Mridang Ke Dhun (poem)

On this poetic Friday, I am here with a poem about those kids, playing and enjoying life, without giving a damn about the scorching sun and the adverse weather conditions. Refreshingly carefree souls!

Some time back, there was a construction going on in front of my home and there were these two little boys and a small girl, who used to play the whole day long, never running out of energy! While their parents, the labourers at the construction site, toiled away at the adversities of life, these little innocent imps also unknowingly constructed away a story of their own.

When the boys, Sonu and Monu, used to fight, the girl, Anguri used to preech like a saint and after sometime they used to reunite and play again, as if nothing happened.

The simplicity of their relationship, made me write this poem.

In the poem there are some musical words, run-jhun, chun-chun…khil khil, hil mil, those are the music of life, music of soul, music of eternity…

मृदंग के धुन


सोनु- मोनु
दो मासूम बच्चे,
दो बदन एक जान
हर गम से अनजान ।

बचपन के साथी
हमदर्द, हमजोली,
छुटपुट झगड़े
रोज है करते,
मिल कर फिर
खुब है हंसते ।

दोस्ती उनकी
अंगुरी संग,
खिल- खिल
हिल- मिल,
रून- झुन
छुन- छुन,
दोस्ती जैसे
मृदंग के धुन।

अकड़ के दोनो
जब खड़े हो जाते,
रूठ के दोनो
जब मुंह फुलाते,
अंगुरी की बोली
तब बन रस की प्याली,
शब्दो की बन सुरीली चाशनी
रस रसीली घोलती जाती।

हर दम
संग- संग,
डोले जैसे
मयूर के पंख,
सोनु- मोनु
अंगुरी  संग,
लगे जैसे
हो अभिन्न अंग।

मासूम दोस्ती
मासूम बचपन,
यूं ही संग रहे
अनकहे से सूर बहे।

रून- झुन, छुन- छुन
यही इनके गुण,
दोस्ती जैसे
मृदंग के धुन ।।


10 thoughts on “Mridang Ke Dhun (poem)

  1. MRIDUNG KE DHUN a poetic wisdom to ensure there is symphony & intends to avoid any sort of discord amongst 2sides of life. Else there is a cacophony which is not a good feast 2our EARS. A GOOD PIECE OF MUSIC IS GOOD PEACE INDEED. V know no1 relishes cacophony & thus Mridung basically a percussion device for rhythm in our Carnatic Sangeet ensures the best of its beats. Earlier Mridung was an accompaniment but its appreciated solo now a days. N I preferably advocate it for solo in this poetic anecdote. So play solo to enjoy this EAR FOOD. U r mastering Sonu & Monu tuned up with Anguri.

    Children r innocent n r children only… .. They r indeed God’s naive creation, who despite hailing from Lesser God or from Richer God, r guileless & candid too. They require ANGURI to reconcile a dispute so that Sonu & Monu can be open again for a fresh start. This seeks from us not 2b hypocrites & opportunists for sake of success, promotion, transfer, sidelining, profiteering, winning, and satiating egos…..n so on. But then v matured 1s do require 2b that innocent so that v can easily FORGIVE & THEN FORGET….well well…it’s not possible when v prefer 2b consumed with vengeance… I therefore imagine a brilliant yet simple poetic description that its ANGURI (1 piece wood & hollowed to accord 2 sides of play head-our Sonu & Monu,…where we tune it up to appropriate pitch so that it goes with the music “ear food-symphony-HARMONY” ) ….. v know western music has percussions & its drumming which basically exhilarates the pulse rate n not much for any other sake….so POETESS u have appositely chosen Mridung, as it has immense amount of accommodating rhythm management n innovation coupled with growth. I have seen Sonu & Monu devastating ravishing Anguri ….i don’t know if u2 have indulged in pursuit of happiness embraced CACOPHONIES (sorrows in guise) or not…any way leave it….

    OMG did v ever analyze it so…never…..NO….cause readers r lost into “ jhun..chhun chhun…”…it appears child-like writing with no essence of wizardry or sorcery 2 spellbound or enthrall ourselves….but y not it should b so like this only….it has 2b child-like poem….but such simple things hardly pierces the veil of maturity for sake of success & rat race in this mundane world…..casual glance may make readers feel “ughh…” kind of expression…but I bet I would make millions from them if I insist to write few lines like this.

    Yes v all need an enchantress “Anguri” 2 divinize ourselves with good thoughts n that’s where v become Sonu & Monu as the case may b…”anguri ki boli tub bun rus ki pyali shabdo ki bun surili chaashni rus rasilee gholti jaati”….N finally MRIDUNG as whole is “sonu monu anguri sung lage jaise ho abhinna ang”…catapults the kick of the essence “2live 2gether n b in pursuit of happiness without discord-with a SYMPHONY only”

    U have successfully enchanted us by the rhythm

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    • OMG, what an analysis!
      I strongly believe that simplicity is the best way to pierce into the grey cells, that’s why I come up with such unadulterated expressions or feelings…
      Thank you so much for such a beautiful comment.


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