LUCY (poem)

I am a learner. I learn something from anything, anytime and anywhere. And the best thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.
While staying in Amarkantak, on a very chilled winter night, I wrote this poem.
Few puppies with their mother, homeless, without food, shivering in cold, taught me the harsh reality of life, taught me the value of tears, taught me the meaning of hunger and taught me the importance of a shelter.
Sharing with you my poem, “Lucy”, on this poetic Friday.



और उसके पाँच बच्चे,
ठंड़ मे कंपकंपाते,
एक आशियाना तलाशते

किसी झाड़ी के नीचे,
किसी कुड़ेदान के पीछे,
एहसानों तले पलते,
वक्त के साथ खुद को ढलते

मासूम आँखें,
निरीह, अबोध,
हर रोटी के टुकड़े के लिए तरसते,
आपस मे मिल बाँट कर खाते

छोटी सी दुम को हिलाते,
आखों से विश्वास छलकाते,
अपनापन की साकार मूर्ति,
सच्चाई की वह जीवन्त कृति

आधी रात को करूण रूदन से,
अन्तर्मन को झकझोर कर,
उनके आंसुओं की मोल से,
सत्य को तोल कर

मैंने ,
जीवन के सत्य को पहचाना,
आंसुओ के मोल को पहचाना,
भूख के एहसास को पहचाना,
आशियाने के अर्थ को पहचाना।।


10 thoughts on “LUCY (poem)

  1. Any person whose eyes get welled n heart stormed genuinely due to other’s hardships is a rarity 2 find n b with. I am sure u r divine n blessed 1 n also those who r with u (parents n family) r equally blessed n lucky 1ss cause in 2days opportunistic world I seldom find such compassion n empathy.

    Ur poetic ability is par excellent n I admire ur creativity which has no metes n bounds…

    Ur subject is focusing commonest creature
    .. a mongrel ……but loudly it depicts ur concern for the most pitiable n yet neglected creatures…

    I think ur creative arrows are stashed heavily in ur quiver.

    …मासूम आँखें,
    निरीह, अबोध,
    हर रोटी के टुकड़े के लिए तरसते,
    आपस मे मिल बाँट कर खाते

    …These lines r most basic instinct n any living beings…Once these are fulfilled then also quite few human beings can think for others…its human…but not in contradiction to animals. ..I think they know more better to live calm during trials n sufferings without yelling a cry….

    Ur poem basically delves on survival n basic necessities. …Rest I think u classify them as dispensable. ……

    Keep writing…u can storm the world outside ….which pretends a change …but is last to embrace hardships for himself. .A real “let it go” gesture….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Touching poem, beautifully and heatedly expressed your feelings towards them which they can’t say. You observed keenly and expressed in very cute manner. Keep it up and keep writing your expressions. Best of luck

    Liked by 1 person

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