Pran Mudra

Mudras are specific gestures that help to regulate the passage of pran through the body. Today on Yogi Thursday, let us talk about Pran Mudra. It is one of the most important mudra because it helps to activate the dormant energy in the body.

Pran or Prana mudra stimulates the root chakra, which creates vibration and heat, that awakens and energises the body. It is also known as Kapha Kaarak Mudra or Pita Nashak Mudra as it is beneficial to increase kapha humor and decrease pita humor.


The tips of little fingers and ring fingers are joined with the tips of the thumbs.

1. Practice of Pran mudra decreases body temperature,  it helps relieve all ailments related to summer like intolerance to heat, stress and noise.
2. It overcomes inflammatory disorders.
3. It reduces forgetfulness.
4. Any ailment of eyes is cured, eyesight is improved.
5. Jaundice is controlled.
6. Any type of cramps in muscles or veins and pain in the legs are cured.
7. Numbness in any part of the body is cured.
8. This mudra removes impurities present in blood and stimulates joy, energy, delight, zeal and hope.
9. During fasts, this mudra can control hunger and thirst.
10. The elements of earth, water and fire are joined, so this helps remove the obstacles present in blood vessels resulting in improved blood circulation.

Duration :
15 minutes thrice daily.

Precaution :
If you are kapha humor person then you should practice this mudra in moderation.

Mudra opens the energy channels and send messages to the brain. It is like a spiritual practice, it offers practical healing and gives amazing benefits to the practitioner.
Hope it will be beneficial to you all…


2 thoughts on “Pran Mudra

  1. What about those who are in combination of Kapha, waat & pitta together…..i think there is a lot of this combination as well. However this knowledge imparted to us is adequate for routing energy to our bodies & is efficacious in sending our brain the messages to reap all kinds of benefits. Thus it’s a master mudra in some way.

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    • Yes, there is a mudra called Saman Mudra, which is very useful to balance all the three doshas vata, pita and kapha. Due its impact on the doshas, it is also called tri-dosha-nasak mudra…
      Also Surabhi Mudra is useful…
      We will discuss them in due course.
      Thanks for showing another avenue…


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