The Little Monk (story)

Smiriti sat in the Oncology Department, in the Chemotherapy Ward, staring at her mother, watching her take Chemotherapy. She was nearly bald now. The pain had made her face pale and weak. Smiriti stared at her, with eyes full of tears, wondering, why God has to give such a good soul, so much pain.
Suddenly she saw her mother looking at her, she gave her a fragile smile and said, “I will be ok, don’t worry, I have lived my life, but see the child beside my bed, see what a lovely child suffering from this ailment”. Till then Smiriti hadn’t looked at the patients around, because her world was compressed to that bed, where her mother lay in pain.
Slowly she turned and saw. Her heart  bleeded, as she saw a beautiful child, maybe 5 or 6 years old, lying calmly in the bed. What an innocent face, OMG he looked like a little monk.
Suddenly he smiled at Smiriti and gestured for her to come near him.
Smiriti immediately got up and walked to his bed. His mother was sitting near him, a very beautiful lady, but sorrow had robbed  her glow from her face, she looked as if she haven’t slept for nights. She smiled  faintly at Smiriti.
Smiriti leaned forward to the child and asked,” What’s your name?”
He grinned and said,” Akshit, and I study in 1st standard. I have got excellent skills in drawing, I can recite all the poems and I know table of 2, I can play football, I am learning swimming also,” in one breathe. He then turned at his mother and added,” I am right na mummy!”
His mother and Smiriti said simultaneously, ” Don’t talk so much, you need rest”.
“I am fine, just taking this drip (pointing  towards the chemo drip) to get stronger”.
” What is your name?” He questioned back.
Smiriti mummered, “I am Smiriti “.
“So you also study,” Akshit said pointing  towards her books.
“Yes, I am doing my MBA.”
“Fine, but you have to take out time to play puzzles with me.”
By the time Sister Margaret came to him  and said, “Akshit, I told you not to talk or move while taking chemo”.
“Yes Margaret, I remember, I was just telling Smiriti, about me”.
All the patients were of the same weekly scheduled group (tuesday, 9.30 AM).
As it was lunchtime, all the patients were allowed to move or talk.
Akshit, the chatterbox was the darling of all. Left – hand side bed was of a 82 years old gentleman. Akshit turned towards him and asked,” Om Prakash Agrawal, why are you looking so sad”?
“How many times I told you, call me dadaji.”
Akshit laughed loudly,” No, Om Prakesh Agrawal, we all are same, all bald, all same pinch, so all are friends.”
“But I know, you are thinking what will happen to your land later, but you forgot what teacher says, she says finish your homework daily, did you finish your today’s homework”?
Suddenly Om Prakash Agarwal realised the deep meaning behind the childish talk.
By the time Akshit was with Nirmala playing with her and telling her that her daughter- in-law will surely come to visit her.
In the dull, monotonous, chemotherapy  room Akshit had filled hope and belief in everyone and taught them to believe in today.
Three more chemo rounds were left. Smiriti noticed, suddenly Akshit had started coughing and weakness was clearly visible in him, but the enthusiasm and spirit was same.
That was the last chemo session for all of them. All were holding some or other gifts for Akshit, by now all had started addressing him as little monk.
But as they reached there, the chemo room had something else to offer. The nurses had put a picture of Akshit with a garland on it. All stared at each other. Smiriti felt something choking inside. Om Prakash Agrawal started wailing loudly, all with their moist eyes started keeping the gifts in front of his photo. No one could believe he was no more.
A year passed, Smiriti sat grumbling about her office work and added responsibilities,  her mother was listening quitely, just asked her one question, “Do you remember the little monk”?
Smiriti closed her eyes, she could see his face, beaming with life, she repeated the lesson taught by him, to live in today, to stop worrying for tomorrow. Oh how can I forget this, she wondered.
Suddenly she was at peace, she prayed for the little soul, who taught her how to live, who taught her how to be happy in pain, who taught her the lesson of life.



22 thoughts on “The Little Monk (story)

  1. You never know who may teach you the precepts of life. Life has so much to unfold within u n within itself. Its known …u laugh and world laughs with u. .u weep n u r alone….However it’s mellowing to endure any adversary but it is just an unfolding….It buffs u for ur own opulence. ..happiness is the most natural drug 2b drugged with…All have side effects…but happiness is quest for soul….It wards off the evil..The negativity. …The miseries. fathom n fetch the best in you as a storm ….n that’s I gauge a MELLOW STORM. ..
    We all at some point do find Lil laughing Buddha. …may b it can b u or me or someone. …so just b good n compassionate …..LIVING STARTS AUTOMATICALLY. …


  2. Yes we have to learn something from each other.They may be younger or older.Akshit taught everyone how to live today n how to stop worrying for tomorrow. This is a great lesson of life. Nice carry on.


  3. Very touchy story……. my heart goes to all the people who are suffering from cancer….. no words to express the pain, helplessness and the agony of the patients and the family members who know that the patient have very limited time…. the thought of losing our loved ones itself kills us daily….. I’ am well aware that the author has actually witnessed a similar situation in her real life……she herself is the protagonist of this story….. she has felt the pain…..

    the way the author has presented it out in her story is really remarkable ……hats off to her……….

    Yes, rather then getting victimized to the stress of this competitive world , we should live everyday….. today is more important ….. yes, we should prepare for tomorrow but we should not rob ourselves of enjoying today and to make us happy ….. there is no greater day than today…… so live it in the best possible way….

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  4. Life is really amazing.Noone knows wherefrom these little angles appear in the testing storms of our life and glide us like the pilot ship through the thunderstruck oceans of sorrows. Only what is to do is to sit down calmly,patiently and think and rethink their words. Deffinitely life is not so…..cruel.

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  5. It is a heart touching story. No one can say ………kal kya hoga. Life is full of surprises. I had also gone through this anguish . Live your life today to its full extent.

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