The Monday Echo

Weekend’s over. Yep. It’s Monday.
Let’s start fresh, healthy and beautifully.
Last Monday it was rendezvous with Hibiscus. Thank you all for your hearty responses.
After Hibiscus Tea , let’s continue  and conclude with Hibiscus oil and Hibiscus  shampoo. Though Hibiscus is used to make many medicines also, let us leave it to the doctors and focus on our beautiful  hair.
There are so many shampoos  and oils available in the market, but let me tell you how this DIY project will help you —

☺ No chemicals
😊 Fresh ingredients
😁 Totally Herbal
πŸ˜ƒ Creativity Unchallenged
πŸ˜„ Ultimate satisfaction
πŸ‘« and Luscious Locks

So here we are —


5-10  Hibiscus flowers
3-4 Hibuscus leaves
4-5 Basil leaves
1/2cup virgin Coconut oil.

Heat Coconut oil and add the Hibiscus flowers and leaves to it.
Let the fumes come but don’t burn it.
Add basil leaves.
Let it cool.
Apply and leave it on head for few hours.
Then use your Hibiscus shampoo.


10-15 Hibiscus flowers
Handful of Hibiscus leaves
Water as required

Make a paste adding all, in the mixie.
Apply it and keep for 20 mins.
Then wash it with warm water.
If desired use your original shampoo after that.

To get some more benefits  you can add Aloevera (1 leaf), /curd/ honey/ coconut milk / 2drop almond oil or olive oil.

Let your hair dreams come true. Enjoy your beautiful and gleeming hair. See you tommorow.


20 thoughts on “The Monday Echo

  1. Gr8. Simply natural. I suppose any natural derivative free from chemicals are bound to do good with the natural body…one thinks as per his dietary intake..then there’s no point in going chemical……….


  2. Fine.Hibiscus oil and shampoo both are useful for hair.we are facing a lot of problems for hair.This will help us because both are free from chemicals.Thank u for posting.


  3. good work done -sutopa. its a good. habit to be a writer if u can express yourself. u r doing it very well. .pl visit it up.


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