Shunya Mudra

This Yogi Thursday, let us gear up to do one therapeutic mudra and that is the Shunya Mudra.

Many of you have asked that why do I insist to do Mudra so much.

So let me tell you, when we perform a Mudra, the energy that is being emitted out of our fingertips is arrested and redirected to certain part of the brain centres from where the proper breathing directs it to parts of the body as per the Mudra. This is the scientific basis of Mudra. It is very useful and you will know when you practice it regularly.

Shunya Mudra is also known as heaven Mudra. This Mudra is specially good for ear problems. It helps resolve problems associated with an excess of the Akash element. It is practiced with the middle finger and middle finger represents the sky. So it is said that this is gateway to higher dimension or you can say gateway to heaven.


The tip of the middle finger is to be placed at the base of the thumb and the thumb is to be placed on the back of the middle finger gently.

1. Problems like pus in ears, pain, tinnitus(drumming of ears) will be certainly remedied.
2. Audio weakness is remedied.
3. Deafness and dumbness is cured if it is not from birth.
4. Sleeplessness is cured.
5. Numbness in the head, body parts, chest, abdomen can be cured.
6. Vertigo problem, vomiting and thyroid problems can be solved.
7. Reduces dullness.
8. Relives travel sickness during flight take off and landing or while driving through hilly curves.

Can be performed in three sessions of 15 minutes each.

When and where:
This Mudra can be practiced at any time and at any place. It is more beneficial to do Shunya Mudra in meditative posture in Sukh Asana or Tada Asana.

Shunya Mudra is also a definite practice for spiritual awakening … it should be followed religiously to get rid of all the obstacles on the spiritual path.

There is no medication in Mudras. Therefore there is no reaction of chemicals. So practice and feel the benefits of Shunya  Mudra and share your experiences with us…


6 thoughts on “Shunya Mudra

  1. Mudras have been benefic & Lord Buddha too practiced them. Fingers crossed means something on hold; & whereas it also requires combination of fingers with variable effort to perform our various day to day tasks. Therefore fingers are finer tools extending from our hands. However when it comes to practice mudra on a blog then it has paved way for our middle finger which is playing a therapeutic advantage. And the aftereffect has been associated with the wiring of our bodies so that head, body & soul develop the transcendental attainments.
    Everything has a cycle then I advocate for number cycle & not the number scale thus with 0 why not + & – infinity as the terminals suggesting past, present & future. This way we traverse our soul’s itinerary & sojourn for liberation. This in some way is significant to reckon a starting point as “-”would represent past, “0” would be our present & finally “+” would be our future. Thus while subsisting on this mundane world we should be “0”. That is “shunya” which resembles in shape with our shaven heads. So if this very gesture is purported to stimulate the cosmos within & outside our bodies & souls then “0” is sojourn to achieve the salvation which nothing but the association with The-bountiful The-abundant. Rest all between “0” & infinity is immaterial. Otherwise you can’t accept this mudra as your ticket to bliss.
    This is my understanding; it’s on you to decrypt the message purported here over the blog.

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  2. Have started practising the Varun mudra, though couldn’t leave a msg accounting to a hectic schedule for the past two weeks.
    Point no 8 caught my eyes to go for a run with it :p

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