Mudras have very extra ordinary powers. The practice of Mudras brings about a quick and fundamental reversion of destructive changes in the humam body. They develop virtuous, socially amicable, nonviolent,  pious and courteous disposition.

So lets talk about Mukul Mudra , also known as Samana  Mudra, Sukri Mudra, Tridosha naashak Mudra and Beak hand Mudra.
This mudra balances all the five elements and three humors of the body. This Mudra can be used to overcome any disease, as it helps to draw more cosmic energy and bring balance between mind and body.


This Mudra is formed by joining together the tips of the thumb and all the four fingers. It resembles a bud– Mukul in sanskrit.

1. When this Mudra is placed on the tense or hurting part of the body, it gets relief immediately.
2. The electro magnetic forces generated when the five fingers come together is tremendous and that brings about the balance of all the elements.
3. It is like a sharp focus of healing energy, like a laser beam or a shaft of light, which is directed to the area of concern, so one feels instantly rejuvenated.
4. All the fingers get equal importance with the Agni, that’s why it gives instant result.

15 minutes thrice a day.

When you eat with your hands (you recall your divine nature) or feed the young, or when we use them for digging soil and planting seedlings, when embrace someone or give him a gift, when you join hands in prayer, you are using your hands to share maternal healing energy of the universe, as hands are considered our most precious organ of action.

Mukul Mudra is a reminder that we are always at the root of life, constantly renewing our stream of consciousness.
Try, and analyse the depth and truth of Mudras, and comment about the consequences…



Three years flew away, now it was again the time for transfer. This time posting for Shirin’s husband was in Udaipur. Shirin was happy as they were shifting to a tourist place. As the official township was far from city, they started searching a house in the city. Out of the best five searched, they liked a twin duplex, located in Hiranmagri, the most. This was like a dream house, with a small but nice garden with lots of mango trees and an orchid at the backyard. The interiors were good.The adjoining duplex was vacant. It was simply love at first sight.

But the people at office were suspicious as the twin duplex had been vacant since long. Later they came up with the fact that in the adjoining house a lady had committed suicide and people could see or hear her in that house often, so out of fear no one had occupied this house .

Shirin was a strong and brave lady and she never believed in all this ghost tales. She firmly said that they will occupy the house as that house was not haunted. Her husband agreed with her.

The first week, Shirin was very busy shifting, settling and arranging the house. The kids got busy with their new school and her husband with his new office. Shirin got friendly with some of her neighbours, they all told her about Sapna, the lady who had hanged herself in her adjoining duplex, a very pretty and good lady, her husband went on official tour, came back and saw her hanging from ceiling fan. They were a happy couple. She left a note that no one was to be blamed. A mystery unsolved…

Next week, bit relaxed, Shirin sat down with her cup of coffee, in the swing of her portico. Out of curiosity, she peeped to look at the other house and found a big lock at the door.

The breeze gave her the excitement to think about her shopping list and the places she can visit, in this beautiful city. Checking out the list mentally, she went to the kitchen to keep the coffee mug. There she could hear the mixie running and could hear the voices of utensils as if someone was preparing dinner in the next kitchen.
The kids and her husband came back, but she didn’t tell anyone, as she wanted enough proof before disclosing.

Morning she could hear the same voices again. It was a new experience for her, but as she was a daring lady, while preparing lunch, she tapped the kitchen wall and asked,” Friend, what are you cooking?”
Suddenly all the voices ceased. After few minutes Shirin tapped again and said,”See, I am making Rajma Chawal today, what’s your menu?”

And Shirin could smell Dal, Chawal and Alu Gobhi ki sabji. “Oh yes, I can smell them all, but why don’t you talk with me?”

And the first time, Shirin could hear,”Are you not scared of me?”

“No Sapna, I am not, because I know you can’t harm anyone. Will you be my friend?”
No reply came but Shirin got a friend. She didn’t tell her husband about Sapna as he will be worried.

Sapna knew everything, ask her about the best shopping destination, best school, best locality nearby, not only that, Sapna was a good cook, good singer and Phd in Geophysics.

Shirin started sharing with her, all her fantasies, problems, views, fears, expectations, dreams…and what not, knowing very well that Sapna was a ghost.
The chemistry between them was so strong that an intelligent lady like Shirin, started believing her as real. Sapna also shared with her many things except the fact, why she committed suicide.

One lazy afternoon, the landlord of the house rang the doorbell. Shirin somehow never liked that cunning faced, mean looking fellow, but she went to open the door out of courtesy. As she was about to open door, she heard Sapna’s firm voice,”Don’t open the door.”

“But why?”

“Never open the door for him, when you are alone, tell your husband to tell the landlord very firmly, only to come, in his presence.”

Surprised, Sirin didn’t open the door, but her intelligent mind started joining the clues and she came to the conclusion that the landlord had something to do with Sapna’s suicide. “Sapna, tell me, please tell me the truth, is this man, responsible for your death? I need to know. I can put him behind bars. Please, if you really consider me as your friend, tell me.”

Shirin was shocked to know that she was correct. She charged Sapna,” You were a highly educated lady, you could had dragged him to court, could had put him behind bars, leave all this, you could had shouted, screamed and could had gathered the crowd, you are not that weak, you could had hurt that man, why Sapna, why you had to kill yourself ?”

“I was not that strong as you, I got scared, I didn’t tell my husband also, I didn’t want our families to suffer humiliation because of me,” sobbed Sapna.

Shirin’s husband was stunned to hear all this, but he promised to help her, as he had strong political contacts. With help of Sapna, all his illegal activities and the list of females harassed by him was made and the landlord was behind bars within four months. Need not to say Sapna’s name was not there in the list.

Shirin took another firm decision that she will perform ‘shanti puja’ for Sapna, so that her wandering soul can rest in peace.
Sapna told that she can never hear her if the puja is done. Shirin decided to be a true friend and let Sapna’s soul rest in peace.

The day of puja all the neighbours gather, Shirin stole some time to get in and talk with her friend for the last time. They both wept together for the last time, Shirin wished her a new birth.

Next day morning, the deep silence from the adjoining duplex, made Shirin very sad, but she was happy that her friend was no more a bewildered spirit. Shirin started a campaign where the girls were taught to be self protective and self defensive.
Six months later, Shirin’s husband was shifted to Madhya pradesh. Shirin carried with her, her friend forever, in her memories. Good friends are like stars…you don’t see them but you know they are always there…

Do you believe in ghosts or wandering souls? If yes, this story is for you and if no, then also this story is for you, as it is a real story. Quest for emancipation, quest to unshackle is such a topic which has no end…


We went to a village, 53 kms from our place, with our family friends, to their ancestral home where their uncle and family stays. His uncle was the only doctor of the village. Here we met their uncle’s wife, who is the khandhar dil ki samraggi of my poem, on Poetic Friday.
Their uncle liked a girl in medical college, couldn’t marry her and never accepted this illiterate, simple lady he married. Beautiful green village, nice huge old style house, 10-15 members in the joint family, we enjoyed our visit very much, but that deep pain in the eyes of their aunty still haunts me…
Sharing with you my poem…

खण्डर दिल की साम्राज्ञी


सिर पर पल्लू
हाथों में चुड़ियां
नदी – घाटियों के पार में
लम्बे सफर के बाद में
सरल सहज से अवतार में
देखा हैं मैंने उन्हें गाँव के मकान में ।

मेहमानों के आने के आहट से
सिर के पल्लू को और खींच के
चाय के प्यालों के खनखनाहट में
प्यार की चाशनी घोल के
परोसने भेजती हैं औरों के हाथ से
देखा है मैंने जिन्हें गाँव के मकान में ।

घर के अन्दर प्रवेश करके
सहज अभिनन्दन से हाथ जोड़ के
जब देखा मैंने उनकी गहरी आखों में
एक अजीब सा सन्नाटा मुझे अन्दर तक कंपा के
दे गई कई प्रश्न मेरे अन्तम॔न में
देखा है मैंने जिन्हें गाँव के मकान में ।

आंख अगर है मन का आईना
तो उस आईने में झांक कर
कब के सूख चुके आंसुओ के मौन रूपी दद॔ तक
व्यथा की इस लम्बे सफर को पाट कर
क्यों देखा वह अनकहे से लफ्ज उस चेहरे पे
देखा है मैंने जिन्हें गाँव के मकान में ।

रिक्त आंखे बोली, जब बनकर दुल्हन
रखा कदम इस अंगने मे लिए ढेरो स्वप्न
पिया बोले रहती है दिल मे कोई और हरदम
तुम रहोगी सिर्फ नाम की हमकदम
खामोश आंखो की यह क्रन्दन
देखा है मैंने उस गांव के मकान में ।

तब से लेकर चांदी के बालों तक का सफर
चेहरे की लाली से झुरियों तक का सफर
बच्चों के छोटे से बड़े होने तक का सफर
सपनों के खिलने से मुरझाने तक का सफर
रोज जीने और रोज मरने तक का सफर
देखा है मैंने उस गांव के मकान में ।

उनकी आंखे यह सब कुछ है बोलती
उनकी सूखी आंखे बरबस मेरी आंखो को है नम करती
खण्डर दिल की वह साम्राज्ञी
मुझे क्यों बार – बार है याद आती
द॔द छुपाए सारे मन के गहन अंधकार में
देखा है मैंने जिन्हें गाँव के मकान में ।
देखा है मैंने जिन्हें गाँव के मकान में ।।


Today is the day for Mudra, coming up with a real ‘jaadu’, for headache, earache, toothache, throat pain, chest/abdominal pain, numbness in body parts and so on…

Actually this Mudra brings about a reduction of the Vaata humor within the body. Vaata governs every moment in body and mind. It controls flow of blood, waste elimination, breathing and also movement of thoughts across the mind.
Excess of Vaata can make us more scattered, fearful and worried than usual.
So dear all, Vaata Nashak Mudra, has got solid reasons to appeal us all to perform it.


Place the tips of the index finger and middle finger on the base of the thumb and place the thumb on it. Little finger and ring finger should be straight.

1. It takes care of lack of stamina and endurance.
2. It helps in poor memory and forgetfulness.
3. It addresses all painful conditions like headache, earache, toothache, throat pain, backache,  heel pain, joint pain etc.
4. It removes the numbness in body parts.
5. It reduces tremors and shivering.
6. It helps the underweight, emaciation, inexplicable weight loss.
7. It cures constipation and flatulence.
8. It takes care of creaking joints and osteoarthritis.
9. It gives relief to dry cracked skin, nails and hair.
10. It removes chronic/easy fatigue.

15 minutes thrice a day.

Mudra therapy is an effective way of non medical and holistic healing. Vaata Naashak Mudra is such a useful Mudra that it can be regularly performed to avoid illness.

The key to health and well -being is to keep our Pranas in harmony.  When one Prana becomes imbalanced, the others tend to become imbalanced as well because they are linked together. The practice of Mudras aids in creating balance among the Pranas. So don’t think, just practice and be benefitted…


Waking up early in the morning was always a nightmare for Deepak, but he was lucky enough that his office started by 10.00 AM. Problem started recently when his boss ordered all the team members to reach office positively by 8.00 AM, for a week, to cope up with the deadlines.

Deepak thought, that it means he has to catch a 7.30 AM metro, means he has to wake up at 6.30 AM, means…blah blah blah…and that whacko will come in his BMW, who made him the boss! Cursing boss was the only happiness in the world, he declared to himself. Frustration had overcome Deepak’s senses.

He thought about his wife Muskan and got a bit motivated and felt lucky because she goes to office by early metro, after finishing all her chores, cooking and packing lunch for both of them. Her house keeping was perfect and ofcourse she was soft spoken and beautiful too. Next month they would be celebrating their 4th marriage anniversary.

Next day 7.20 AM sharp he was in the metro station, still 10 minutes for the train. He started looking here and there and then he saw this beautiful lady, busy with her mobile. She was dressed beautifully. How these females can afford to get time to dress up in matching attire! Cream chudidar, cream earrings, cream watch, cream bracelet and woah she is carrying a cream purse too, observed Deepak. He observed more closely, her eyes were so big, so sharp, mrignaini is the perfect name for her, he thought. Deepak tried to draw her attention, but she was busy with her smart phone.

Train came and all over.
Office…boss…deadlines…tired…home…sleep, but next day, 6.30 AM alarm woke him up with thoughts of Mrignaini. 7.30 AM Metro station and yes! she was there, today in blue jeans and white kurti, all matching, only one thing that didn’t change were her beautiful eyes matching with her personality.

Now 7.30 AM Metro was happiness for Deepak, it brought a fresh air of life, the definitions inside his mind started changing. Life was so monotonous for him, all week work, weekend movies, eating out, shopping and again Monday. All good, all rosy, all happy, but some element was missing. He compared Mrignaini with Muskan and thought, this poise, this elegance, this confidence, this attitude,  was missing or he ignored, or he forgot to see it in Muskan.

Her eyes, her eyes, her eyes, Mrignaini and her personality had filled that empty corner of his mind. He was satisfied, happy and felt complete.

It was Friday, deadlines were well met, boss was happy, promised his team to give special increments and Deepak was also happy to be back to his routine and freedom to enjoy his morning sleep, but that empty corner now filled by Mrignaini,  popped up in his mind.

Last day of 7.30 AM Metro and she was there as usual, smiling and talking over phone.
Deepak went and tapped her from the back. Surprised and puzzled Mrignaini stood up with a jerk.

“Oh you, what are you doing here. You said you were availing 8.00 AM Metro,” she said.

“Yes, I told so, but you know this 7.30 AM Metro has introduced me to the most beautiful lady of the world, my Mrignaini.  Rather I had rediscovered my love, which I had taken for granted, and it’s you my dear wife, my dear Muskan,” Deepak exclaimed.

“I am not getting it, what are you saying?”, Muskan asked, puzzled, unable to digest the sentence.

Deepak smiled lovingly and said, “The first day I saw you here, I decided to see the other side of you, not the side which I had taken for granted, I imagined you as Mrignaini and realised that you are blessed with all the goodness a person can imagine. I am very lucky to have you, dear wife.”

Muskan smiled back and said,” Happiness is always very near to us, we just overshadow it with numerous layers of perceptions, assumptions, and notions and take it for granted. Don’t worry we make the best pair.”

And Deepak finally decided that happiness was togetherness, to be surrounded by person whom you care and love..

Love was there, but the dust of monotony, hid the glow of it. The fresh rain of June and the rainbow after the rain, filled all the colours in their life, in the form of 7.30 AM Metro.



Now in the month of Ramzan (also written as Ramadan), which is the ninth month in the Islamic calender, the healthiest drink to break the fast, after sunset (Iftar) is Khajoor- Badam Sherbet.

Today on Foodie Saturday, coming up with this Dates-Almond shake, which is my favorite too. It is simply heavenly…just one sip and you are in dates and almond heaven.

Besides rich flavor, this drink provides us the benefits of antioxidants, minerals and fiber.

Wait, let me make a quick list of goodies…
— Good for healthy heart
— Cures anemia
— Cures constipation
— Maintains a healthy nervous system
— Prevents intestinal disorders
— Healthy eyes
— Energy booster
— Protect tooth health
— Inhances bone health
— Provides strength
Enough… let’s jump to the yummy receipe…



1/2 cup khajoor (dates)
1 cup chilled milk
8-10 badam(almond)
2 cardamom
1/2 cup vanilla icecream
2 tsp sugar/honey (optional)

Blend all the ingredients in the blender. If required, add sugar/honey, as it is already sweet. Serve chilled.

It provides a burst of energy and just check its revitalising effect! Sip a glass of this chilled and refreshing drink…and let me know…how it was…

To drink this khajoor badam sherbet,
Be always ready, har waqt.
You don’t need a New Year or Monday,
It’s Foodie Saturday, so drink today…


This is my 50th post in the blog, so, on Poetic Friday, I want to celebrate it with a dream. Dream for better land to live…dream for better emotions of people to share…dream for happiness that is not flagged…dream for a better tommorow,  and ofcourse, dream to dream freely….
सुख की आधारशिला


जहाँ खिलती कली हौले से मुस्कुराए,
जहाँ मंद-मंद पवन सुखद एहसास दिलाए,
जहाँ चांदनी गीत मधुर गुनगुनाए
जहाँ तारें मन को बहलाए,
वहीं सुख की आधारशिला है ।

जहाँ रोते हुए बच्चे को पल में सब हंसाए
जहाँ पथिक किसी आशियाने में भूख-प्यास मिटाए,
जहाँ जन्म-मृत्यु कोई हादसा न कहलाए
जहाँ सफलता अपना उज्जवलता फैलाए,
वहीं सुख की आधारशिला है ।

जहाँ प्यार निश्छल, निम॔ल हो
जहाँ हंसी उन्मुक्त, उल्लासित हो,
जहाँ नजरें नजरों की भाषा समझती हो
जहाँ होठों पर सच्चाई सुशोभित हो,
वहीं सुख की आधारशिला है ।

जहाँ छोटी -छोटी खुशियां सहज उपलब्ध हो
जहाँ मन मार कर जीना किसी ने न सीखा हो,
जहाँ पराए दद॔ को अपनाने को सब तत्पर हो
जहाँ पलकों में सुखद भविष्य की झिलमिलाहट हो,
वहीं सुख की आधारशिला है ।
वहीं सुख की आधारशिला है ।।