Kya Yeh Sambhav Nahi? (Poem)

Our journey starts with desires and expectations. Some are really vague, but some are worth pondering…
Few days back we invited a newly married couple for dinner. The cute bride had some cute complains, I loved the way she innocently said…
So on Poetic Friday, I feel that when you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for what they are…
So I am penning her words, by my poem, “kya yeh sambhav nahi”.

क्या यह संभव नहीं?


मैं रूठुं, तो तुम मनाओ
मैं रोऊं, तो तुम हंसाओ,
तुम मुझे हर हाल मे चाहो
क्या यह संभव नहीं ?

सुन्दर कपड़ों मे, मैं तुम्हें लगु मनभाविनी
थकी हारी मैले कपड़ों मे भी तो, मै हूं वही,
तब भी तुम मुझे चाहो
क्या यह संभव नहीं ?

हंसु तो लगु तुम्हें मैं परी
रोती, दद॔ से कराती हूं, तो क्यों बन जाती हूं अजनबी,
मेरी व्यथा मे डुब कर भी, तुम मुझे चाहो
क्या यह संभव नहीं ?

तुम कहते हो, मेरे शब्द है, संगीत की घ्वनी
शिकायत करूं तो, क्यों लगती हूं, तुम्हें मैं चिड़चिड़ी,
मेरी नादानी को समझ कर भी, तुम मुझे चाहो
क्या यह संभव नहीं ?

मैं मोम की गुड़िया नहीं
हाड़ मांस की हूं इंसान, जीती जागती,
मैं जैसी हूं, वैसी ही अपनाकर, तुम मुझे चाहो
क्या यह संभव नहीं ?

भुल त्रुटी, अच्छी बुरी
सब मिलकर मैं हूं बनी,
इस सच्चाई को स्वीकार कर, तुम मुझे चाहो
क्या यह संभव नहीं ?

खुदा के बन्दे है हम, खुदा नहीं
रब ने बनाया, किसी को संपूर्ण नहीं कहीं,
इस बात को समझ कर, तुम मुझे चाहो
क्या यह संभव नहीं ?
बोलो ना क्या यह संभव नहीं ??


Pran Mudra

Mudras are specific gestures that help to regulate the passage of pran through the body. Today on Yogi Thursday, let us talk about Pran Mudra. It is one of the most important mudra because it helps to activate the dormant energy in the body.

Pran or Prana mudra stimulates the root chakra, which creates vibration and heat, that awakens and energises the body. It is also known as Kapha Kaarak Mudra or Pita Nashak Mudra as it is beneficial to increase kapha humor and decrease pita humor.


The tips of little fingers and ring fingers are joined with the tips of the thumbs.

1. Practice of Pran mudra decreases body temperature,  it helps relieve all ailments related to summer like intolerance to heat, stress and noise.
2. It overcomes inflammatory disorders.
3. It reduces forgetfulness.
4. Any ailment of eyes is cured, eyesight is improved.
5. Jaundice is controlled.
6. Any type of cramps in muscles or veins and pain in the legs are cured.
7. Numbness in any part of the body is cured.
8. This mudra removes impurities present in blood and stimulates joy, energy, delight, zeal and hope.
9. During fasts, this mudra can control hunger and thirst.
10. The elements of earth, water and fire are joined, so this helps remove the obstacles present in blood vessels resulting in improved blood circulation.

Duration :
15 minutes thrice daily.

Precaution :
If you are kapha humor person then you should practice this mudra in moderation.

Mudra opens the energy channels and send messages to the brain. It is like a spiritual practice, it offers practical healing and gives amazing benefits to the practitioner.
Hope it will be beneficial to you all…

Ram Leela (story)

It was festive season, Dussehra. The whole village was alive with activities and celebrations. The ‘village fair’ organisers were expecting double profit this time as the income of average villager had increased.

But the most eagerly awaited event was the nine days long Ram-Leela, starting from Ram ji ka janam (birth of Shri Ram) to Ravan dehan (end of Ravan). This year, the Dussehra organising committee had shelled out some extra money and the whole village was expecting the best troop from nearby village to perform it.

True to their words, it was one of the best!
Evening 8 o’ clock, not only the whole village but also the hawkers, baloon walaas, chat walaas all assembled in the big ground.

Pawan, the most eligible bachelor of the village, along with all of his friends, came a bit early to get the best seat. Pawan had already started enjoying the importance given by all the girls and their parents and it was more apparent by the way he used to walk.

The magic started, Ramji was born with a big round of applause from the crowd, crying, laughing, singing with every act, the trance had embraced all.

Pawan suddenly realised a big change in him. He was in love, love at first sight with the girl acting as Sita. He had never seen such a fair, sharp featured, beautiful girl.
Though her voice was a bit nasal, she sang very beautifully. At the time of ‘Sitaji ka swayamvar’, he felt as if it was he who was holding the Dhanush in his hand and marrying the most beautiful lady on earth.

Pawan started thinking all interesting lines to propose her and named her Sundari.
He tried to peep in their camp after the show, but was driven away by the security.
Now Pawan was in love with the stars, moon, flowers, trees, clouds and what not… Everything was romantic and love was in air, he could feel it , breath it, live in it…

He told his parents that he will marry soon. In the joint family of 10, they had only one toilet, Pawan decided to get one more constructed, total renovation plans, development plans, all were ready to make the place more accommodating for his beloved…

All his friends made a plan. Last day during Ram – Ravan war, Sita would have a long break from the stage, that time they will enter the camp from the back, no one will notice as they will be engrossed in the peak climax and that time Pawan will propose her.

All set, they entered as per plan. Pawan could see his Sundari, that pretty face, long curly hair, sharp features…

As Pawan was about to approach her, he saw her smiling and he heard a male voice, “Ek bidi mujhe bhi de de”. (Pass me one bidi). She removed her wig, and said, “yeh makeup mujhe kya bana deta hai”. (This makeup transforms me to someone else). All laughed.
He was a man!
He was a man, not his sundari…
Pawan could see himself melting slowly, the pain, like hot wax, changing the shape of his existence. ..

Life is full of surprises, you expect something, it turns out in another shape, sometimes with a makeup so captivating that you are dragged towards it, surrendering yourself to the mercy of the maker… let us not look back in anger, nor forward with fear, but around in awareness….love yourself to be strong enough to see the truth…


Tulsi Tea, Seeds and more…

As planned yesterday, this Beautiful Tuesday, let us carry on with Tulsi.
We had discussed the therapeutic uses, now the beauty part of it…

1.  Add glow to face:
Rubbing finely powdered dry Tulsi on the face like a loose powder adds glow to the face and removes dark spots.

2. Prevention of blackheads:
Wet the top side of the Tulsi and place one leaf on each side of your nose for 5 minutes, and then wash your face. It prevents blackheads from cropping up.

3. Prevention of acne and pimples:
Mix sandalwood paste, neem paste and tulsi paste in equal proportion with rose water. Apply for 15 minutes and wash with normal water. Acne and pimples will think twice before appearing on your face.😊

4. Lightens scars and marks:
Take tulsi paste and besan in equal quantity and make a face pack using rose water. Apply for 15 minutes. Find yourself glowing with a clear skin.



To get all the benefits as discussed earlier,  make Tulsi Tea at home.

Tulsi leaves 1/4 cup
Water 4 cups
Clove 1
Pepper 2
Honey 2 tsp
Lemon juice 1/2 tsp (optional )

The traditional way is to boil water and tulsi leaves and when it reduces to half, filter it and add honey and drink.
But for additional flavor and to enhance the medicinal properties, add pepper and clove (a bit crushed ) at the time of boiling.
Lemon juice is optional.
Drink it daily and feel the difference.



Tulsi seeds are used in making falooda, sherbet, milkshakes and other popular health drinks.

How to make–
Soak 1 tsp sabja seeds in 1/2cup water.
Add in your favorite juice


–Make lemonade and add in it.
— Add in watermelon juice.
— Add in tender coconut water.

And why we should add it??

— It enhances the taste.
— It beats summer heat.
— It keeps the body cool.
— It helps to clean the walls of stomach.
— It helps to regulate the bowel movements.
— It flushes the toxin from the stomach.
(Due to the gelatinous nature when soaked).



Tulsi Vivah is the ceremonial marriage of the Tulsi plant to the Hindu God Vishnu or his Avatar Krishna. The Tulsi Vivah signifies the end of the monsoon and the beginning of the Hindu wedding season.

And I don’t want to miss this fact that when British came to India, they were plagued by mosquito menace and hence planted tulsi and neem all around their bungalows. They called tulsi the mosquito repellent plant.

Now before I give rest to my typing, let me share with you the mantra Ma has taught to chant while offering water to Tulsi…

महाप्रसादजननी सव॔सौभाग्यवध्दिनी ।
आधिव्यिधि जरा मुक्त तुलसी त्वं नमोस्तुते ।।

Mahaprasad janani
Aadhi vyaadhi jara muktam
Tulsi tvaam namostute।।

Update me with your comments…


Tulsi or holy Basil is a sacred plant in Hindu belief and today on Herbal Monday, let us know more about the holistic properties, use in Ayurvedic and Naturopathic medicines, Tulsi tea, Tulsi mala, Tulsi seeds, Tulsi oil and so on…


Tulsi plant is regarded as the holiest of all plants. Traditionally, the daily worship and care of the plant is the responsibility of the women of the household. The plant is regarded as a women’s deity and a symbol of ideal wifehood and motherhood.

Tulsi is also known as Vaishnavi, Bishnu Vallabha or Haripriya.The Tulsi with green leaves is called Shri Tulsi (synonym of Lakshmi). The Tulsi with dark green or purple leaves and stem is called Shyama- Tulsi (synonym of Krishna).

Let’s start with the benefits of tulsi.

1. Fever –
The juice of Tulsi leaves are beneficial to cure fever.

2. Headache –
Make paste of Tulsi leaves and Sandalwood and apply on forehead. It gives instant relief.

3. Eye problem –
Few drops of black Tulsi juice in eyes is a wonder medicine according to ayurveda.

4. Reduces stress –
Eat twelve leaves of Tulsi on a daily basis, leaves work as an ‘adaptogen’ or anti stress agent.

5. Insect bites-
Paste of root can be applied on insect bites.

6. Aid in digestion –
Works as appetizer, promotes digestion by helping secretion of digestive enzymes.

7. Controlling diabetes –
Keep Tulsi leave powder in water over night and take it early morning. It maintains insulin levels in the body.

8. Stomach problems-
Severe stomach problem like acidity and constipation can be cured by Tulsi leaves.

9. Common cold –
Chewing Tulsi leaves in an empty stomach will help you get rid of cold.

10. Sore throat –
Boil few Tulsi leaves and use it for gargling, also helpful in asthama and bronchitis.

11. Dental problem –
Mix dried leaves of Tulsi powder and mustard oil.  Make a paste, massage your teeth and gum, it will prevent bad breath and pyorrhea.

12. Aids to weight loss –
Tulsi taken with home made fresh curd helps in reducing excess weight.

13. Anti cancer-
Tulsi restricts the blood vessels that feed tumor.

14. Skin disorder –
Juice of Tulsi can also be used to cure problems like leucoderma.

15. Kidney stones –
Mixture of Tulsi leaves and honey will help to remove kidney stones.

16. Helpful in quitting smoking –
Chain smokers can try chewing Tulsi leaves to get rid of their addiction.

Tulsi oil


Tulsi oil is simple to make but its benefits are unlimited.
— Prevention of hair loss.
— Treats dandruff and dry scalp.
— Strengthens the hair.
— Treatment of grey hair.
— Rejuvenate hair follicles.

Take 1/2 cup of tulsi leaves and make a paste. Heat 1/2 cup coconut oil, add the paste in it, along with some fenugreek seeds. Cool it and apply. You will see the difference within few days.

Tulsi Mala


Tulsi mala is worn by many people, and the logic they say behind it is, it keeps mind very calm and peaceful. It prevents mind from negetive effects due to its divine properties.

Tommorow we will carry on with Tulsi Tea, Tulsi seeds, Tulsi vivah and benefits for skin. Before I wind up today, tell me, have you ever wondered why tulsi leaves are traditionally put in the mouth of a dying person????
It is said to guide the departed soul towards heaven. But in truth, perhaps Tulsi’s anti bacterial properties were needed to prevent the body from decaying too early.
Give a thought to this interesting fact. Meanwhile, so long, take care…


Alvida (poem)

Now-a-days I am asked, whether these stories and poems are my own life experiences. So dear friends, let me come up with the fact, that to write a fiction or poem, you need not experience the storm.
Life is itself a story. Everything has got a poem in it. The sun coming up, the rains, the sky, the stars, all inspires some or other to write. Sometimes you imagine, sometimes you experience, sometimes you see others undergoing the experience.
You learn, you write…
So dear everyone, I feel blessed to know that you are liking my blog…

Today on Poetic Friday, my poem is dedicated to one of my friend. After 12 years of married life, her husband filed a divorce for a reason where she was no where to be blamed. Today her tears, her pain, is the ink which is speading in this poem’ Alvida’.



ऐ दोस्त अलविदा!
मिलना बिछड़ना अगर प्रकृति का है खेल,
सृष्टि अगर इसी नियम पे है टिकी
तो चलो, ऐ दोस्त, कहते है अलविदा!

दुरियां अगर दिलों को तोड़ती है
वक्त अगर यादों को मिटाता है,
रिश्ते अगर इतने ही कमजोर होते हैं
तो चलो, ऐ दोस्त, कहते है अलविदा!

पीछे मुड़ने पर राह न आए नजर
पांव के निशान अगर न छोड़ पाए असर,
न आए याद कुछ भी, करके भी हर कसर
तो चलो, ऐ दोस्त, कहते है अलविदा!

नई मंजिल देखकर अगर पुराने मुकाम को भुला सको
घर छोड़कर अगर मकान मे जा बसो,
रोते किसी को देखकर भी, सिर्फ अपनी ही खुशी मे हंसो
तो चलो, ऐ दोस्त, कहते है अलविदा !

खुदगर्जी, स्वार्थ से ही अगर दुनिया है बना
इंसानियत के खुन से अगर तुम्हारा हाथ है सना,
इंसान मे अगर, खुद को तुमने नही है गिना
तो चलो, ऐ दोस्त, कहते है अलविदा!
कहते है अलविदा ……..

Vayu Mudra

Mudras can be performed by anybody and facing any direction. Mudras are universal. It can be practised anytime, anywhere, while sitting, standing, walking, travelling, watching TV, listening music or even while sleeping. And that’s the reason I love mudras. So this Yogi Thursday, let us do Vayu mudra.

Vayu means air and when the air element in the body increases because of diet or life style, Vayu mudra helps to regulate the element of air inside the body.


Formation :
Index finger tip is to be placed at the base of the thumb and the thumb is to be placed on the back of the index finger. Other fingers are to be straight.

Benefits :
1. Excess vayu is decreased, blood circulation improves and any areas of the body experiencing pain starts getting relief.
2. Problem such as flatulence and joint pain related to rheumatism or gout is cured.
3. Vayu diseases such as parkinsons, sciatica, paralysis, cervical spondylitis and knee pains gets cured by regular practice of this mudra.
4. Pain in the neck, frozen arm are cured by the Vayu mudra followed by Pran mudra.
5. Hormone imbalance of endocrine glands can be overcome.
6. Convulsions are cured by regular practice daily for 15 minutes.
7. Stress, anxiety, irritability, lack of concentration, sleeplessness, dizziness,  hiccups are cured.
8. If you lift something very heavy, perform Vayu mudra for 5 minutes immediately.
9. Used for pain management for the victims of polio.
10. If you feel uneasy after a meal, you should practice Vayu mudra while seated in Vajra asan (diamond pose).

Duration :
15 minutes thrice a day.

Precaution :
As it is a therapeutic mudra, the practice of this mudra should be discontinued as soon as the disease has been overcome.

With mudras, physical body is to be rendered healthy so that in turn, they hold healthy emotions. A strong body holds strong mind and vice-versa, and it results into peace and universal love.
So the Upnishads says —

ऊँ सहनाववतु  सहनौ भुनक्तु
सहवीयॆ करवावहै
तेजस्विनावधीतमस्तु माविध्दिषावहे
ऊँ शांतिः शांतिः शांतिः।

Om, may He protect us,
May He cause us to enjoy.
May we exert together
Om, peace, peace, peace!

Let the peace spread and let me know how Vayu mudra is helping you…