days to come u may cherish to b a full time blogger.

    Ur faith in Sai Ram ji is unshakable. I felt I am at Shirdi.

    The poem concludes very nice…I think the poetry pivots more towards ur prayers…May b ur daily prayers…
    But there is a message. ..that u would b contagious for goodness at a cost of no solicited reciprocation…Y is a million dollar question
    Mujhe thaam lena
    Mujhe thaam lena…….is soul n spirit
    Ameen. …..


  2. Very well reflects ur inner feelings…ihow much u r devoted to sai ram….om sai sri sai jay jay sai…that almighty will keep u always good and with u always….


  3. Really ….. amazing .You are too good in every field . This poem is full of devotion. ..
    Om sairam mujhe thaam lena…such a soulful line……….
    May Sairam blessed you with Health & Wealth…..

    Liked by 1 person

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