Shabri Ke Ber

Let us unwind this Herbal Monday with a fact that there were 53 Mondays in the year 2012. The next time this will happen will be in 2018.

Okay facts apart, today, let us enter the magical world of Ber, that is Jujube Berry. It is also known as Zizyphus.


In mythology, this was the very same famous fruit which Shabari, an old lady, served Lord Shri Ram in Ramayana, when he arrived at her hut. The old lady was so full of devotion while serving Shri Ram that she tasted every single Jujube fruit, to ensure that it’s aptly ripened, before serving it to Lord Ram. The Lord, being compassionate towards his devotee accepted those fruits with love.

There is a funny analogy which says that a household with marriagable daughters will as surely attract suitors, as a fruit laden Ber tree will attract stones from children, in attempt to knock the fruits off the tree.

Let me add one more. In Pakistan, Bers are also used as metaphors. They say that if you have an unresolved quarrel with a relative or a close friend, you should go over and immediately talk it out coz relationships aren’t Bers. You see, if we leave alone the person with whom we have quarreled, the rift just widens between us. On the other hand, if a Ber falls apart from the tree and onto the ground, instead of getting damaged, the fruit just gets better! If we smooth things over after a quarrel the relationship too gets better like a fallen Ber.

Let these berry interesting tales lead us to look at its another avatar, that is its medicinal values!
The fruit has been used in traditional  medicines as an emollient, expectorant, coolant, anodyne and tonic.

1. Calms the nervous system.
2. It is a good source of vitamin C, potassium,  B-complex, riboflavin, thiamin and pectin.
3. It is free from cholesterol and has negligible level of sodium.
4. It has immunostimulant, antioxidant and wound healing properties.
5. Some of the triterpenoic acids isolated from the fruit are also believed to be useful in fighting cancer and HIV.
6. It aids in controlling body weight.
7. It enpowers the digestive system.
8. It promotes healthy teeth, muscles and bones.
9. It gives healthy and younger skin.
10. It relieves abdominal pain.
11. It fights Alzheimer.
12. It is a real powerhouse of energy.

This Ber is not just a fruit, it is a full fledged medical shop!😊😊

I remember that my Dadi used to make a paste of Ber leaves and apply on our foreheads, when we kids had fever.
It is said that the paste made out of leaves of Ber should be applied externally to relieve burning sensation and fever. It helps to bring down the body temperature.

Apart from Ber pickle, I will also discuss how we can use the dried Ber, after the blooming season is over.



Deseed the Ber.
Dry it in Sun till it is thoroughly dried.
Store in a dry container.
Take a handful of dried Ber and boil it in 1litre of water.
Boil till the water is reduced to half.
Cool it, strain it.
Serve it chilled.
Can add sugar/honey in it.
Can add few drops of lemon juice.
Can add few cloves.

This is going to refresh you and it is a long lasting power-packed body-coolant.
Best ever summer drink you can think of!
Consumption of this juice increases energy, builds up stamina, heals injuries quickly and lowers pain.

Next Monday, we will continue with Dried Ber Chutney and Ber Pickles.

So what are you waiting for? Start relishing this amazing fruit to enjoy the blissful benefits.


8 thoughts on “Shabri Ke Ber

  1. Suitors always are attracted towards their destined nuptial knots n similarly every grain has a destined belly 2b satiated. However rest may endevor 2 have it some how…..n here starts the threshold. ……
    Resolving amicably any dispute n similitude with “ber” seems uncomprehending. …However sweetness of the fallen fruits is granted…anecdote from mythologies would certainly b instrumental for foreign viewer’s inquisitiveness. ..
    . ….villagers invariably use it as a tangy cookie called “borkut” i.e. crushed dried berries moulded in2 small cookies ……I am not in a position to control the flood deluging my mouth…..yummy n tangy…
    I think…cloves honey n lime would b scintillating 2our taste buds..
    Multitudinous extent of benefits can’t b ignored n yet it isn’t tried by mass……I think it’s unstoppable now…its time to gulp it in 1go…without an iota of doubt…then magic would unveil to exhibit it’s effects…KEEP READING…KEEP TRYING. …someday u may become “dadi” n write.”.nani k nuskhe”

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