Kya Yeh Sambhav Nahi? (Poem)

Our journey starts with desires and expectations. Some are really vague, but some are worth pondering…
Few days back we invited a newly married couple for dinner. The cute bride had some cute complains, I loved the way she innocently said…
So on Poetic Friday, I feel that when you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for what they are…
So I am penning her words, by my poem, “kya yeh sambhav nahi”.

क्या यह संभव नहीं?


मैं रूठुं, तो तुम मनाओ
मैं रोऊं, तो तुम हंसाओ,
तुम मुझे हर हाल मे चाहो
क्या यह संभव नहीं ?

सुन्दर कपड़ों मे, मैं तुम्हें लगु मनभाविनी
थकी हारी मैले कपड़ों मे भी तो, मै हूं वही,
तब भी तुम मुझे चाहो
क्या यह संभव नहीं ?

हंसु तो लगु तुम्हें मैं परी
रोती, दद॔ से कराती हूं, तो क्यों बन जाती हूं अजनबी,
मेरी व्यथा मे डुब कर भी, तुम मुझे चाहो
क्या यह संभव नहीं ?

तुम कहते हो, मेरे शब्द है, संगीत की घ्वनी
शिकायत करूं तो, क्यों लगती हूं, तुम्हें मैं चिड़चिड़ी,
मेरी नादानी को समझ कर भी, तुम मुझे चाहो
क्या यह संभव नहीं ?

मैं मोम की गुड़िया नहीं
हाड़ मांस की हूं इंसान, जीती जागती,
मैं जैसी हूं, वैसी ही अपनाकर, तुम मुझे चाहो
क्या यह संभव नहीं ?

भुल त्रुटी, अच्छी बुरी
सब मिलकर मैं हूं बनी,
इस सच्चाई को स्वीकार कर, तुम मुझे चाहो
क्या यह संभव नहीं ?

खुदा के बन्दे है हम, खुदा नहीं
रब ने बनाया, किसी को संपूर्ण नहीं कहीं,
इस बात को समझ कर, तुम मुझे चाहो
क्या यह संभव नहीं ?
बोलो ना क्या यह संभव नहीं ??


12 thoughts on “Kya Yeh Sambhav Nahi? (Poem)

  1. You are blending 3 ideologies together, one on our expectations throughout our span of life which of course alters from time to time, then myriads of genuine or confronted grudges, and lastly the capping on perfection. I think relationship has a value which is intangible & yet is priceless but the wisdom to assess the fact develops too late. May be because of this one may have partnering in multitude despite having a cohort. Simply because no one is complete & thus this leverage is the cause for forming a society. One has to be at a hub but for some or other prerequisite one may have to move to have a need for someone who can attend to the complaints, support emotionally or otherwise but strangely it works silently and eventually we subsist within our lives. This arrangement works & keeps the bond intact & allows pulling further comfortably. Nothing is illusionary after the wisdom is gained & there is no regret while endeavoring so.

    Now addressing to the requisites of this partner & the delirium or anxiety plunging this entity we can comprehend through what is penned is quite very simple. But it’s very genuine indeed to be intrigued by the reciprocation of the other half, probably who is into the cloud & seeks best while being into the proximity with each other. It’s so because it is this questioning partner who is seeking to be & craves to be into its basic form only. So it’s like a mandate for other partner to pierce through the veil or rather unveil the inherent beauty, nature, capability, to manifest the basic itself & whatever it could be, either while being into melancholy or ecstasy, well or unwell, chirruping or silent, appealing or distressed, naïve or sophisticated.

    Concluding lines expresses the anguish of other half probably due to failure of the reciprocating partner who is supposed to realize upon the limitations due to its composition of this other half. It expects to embrace the package as has been packed. The questions are innocent & weigh quite heavy. There always remains an element of probability of mutual acceptance between partners, since there is an avenue of partnering psyche under the shadow of surroundings. But in the instant case there is a thought provoking questions to us all so that we introspect & correct ourselves to carry on with remaining of our lives, since partnering is a synergy. This makes the package complete indeed.

    I say so that, yes it is not impossible. It is possible & it will happen. In God we trust.

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  2. fantastic description.really u have become a poetess ,writer and most important is to realize the pain of others heart. well done.secondly superb analyzing by Mr Rajesh . i cannot explain my feelings .sppechless wordless . u r great. jaisa sunder iswer ne banaya vaisa hi sunder man bhi diya jo dusro ki peera ko samaj sake.

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  3. Beautifully depicted the limitations of any house woman. I can realise the agony. But you have a very simple approach for complex issues.

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  4. Kya ye sambhav nahi ye kavita ka title bhi hai aur kavita me ye ak sawal behad salike se pucha gaya hai.apne sathi ki kamiyo ko bhi uski khubiyo ke sath sweekarane ka sandesh deti hui ak sunder kavita.

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