Tulsi Tea, Seeds and more…

As planned yesterday, this Beautiful Tuesday, let us carry on with Tulsi.
We had discussed the therapeutic uses, now the beauty part of it…

1.  Add glow to face:
Rubbing finely powdered dry Tulsi on the face like a loose powder adds glow to the face and removes dark spots.

2. Prevention of blackheads:
Wet the top side of the Tulsi and place one leaf on each side of your nose for 5 minutes, and then wash your face. It prevents blackheads from cropping up.

3. Prevention of acne and pimples:
Mix sandalwood paste, neem paste and tulsi paste in equal proportion with rose water. Apply for 15 minutes and wash with normal water. Acne and pimples will think twice before appearing on your face.😊

4. Lightens scars and marks:
Take tulsi paste and besan in equal quantity and make a face pack using rose water. Apply for 15 minutes. Find yourself glowing with a clear skin.



To get all the benefits as discussed earlier,  make Tulsi Tea at home.

Tulsi leaves 1/4 cup
Water 4 cups
Clove 1
Pepper 2
Honey 2 tsp
Lemon juice 1/2 tsp (optional )

The traditional way is to boil water and tulsi leaves and when it reduces to half, filter it and add honey and drink.
But for additional flavor and to enhance the medicinal properties, add pepper and clove (a bit crushed ) at the time of boiling.
Lemon juice is optional.
Drink it daily and feel the difference.



Tulsi seeds are used in making falooda, sherbet, milkshakes and other popular health drinks.

How to make–
Soak 1 tsp sabja seeds in 1/2cup water.
Add in your favorite juice


–Make lemonade and add in it.
— Add in watermelon juice.
— Add in tender coconut water.

And why we should add it??

— It enhances the taste.
— It beats summer heat.
— It keeps the body cool.
— It helps to clean the walls of stomach.
— It helps to regulate the bowel movements.
— It flushes the toxin from the stomach.
(Due to the gelatinous nature when soaked).



Tulsi Vivah is the ceremonial marriage of the Tulsi plant to the Hindu God Vishnu or his Avatar Krishna. The Tulsi Vivah signifies the end of the monsoon and the beginning of the Hindu wedding season.

And I don’t want to miss this fact that when British came to India, they were plagued by mosquito menace and hence planted tulsi and neem all around their bungalows. They called tulsi the mosquito repellent plant.

Now before I give rest to my typing, let me share with you the mantra Ma has taught to chant while offering water to Tulsi…

महाप्रसादजननी सव॔सौभाग्यवध्दिनी ।
आधिव्यिधि जरा मुक्त तुलसी त्वं नमोस्तुते ।।

Mahaprasad janani
Aadhi vyaadhi jara muktam
Tulsi tvaam namostute।।

Update me with your comments…


14 thoughts on “Tulsi Tea, Seeds and more…

  1. Thank you for sharing the medicinal values of tulsi and the reason for the mantra of tulsi. It is good to know that this goddess plant can even help in face packs.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Basil I remember is used for seasoning pasta & many continental dishes. Basil hails from mint family & this herb has good aroma of its own. Basil is our so called Tulsi & this inspired me to use this into my culinary dexterity while cooking chicken curry. To maintain the secret I thus made a paste of Coriander, curry leaves, mint & this tulsi….it gave my dish color & a discrete taste along with different aroma. Now it’s to us which flavor has to be more gallant & pronounced which finally decides the proportions. But since consuming non-veg is deemed to be non-pious indulgence, I think basil addition did divinize my dish & its gravy. If Western world can use this for some cooking purpose, then why not tulsi should go with our cooking & spice it up.

    Making skin radiate in opulence is not required for males & thus I observe silence but consuming it in falooda is very delightful. Particularly when we attempt to chew it the feel is entirely different. Once you master the art of cooking then we can try as many combos as possible & invent dishes to surprises. My home is thronged with Deity tulsi without our endeavor to plant it. My abode rests in the canopy of another God like tree neem & thus despite our challenges lot of positivity brews 24 X 7.

    Tulsi marriage has an appealing décor to it in which sugar cane abode accommodates the tulsi with glittering oil lamps & rangoli & divinizing aroma of incense sticks with some hymns & rituals we declare the opening of marriage season. This year its on 11 November which would continue for 4 days. Rest again I don’t know much.

    Sometimes big things do have goodness single folded & when basil being bestowed by nature for its multiple benefits, then I comprehend that mother earth has given us many noble things bountifully simple & abundant. Thus we need someone who can advocate & disseminate the goodness of tulsi or alike. So we need a presenter or a blogger & thus this creates the stimulus to start accepting & practicing what is made available to its readers. So if this goodness is practiced then you are averting the pathways of undertaker & are deferring the appointed day. And by doing so you are indeed alleviating the burden on Yama & Chitragupt too. Thus apart from doctors you are instrumental in changing the lives of bread winners, dependents, well-wishers, family & friends by spreading this wisdom for noble cause selflessly. Such rendered acts have blissful repercussions in colossal quantum.

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    • Tulsi and chicken curry…I dont think goes well with Hindu beliefs. We pray Tulsi, so such combination is a taboo. But I respect individual dietery choices… thanks for liking the post.😊


  3. Itne ache se tulsi ke naarenmei jaankari di sutapa. Bahoot badiya.Tulsi mantra ke baare mei bhi jaankari ke loue bahut bahit dhanyavad. Har ek article itne perfectly assemble kiye ho sutapa. Mindblowing,awesome. Chahe kavita ho,story ho herbal jaankari ho mudras ho bahut behyareen tareeke se present kii ho. Congratulations once again.eagerly waiting for next

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