Why don’t you say it??

Yesterday my friend called and said that she had a fight with her husband because she feels that her husband never thanks her for anything. He takes her for granted. On the other hand, her husband says that what is there to thank, these are her routine jobs.

Today on Beautiful Tuesday,  I think this is the best topic to talk about. Let us peep within and ask ourselves, do we take some things for granted always, especially  in relationships.

Relationship are the most strong and cemented bonds, but equally delicate and fragile, when it comes to words. If you care for someone show it, tell it, don’t keep it with yourself, because words can take his or her heart away, words can bridge the gap or cracks.
Words have energy and power to heal, to harm, to humiliate, to be humble and to show your personality.
Here are some things that couples should tell each other often.

I am proud of you

Add this line in your relationship dictionary now. If you tell him or her, he or she will instantly feel more confident. Taking pride in your partners goal and achievements , undoubtedly strengthens the bond. There are many times when work takes a toll, that time this line is music for the ear.

Good morning/night

We start our day or end our day by wishing all our WhatsApp friends good morning/ night. This may seem insignificant to wish your partner, but it isn’t. It tells your partner that he or she is the first thing on your mind and the last thing before you end the day. It underlines the fact that your relationship is your priority.

Thank you

These were the words that created a rift  between my friend and her husband yesterday. Why we forget to appreciate the little things our partner does for us. I think, a little gratitude goes a long way in keeping the spark alive. It won’t sound artificial at all, if we say these words from deep inside.


This word is a miracle for a long lasting relationship. If you don’t hesitate  to apologise to each other, you will stand strong and stronger. But yes, if one is ready to say sorry, the other should always be ready to forgive. So practice saying sorry everytime you are wrong.

I care for you

It is not at all filmy to utter these words. It is more than holding hands and dating. It is infact, accepting each other’s weaknesses. It is seeing an imperfect person perfectly. It is easy to be there for your partner on happy days, but not that easy when the days are bleak. Lighten up your partner’s face by using this line.

I remember someone told me this, an old couple were asked that how they managed to stay together for 65 years. They said that they were born in a time when if something was broken, they would fix it, not throw it away.
Funny, but so true, don’t  you think so?

I think we should knit the threads of relationship with love, time and patience. What do you think? Say it with your words, say it with your thoughts…



12 thoughts on “Why don’t you say it??

  1. a real thought provoking wisdom. i think seldom it may happen that there may not be any differences while being with anyone. the real muntra would be respect the differences and understand the misunderstandings. expressing the gratitude is an act of kindness and one should not forget this. i think it should be an inculcated habit to practice such expressions without fail. after all there is no harm in doing so. words have the tremendous power to dissuade or persuade any one to commit or refrain from any act. the sweet will is all ours & is it not imperative to be harsh or good always. the control is situation specific. i think its always is good to be humble & respond life with life else there is nothing good to be remorseful later on after a sting on someone’s soul. yes there is a subtle line of division demarcating the intolerance & acceptance…..else life is equally long keep on judging & keep on erring someday we may pick up the lessons precepts of life in nice manner that is always to be clearly good to every one & pour the unlimited gratitude back to all. “after all manners maketh man”

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    • Yes, but there is no need to be perfect, all the time, to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections. Thanks for the quality comment.


  2. If u love someone show it.this was a beautiful expression of above thought.i completly agree that in day today routine we should appreciate and express our feelings to our partner and thus making the bond much more stronger.

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    • The moment we take our partner for granted and fail to appreciate each other, we begin to lose the necessary ingredients that help relationship remain intact. Thanks for liking it.😊


  3. The sparkling words for a gleaming relationship.Thank u for reminding us to maintain these basic manerisms where we should, but actually we don’t.

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    • Relationship is like Tajmahal…
      Everybody will wonder how beautiful it is, but nobody can understand how difficult it was to build it.😊😊
      Thanks for liking.


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