Coconut Mango Mocktail

It is a mere coincidence that my friend Lipi asked to come up with some mocktail adding coconut water, and yesterday in Taj Bengal, the bartender offered me a very dainty Coconut Mango Mocktail. I was bit speculative about the combination of coconut water and lime juice, but eventually it was very appetizing.

Coconut water is also known as mother nature’s sport drink. It is hydrating, tasty, exotic and full of nutrients.
Mango with its unique properties, is also considered as gesture of friendship in India.

Mango, the king of fruits, and coconut, the queen of juices, let’s see how this pair, as a mocktail, allures you. Lemon garnish is a nostralgic nod to this mocktail.

You can use bottled juices, but I suggest to use fresh mango and coconut juice, if possible. The freshness of the drink is more enticing.

So on Foodie Saturday,  here I am, with a coconut mango mocktail, the perfect recipe for this torrid summer.


Ingredients :
(For 1 glass )
1/2 cup mango juice or ripe mango cubes
1/4 cup fresh or canned coconut water
1tsp lime juice
Ice cubes

Combine all ingredients in a blender till smooth.
Serve in your best or tall glasses.
Use lime slices to decorate.

Don’t think, try it, serve it to your dear ones and enjoy the shower of praises and let me know how it seduced the taste buds.☺


7 thoughts on “Coconut Mango Mocktail

  1. Friend in need is friend indeed. quite old adage…n coupled with coincidence in any trivial matter reflects true n trusted companionship. However it’s lipis brainwave which intercepted 2 servers located distantly. ..kolkatta. East.

    Coastal fluid from a nutshell n king of fruits when marry in presence of lime…would make a world of difference captivating taste buds…. .

    Both major ingredients are packed with anti aging n anti cancer effects. Mesocarp of mango is irresistibly succulent. I remember very often D2mangos. Mangos r proven effective for breast n colon cancer. 1cup of mango rich in vitamins , minerals, fibers n flavonoids can b complete package for a wider array of benefits. Blending coconut water means boosting the drink with anti thrombotic benefits. This has proven effective for BP, dehydration, heart, hangovers, weight loss, headaches. ….

    So good+good=wholesome goodness ALWAYS….Keep drinking or sipping or gulping or guzzling. …After all its foodies suggestion….tested n safely vouched….

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