Prithvi Mudra

Here we are, with our next Mudra, on Yogi Thursday and that is the Prithvi Mudra.
Life is beautiful and one needs the proper attitude to realize it. Mudras like the Gyan Mudra, Prithvi Mudra and Prana Mudra  help in building a positive attitude.

Originated in India, Mudras have lived with us thousands of years through gestures performed during worship and Sandhya Vandana. Various Indian dance forms are also replete with silent eloquence of Mudra. If dance is the language, Mudras  are its words.

Prithvi  Mudra


Prithvi Mudra is a practical kind of Mudra. It has two benefits at the same time. It increases earth element and decreases fire element. It is the only Mudra that has this kind of properties.

Join the tip of the ring finger with the tip of thumb.

Other names:
Prithvi – vardhak Mudra
Agni – shamak Mudra

How it works:
The ring finger represents Earth element and thumb represents Fire element.
The Earth element is an important part of bodily tissues like bones, cartilage, skin, hair, nail, flesh, muscles, tandons, internal organs etc.
The Agni element is related to body temperature and metabolism.
Since the elements fire and earth have qualities opposed to each other, Prithvi Mudra when formed cools the body and reduces the fire and helps overcome disorders of fever and inflammation.

1. Treats lack of stamina or endurance.
2. Chronic fatigue, general debility and convalescence can be overcome.
3. Osteoporosis, diminished bone density and rickets can be cured.
4. Degeneration of articular cartilage is treated.
5. Brittle nails are set right.
6. Fever is pacified.
7. Ulcers in the mouth is cured.
8. Burning sensation in eyes, stomach acidity, hands or feet is pacified.
9. Enhances vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K.
10. Treats emaciation and weight loss.
11. Hair loss and premature greying of hair can treated.
12. Makes the mind generous.
13. It makes one feel happy and contented.
14. Complextion of the skin radiates with health.

Precaution :
If you are a Kapha prakruti (suffer from cold and cough) person, then do this Mudra in moderation only.

Time Duration:
You can practice it anytime you want. It has no particular time duration, but 15 minute thrice a day is the ultimate.

It reduces all physical weakness.

So here we go, start practicing and let me know how it is helping you.


6 thoughts on “Prithvi Mudra

  1. Cladding of the soul with positivity is “sine qua non” for realising eventually that every living being is a blessed soul in some way or other. Attitude if isn’t positive attracts repercussions in retaliation to the egos surfacing up n then whole of the attitude drives towards extremes…either you feel intimidated or you opt to wage a confrontation with more vengeance only…thus we actually need is positivity, but in pursuit of attitude usually game alters to catastrophe.

    Actually remedy is within you and if you aren’t in a position of domesticating your ownself then the rescue available albeit is mundane but is very operative n It’s simple “prithvi” mudra. Mudra as nomenclatured would appease you as its instinct is opposite to fire….so why not to indulge in2 the drill.

    We don’t question the working n dividends of this mudra as v r aware of the edicts “seeing is believing” therefore after having witnessed divine beings Y2 worry about endurance, fatigue, debility, convalescence, fever, degeneration of cartilages, and overall body system. Just practice to make a healthy body which only can allow healthy mind n a soul to reside in…..

    ……mind it, unhealthy body then certainly unhealthy mind n impure soul… 1 needs2 do this religiously to manifest the bliss of this life…..choice is yours…bcaz in todays world unhealthy mind quite often brings worldly pleasures n success n accomplishments n on other side if we can optimise worldly & waiflike endeavours n yet b healthy….NOTHING LIKE THAT. …

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