Apana Mudra

I’m hugely passionate about Mudras. Anytime I write about any Mudra, I feel satisfied, happy and content that I am motivating all to embrace one of the best health provider.

Today on Yogi Thursday, let us talk about Apana Mudra. It is also pronounced as Apan or Apaan Mudra by many.

According to Yogic physiology, the vital Pranamaya Kosha is made up of Pancha Pranas – the five winds – Prana, Udana, Samana, Apana and Vyana.

Apana Vayu is concerned with the expulsion of body wastes in the form of sweat, urine, feces etc. Apana Mudra facilitates expulsion of waste from the body and keeps the body clean.

It is also known as Energy Mudra and practicing this Mudra enpowers us in making new beginnings.


Tip of the thumb is to be joined to the tips of the middle and the ring fingers.

1. It purifies the body by removing toxemia from the body.
2. It helps for constipation and piles and establish the regular excretion of solid waste.
3. It takes care of stomach problems such as stomach pain, vomiting, hiccups and restlessness.
4. It soothes tooth ache if practised for 10 minutes daily.
5. Diabetes is controlled by practicing this mudra for 45 minutes followed by Pran Mudra for 15 minutes.
6. It reduces burning sensation in hands, heart and lungs.
7. It cures the problems which are related to eyes, ear, nose and mouth.
8. It takes care of Anuria – absence or obstruction of urine.

Thrice daily for 15 minutes.

Apana Mudra should not be practiced while walking and eating.

Sometimes the simplest things are often ignored, infact most of the truth in life itself are simple but they do work. This is the case with Mudras. When Mudras are so beneficial and easy to do, why should we wait to incorporate them in our lives?

I welcome your opinions, involvement and comments…


6 thoughts on “Apana Mudra

  1. U r concluding it nicely by soliciting comments opinion involvement. …I think if try to b honest then probably there a missing spice which u r not serving ur readers…..I mean every thing goes on face value….I dont know exactly but I must b pretty sure that ur stays must b revealing good number of viewers…thus based on law of average v can say u have a very hi number of quality comment makers..n it should put u glad….u have concluded on simplicity aspects…n that holds good in every segment….The less the more …n the more the less…..so minimal things r basic n simple…n so is mudra n it’s practice. …..I am really indebted 2 u 4 this mudra since this mudra is instrumental in scavenging the body…..n ultimately making us pure…n purity signifies Nobility. …..so in all ways u have been making us free from sins n doshas. …I herewith relinquish whole of the dividends to u so that u r free from any ailments n live long than what u expected…………………………………………………………………………….

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