The bitter Neem with sweet benefits, is a versatile natural product that can be used beneficially on the skin, hair and is packed with loads of health benefits, is also used in yogic sadhana and is a wonder plant.

The fruits, seeds, oil, leaves, roots and bark are all known for their advantages and medicinal properties.

Neem leaves contains appreciable amount of protein, minerals and carotene and adequate amount of trace minerals except Zinc.

The Neem tree has over 130 different biological active compounds and the neem leaf is one of the most complex leaves you can find on the planet.



1. Anti bacterial properties:
When as a child we used to suffer from chicken pox, Ma use to spread Neem leaves on the bed, used to soothe the skin with Neem leaves and used to hang neem leaves on the door because of its anti bacterial properties.

2. Controls Diabetes :
Chewing Neem leaves daily and drinking Neem tea, takes care of non – insulin,  dependent type 2 diabetes.

3. Maintains Oral health:
Using Neem twigs as brush takes care of our teeth.

4. Beneficial in digestion :
Digestive disorders like Gas and Constipation can be treated just by chewing few Neem leaves.

5. Blood purifier :
5 leaves daily, if taken empty stomach purifies our blood.

6. Takes care of skin problems:
Clears acne, dark pigmentation, pimples, skin dryness, skin aging etc.

7. Enhances hair growth rate:
Neem oil treats baldness, dry scalp, dandruff and other hair problems.

8. Heals Ulcer:
Neem bark extract helps in healing ulcer.

9. Treats Malaria:
Neem is an antipyretic agent. Eat a few leaves daily to keep the liver safe from malarial side effects.

10. Pesticide /insecticide  controller :
The team of social workers in our area comes to spread the awareness about pesticide spray in which they take a litre of water, add some liquid soap and Neem oil, stir the solution and spray to repel insects.

11. Cures Asthama :
Neem oil if taken according to ayurveda procedure, cures Asthama.

12. Controls Cancerous cells:
Consuming neem every day keeps the number of cancerous cells within a certain limit.



Do you want long shiny healthy hair like Rapunzel??? Try Neem oil…

Neem is the ultimate treatment for scalp infections, dry scalp, itchy scalp, dandruff and so on…

It prevents premature greying.
It removes head lice.
It reduces inflammation of the scalp and infection.

Heat Neem oil. Massage the scalp with the warm oil, wash after an hour. Apply Neem oil twice a week. If you want you can mix it with any of your favorite carrier oils (olive, almond, coconut,  jojoba etc.)

The smell of Neem oil is disgusting, still tolerate it and imagine the lustrous hair which you will get soon


Neem paste is the another alternative for hair. Get some fresh Neem leaves, make a smooth paste, apply from root to tip of the hair. Shampoo after 1 hour. You can also use Neem powder, which you can get in departmental store or pharmacy. Make the powder into paste, apply, rinse the hair once the paste dries.
But using fresh Neem leaves is recommended.

Tomorrow we will continue with Neem flower, how to eat the leaves, dark eye circles removal, nail solutions, Neem tea and so on.
Till then try it. Take care…


6 thoughts on “NEEM (MARGOSA )

  1. I feel that you should have been a doctor…..but the better truth is …..bitter is better at times…atleast it’s like an antidote ……it allows to recognise how good it is to be sweet like ….rasogullas. ….or how loathsome the otherwise is….but nature has its uncanny ways to acknowledge. ….too much of sweetness tastes or turns bitter….similarly must b for bitterness……admitting significantly. one point of time nostalgia brings bitterness to closure so that sweetness is embraced….Therefore it acts like a prescription. ….so whenever if u feel missing sweetness. …just toss the bitterness. ………The aftertaste is heaven…..its sweet….its healthy…..its medicine……its divine……..just chew few leaves……but after some point of time….v r into sweetness which won’t turn bitter…….cause….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Your thoughts are really worth appreciating…bitterness from Neem helps absorb nutrients, balances taste buds, cleanses the body, stimulates metabolism and immune functions and ofcourse fights free radicals…and regarding life’s philosophy…only three words…it goes on…
      Thanks for liking the post.


    • This is a very good book. John Conrick has been a driving force in introducing neem in the United States…for its ecological and medicinal benefits…thanks for liking the post.☺


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