In Yogi Thursday we had already discussed, Apana Mudra, Vayu Mudra and now it is time to discuss a very useful Mudra —Apana Vayu Mudra.

This Mudra can save a person from Heart Attack and hence this Mudra is called the Sanjeevani Mudra, one that gives life to a dying person.

This Mudra is as powerful as ‘sorbitate tablet’ for heart patient.

According to Ayurveda,  any imbalance in the three ‘doshas’– Vata, Pitta and kapha, causes diseases. Apana Vayu Mudra restores balance in these three ‘ doshas’. It stimulates and strengthens the blood circulatory system– digestive system, respiratory system, excretory system and the nervous system.



This is a combination of two Mudras – Vayu and Apan. Join tip of thumb with tip of middle finger and ring finger. Place the tip of index finger at the base of the thumb. Let the little finger stretch out.


1. When there are symptoms of heart attack, this Mudra will help the person to recover from pain instantly.

2. It removes blocks in the blood veins, and thickening of arteries are cured.

3. It helps in both high and low Blood pressure.

4. Chest pain, tiredness and perspiration will be reduced immediately.

5. It regularises irregular heart beats.

6. It cures constipation.

7. In case of palpitations, this Mudra can normalize the pulse rate immediately.

8. Too much perspiration in the feet and hands are pacified.

9. It is beneficial in curing acidity.

10. The functional capacity of various organs of the digestive system increases.

11. It helps in Arthritis, Spondylitis,  Parkinson and Paralysis.

12. It removes all negative emotions from the mind and all negative pressure of the body.

13. Pain in the chest region is pacified by this Mudra.

14. Gets relief from migraine.

15. Headache due to lack of sleep, mental worries, over exertion and problems of blood circulation are relieved.

16. Perform this Mudra while climbing staircases and hills.

15 minutes thrice a day.

Heart disease is a very critical health condition and care should be taken in terms of lifestyle, food and exercise. It is important to take medicines on time, but side by side doing Apana Vayu Mudra sets the things right in terms of five elements.

And yes, when you laugh, the lining of your blood vessel walls relaxes and expands, so have a good giggle. Your heart will thank you !!

If you have any query or feedback, do write in the comments.
Take care…


5 thoughts on “APANA VAYU MUDRA

  1. Its good to see this post today which as usual has been instrumental for all of us to have a sound health, free from all impediments. It is mentioned that it is a combination of 2 mudras, which then is quite obviously more ingrained-pack to combat better than rest of mudras independently. The feminine palm in the illustration which seems to be so divine that such artistic hands can only do justice with the awakening of its readers and contribute for their well being. You are so obsessed that you have become a crusader for all so that your readers are well nourished and healthy. Your rest of genres are equally an epitome in itself, they have made us cry, laugh and allowed to see …….
    Coming to the practice of this mudra what you have scribbled has its innate benefits to all of us…..but do see the gesture of this practice of childhood … ….”kattee” & not “mithee”……which significantly suggests that you will deftly ward off the ailments of your readers akin to what a child’s play is, “kattee” to the ailments ……please dear author see it to believe me. We shall be inadvertently practicing “kattee” with all innocence to vanquish ailments through tips of fingers. gr8….
    …..THIS IS SOLICITING READERS TO FEEL FREE TO CONNECT TO BACK….when you say….. And yes, when you laugh, the lining of your blood vessel walls relaxes and expands, so have a good giggle. Your heart will thank you !!…..u have given readers a leeway to ensure contagious happiness……..I request you to be persistently on blogging…….
    Moreover as you have said that we have that freedom to seek guidance then please tell me how to help the near ones if it is in depression, wounded and having negative emotions.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Relating childhood gestures with Mudra is a refreshing change…regarding your problem their are many emotional healing Mudras… but the best is MUSTI MUDRA…which is used for releasing pent up emotions, suppressed anger, frustration, constant irritation and negative emotions…Thursday I will come up with this Mudra…till then take care…

      Liked by 1 person

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