Aakash Mudra

Yogi Thursdays are exclusively dedicated to MUDRAS. Last Thursday, we started with Gyan Mudra, that was touching thumb tip with index finger tip. Now it is turn of the next finger that is middle finger. When thumb tip touches tip of middle finger it’s  Aakash Mudra.

Dear all, Mudras are a silent language of self expression. It is estimated that 399 different Mudras are accessible, 36 being  the most practiced ones. We will address  them all one by one. Slowly we will move to therapeutic mudras,  problem solving mudras and emotional healing mudras.
So let us do Aakash Mudra today.



This mudra is also called Aakash-vardhak Mudra. It increases space in the body and helps elimination of metabolic waste.

Formed by joining  together the tips of the thumb and the middle finger.

1. It relieves congestion and pain in the head due to migraine or sinusitis, ears due to infection, chest congestion, infection, asthama etc.
2. It strengthens bones, as the calcium content within the body increases.
3. It helps to detoxify the body by the elimanation of metabolic  wasted through exhaled air, sweat, urine and stools.
4. It overcome discomfort caused by overeating.
5. It removes tooth problems and makes the teeth strong.
6. It helps to balance the body while walking, climbing up or down.
7. It relieves pain in angina pectoris, regularises heart beats and high blood pressure.
8. It replaces negative emotions like fear, sorrow, anger into positive emotions and thoughts.
9. It helps to overcome feelings of fullness, heaviness in the  body.
10. It prevents jet lag. Perform it during the flight.

Daily practice of 30 minutes is enough to get good results, but you can start by practicing  for 10 minutes.

Precautions :
If you are a Vata dosha person, you have to perform it moderately only.

–Practice mudras with both hands.
–Don’t practice while walking or eating.

What are you waiting for, enter the miraculous  World of Mudras.
Till then keep practicing.


2 thoughts on “Aakash Mudra

  1. U insist on 36 useful mudras as well on 30 minutes for its practicing time…which means v end up taking a yoga leave & yet v would have time crunch…

    So I would like to know how to deal in ur 37th session how to plan entire 36 mudras n have the schedule for rejuvenating ourselves to spirits n vigor. May b there may not b the requirement of all 36 mudras so please sum up in the last 2 or 3 extra sessions.

    Metabolism is key indicator of one’s body n if these mudras can help to purge metabolic wastes then nothing like this.

    Dos n donts r also categorically mentioned maintaining clear line for training.

    Alleviation from distress due to respiration & headache is good benefit. The spectrum of benefits is quite wide to accommodate combating stifled situations. Our veil of ignorance is discovered by ourselves n is quite encouraging to get into the rehearsals of mudras.

    Replinishment of calcium for bones defies our reservationa about mudras. I mean there’s no harm to do it….but one thing is pretty sure it would ensure solitude n solace coupled with spirited n vigorous body.

    Summing up this mudra awakens the teacher in u for abundance of good..consequently a malicious person turns generous. It is also advocated to chant bij muntra..”Om Hum Namah” which ensures increasing of the space within u. It also helps to engender blue energy which stimulates throat chakra. Most important I feel is that it appeases resistance inside our work n health thereby ensuring a smooth sail towards our goals.



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    • Well said.
      As I mentioned, Mudras are categorised in different heads of therepeutic, problem solving and emotional healing Mudras. We need not do all the Mudras at a time. As I will unfold more, you will know, which Mudra is actually suitable for you. Till then practice the ‘set for balancing energy’, (Gyan, Aakash, Prithvi,Varun Mudra) for 10 minutes each.
      Prithvi and Varun Mudra are yet to come.
      You can practice Mudra while watching TV, while travelling (but not walking), hence can save time.
      Keep writing.


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