Carrot Welcome Drink

Today, I will write under the umbrella  of Foodie Saturdays.

I am a foodie, absolute foodie.

I enjoy creating eloborate meals, love dining out, and enjoy digging my head in the kitchen to do culinary experiments.

To welcome you today, I will start with my Carrot Welcome Drink. I have made this  drink hundreds of time, always to hear that it’s awesome.

Dedicating it to all my friends, remembering Bacheli days, missing you all.

Let the gourmet awake in you! A perfect healthy summer drink, easy to make and delicious.

Before that, let me glorify Mr. Carrot.

— If you are beauty conscious, then carrots are the correct choice for you as it improves skin complexion.
— It is a vitamin B booster.
— Boosts immunity.
— Healthy for heart.
— Caroteroids present in carrot acts as antioxidants.
— Prevents cancer.
— Maintains cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Carrot Welcome Drink


Serves: 4 (only if you are willing to share :P)

5 carrots
2 cups of water
1 cup sugar
3 cups of milk
1 tsp ground cardamom
Dry fruits

Slice carrots, add sugar, little milk and water. Put in pressure cooker and wait for 2 whistles.

Cool it, grind and make a smooth paste in mixer.

Put in frying pan, add rest of the milk, dry fruits and boil it for sometime.

Add cardomom powder while boiling.

Consistency should be thin.

Serve chilled.

So what are you waiting for? Make it, enjoy it and of course, let me know, how you liked it.
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16 thoughts on “Carrot Welcome Drink

  1. I just ended up sharing a screen shot of this blog with another health conscious friend of mine. Awaiting more of these, for the burning summer to beat 😀


  2. Amazing. …the expression…. Sai Mere ….made me emotional. ..I visited Shiradi in early 60’s with my Dad, Mom, brothers & sis…and even today I pray Baba. ..& as you mentioned. ..he has always guided me to follow right path….
    Coming to Carrot ….I will definitely experience one day .. .courtesy by you only.


  3. Carrots r bound 2b good n rich health supplements. Now If you have this way 2 consume I think it becomes irresistible. Drink responsibly and walk gracefully as there’s a limit to assimilate vitamins A C K B8. A big range of nutrients like pantothenic acid ,folate ,copper, iron, potassium & magnese r in this package. It has antioxidants too. So with fibres and beta carotene there is no point in saying NO to this alcohol free beverage. The best best thing is sutapa has added a teaspoon full of cardamom and crushed dry fruits. So y r u reading I am already down with a full glass…gulped in 1 stroke 2bottom it……Aur Pakoda kub khilaogee mungoda aloo bondaaa…. barish mei tea k saath..


  4. It is a very delicious drink and now after knowing that it is healty too i want to prepare today only i have tasted it in ur home mam it very tasty thanks for posting the method


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