Natural Slimming

Going on diet is like officially declaring war —- you have to be prepared for a long siege, on short rations, a high level of public interest and the risk of failure!  Like any battle, you will need a plan of action, so on Beautiful Tuesday, let us have a strategy for a different way to fight those extra kilos.


1. Walk tall, stand tall and sit tall. This kind of passive exercise opens up your rib-cage and allows the oxygen to flow in better and it is oxygen that burns up fat.
2. A simple trick for perfect posture is to keep your knee caps up when you stand or walk. “Think” your neck longer by imagining  that a thread is attached to the top of your head, suspending you from the sky.
3. Learn to like drinking water. Aim at drinking at least six large glasses of water a day and always drink one before a meal.
4. Give yourself an attainable goal every day and keep a list of your successes. Goals can include having a totally sugar free day or a 30 minutes walk.
5. Never go into a food store when you are hungry.
6. Don’t cut yourself off from the sensual pleasure and creativity of food. Join a cooking class. Try cuisines that are low in calories and high in flavour.
7. Remember that one level tsp sugar contains 70 calories.
8. Take up gardening.  All that digging, bending, tending and weeding is good for you and the rewards of perfect blooms, tangy herbs and fresh vegetables are a bonus.
9. Make sure you have plenty of sleep, that is when your body restores itself and if you’re losing weight there is a lot of restoration to be done.
10. If you crave ice cream, try a skim milk variety or buy a single cone.
11. Eat most of your day’s calories early in the day, to give your digestion plenty of time to process the food. Then you will sleep better at night.
12. Decorate a room. All that stretching and bending burns calories and keeps you supple.
13. Learn yoga asanas from a friend or attend yoga classes.
14. Put a cushion or book between your knees when you’re sitting and then squeeze them together tightly and often to trim down thigh flab.
15. Wear tight fitting clothes or a belt when you go out to dinner, it will help you to get the “I am full” signal sooner.
16. Try walking for 20 to 30 minutes every day. If you use public transport, get off a stop or two earlier each day until you have established a good daily hike.
17. Every time you reach a goal, reward  yourself with something that is not food oriented, like a new pair of shoes or the latest music album. Tell yourself that you deserve to be pampered this way.
18. Cover the very worst photograph of yourself in plastic and stick it inside the refrigerator so that it is the first and the last thing you see everytime you open the door.
19. Eliminate the word ‘cheat’ from your vocabulary.  Give yourself permission for an occasional bite or something marvellous and then enjoy it thoroughly.
20. Curd mustard makes an excellent substitute for mayonnaise.
21. If you really crave for something sweet to drink, why not eat a slice of watermelon instead.
22. Avoid fast foods.
23. Try weak, black tea instead of having it with milk and sugar.  If the taste is terrible to bear, experiment with herb teas.
24. At home use a smaller plate than usual for your meals so that they don’t  look pathetic,  rattling around in the middle of a big dish.
25. If you have a bad day and blow off your diet, don’t panic. Remember,  nobody’s perfect. Instead of criticising yourself for one day’s failure,  praise yourself for all the successful days that preceded it and all the even more successful ones that will follow.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. 
So you are already beautiful, if you have a family and friends to be with you. Inhale and exale the love and beauty around you.
Try it and be more beautiful. Take care…


8 thoughts on “Natural Slimming

  1. Good suggestions for a healthy life. Balanced diet,yoga both are essential for a perfect not healthy life. Thank u sutopa for your dedication in mellow storm.

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  2. All the tips of natural slimming are very useful for people like me. At last, today we knew the secrets for your slimness and beauty,thanks for the tips

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  3. Liposuction I was aware of to reduce girth…but being skeptic about its side effect I never wanted to shy down our shahrukh khan….anyway he is in2 business. ..courtesy, me….Else I too have frail impressions of 8 pack on my abdomen. ….

    It’s for sure that no sooner the tummy protrudes beyond ur chest……The beacons consequently fails to reduce u 2back to size zero or slim body….svelte n lissome r adjectives craved by lass n ladies or sirens or kitties. …..

    It’s so nice of you that u have advocated against a myth with regards to sleeping. …However the other front then remains unzipped n that is food…..low cholesterol low fat low sugar low calorie foods r seldom tastier or r bland. .n here’s the avenue to eat healthy n tasty….

    Ur muntra in power of believing is silhouetted in some way to guise urself slender….n for fun sake… I have been dreaming shahrukh khan….mae yaha hu…prada gucci versacce armani polo ….r dreaming to come to my closet. ..then see….u all can turn a hero of real life….

    Being slim is a boon in guise. …it enhances ur agility…exceptions r always there…n there fore beauty is not only thru eyes ..its e1 thru ur actions. …so keep walking..not with Johnie walker but with pride n posture…I agree by ur inserted words…especially if u walk slightly bent looking downwards. …

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    • Shahrukh Khan is a style icon, so it is very obvious to follow him. But I believe, being slim is a boon, if it is accompanied with correct poise and attitude. Regarding food, yes, proper balance results in better body and mind.
      Thank you so much for going so deep and analysing it so beautifully.


  4. I have just copy pasted the entire content in a watsapp grp, where two of my colleagues have literally declared war by going on a diet. They will definitely find this useful, so do i.

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