The corridor of CMC Hospital Vellore was shining, reflecting the image of perfection. At the midway turning left to neurosurgery ward was the in house Church.

“Do we pray often or we pray when we are in pain,” wondered Shachi while kneeling down. “God I don’t want to die now, lots of pending work to finish, give me some more years.” She prayed.

To enter the private wards of neurosurgery , one has to cross the general ward first. Shachi always found the room very scary, all bald after skull surgery, unconscious, relatives sitting with a very sad face. “God bless them all, let them recover soon”, shachi prayed for them.

Next to her room was Uncle Matthew’s room. Shachi and Uncle Matthew both were there for surgery of Brain tumor, though his case was quite complicated. The couple smiled at her. “Aunty, you look so sweet,” exclaimed shachi. “Take rest shachi, tommorow will be a tiring day for you,” said  aunty lovingly.

Next day surgery was scheduled for her, as well as for uncle Matthew. She could see the traces of worries in her husband and her brothers eyes. To make it lighter, she asked her husband,” will you marry immediately after I die?” He got more serious and said,” Don’t be stupid, you are here to recover,  not to die, keep your mind calm, and relax, God is with us.”

Early morning shachi got up to be welcomed by the sisters for the grand event. The Father came to bless her and said his prayers. She saw her brother and husband smiling forcefully and immediately she decided that this is the time to face everything with a positive acceptance and she will…..
Suddenly she felt like a queen getting ready for her royal trip. So the Queen was rolled out of her room in her chariot. As it was Radiosurgery for her brain tumor, the first step was to drill and fix a head frame, then CT scan, so that the doctors can plan the operation, then halt at ICU and finally in OT under the gamma knife. The Queen knew her tour programme in advance.

Shachi was shown the head frame. ” oh! It looks like a crown,” she exclaimed.
“Yes lady, a special crown for the angel,” said the doctor.
Doctors were busy pricking injection here and there in the skull, so that they could drill and fix the crown with 4 specially designed pins.
All went well, but as soon as they started drilling to fix the head frame, Shachi started screaming in accute pain. Doctor said,” you are brave and a queen now, talk, sing , say something, divert yourself from the pain. God is with you.”
Shachi could not recall anything except the prayer in the church, but just after saying a line, she found that her pain was more dominating, but she tried again, and to her surprise, she heard the doctors, nurses joining her by saying the prayer with her…

Our Father in heaven :
May your holy name be honoured;
May your Kingdom come;
May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today the food we need.
Forgive us the wrongs that we have done, as we forgive the wrongs that others have done us.
Do not bring us to hard testing, but keep us safe from the Evil One.’

Prayers have the power to heal, to make you forget the pain. The vibration of the prayer made Shachi calm and peaceful.

After CT Scan, as soon as she was wheeled to neuro ICU, she felt she had entered a morgue, all the patients looking so still…dead…
She whispered, ” Doctor, are they alive?”
Doctor was amused,” Angel, at such pain, how can you have such sense of humor? Yes all are alive and recovering.”

While moving towards OT, Shachi felt herself like a Rolls – Royce coming out for a show, all peeping and looking at her with curiosity at her crown. Shachi tried to flash a winning smile, but her pain was more prominent,  as her husband told her later.

In OT focused radiation beams were delivered to specific areas of the brain tumor. The whole procedure made Shachi very tired and exhausted. She closed her aching eyes.


The Queen woke up to find herself alive,  breathing and talking. She enquired about uncle Matthew, but all were having some or other thing to say.

Shachi was discharged and so was uncle Matthew, both came out of CMCH nearly at the same time. Shachi on wheel chair, uncle Matthew in a brown coffin from morgue.

Life and death is God’s decision, we all know, but how many of us realise that we die so many deaths, while alive. Shachi prayed silently for uncle Matthew and thanked CMCH Vellore for her new lease of life. “I love you CMC but I don’t want to come back again. Bless me , but don’t call me again. I want to remember you always, but don’t call me again…..”,murmured Shachi.



16 thoughts on “THE BLESSED TIARA (STORY )

  1. We all believe in good omen & bad omen. We are not shamans but there is a druid in all of us who can assure nothing wrong would happen. And then that happened. Queen Shachi’s hubby & bro had assured against her all apprehensions and they were not just soothsayers, although they meant more than that by saying, “not to be stupid and recover early and relax while God is done with His blessings”. Certainly it seems Shachi’s prayers were heard by Jesus. But it makes me opulently clear that Shachi used to remember God during her good times even. I think she is divine. We all know, “jo sukh mei sumiran kare, dukh kahe ko hoay”, therefore her doubt over her longevity was erring before wearing that diadem.
    Her Highness could then be charioted on a stretcher apparently as it was her coronation on the appointed day at CMC palace sprawling over serene meadows with all King’s men in strictest protocol & decorum to work on their forthcoming Her Majesty. Yes as all Royals do have their itinerary well in advance this Queen too had hers, leaving her but unnerved with anxiety & uncertainty. Indeed the ceremony was painful & not at all full of gaiety & vivacity. She had to wear this circlet & instead of mace & a sword in her hand she was rather to be pierced with swords into her head…..after all there was someone (alien) from her past occupying her head. Excruciating pain while removing this alien from inside is quite obvious but we can certainly conclude that it has to be angel who could endure this gallantry.
    Indeed during trials & sufferings even a sprite resorts to Almighty for help, then this angel was bound to remember The Son of Almighty God, Jesus….this reveals the connection & doesn’t enthralls me, she had to be an angel, else how could Shachi a Hindu girl apparently cite in Christian mien. After the coronation ceremony she had to be on wheel before public appearance & thus Rolls Royce could only be the apt vehicle for this procession ceremony. The Queen then lived long since UNCLE MATTHEW was an incarnation of Jesus who dispossessed his longevity for sake of his most beautiful angel. He took a peace on the meadows of serenity.
    Death is inevitable and so is the flickering stance portrayed by the life. It has its innate duty morally to unveil all of us with hues of life…..sorrows, miseries, happiness, success, trials, challenges, parting, misunderstandings, loneliness, togetherness, anxieties, apprehensions, dwindling, delirium, …..the array is quite big & the sequence very very speculative, before we all are undertaken by His dictum. I think we should just live……like Shachi, brave up no matter whatsoever….BUT……however even I speculate that if Shachi knows that she may again have to go at same palace to meet her KINGSMEN for forthcoming ceremony……cause her kingdom has expanded sprawling over larger extent …….and thus Almighty says new ceremony, new Rolls Royce, new wreath, new life…….after all her UNCLE MATTHEW wants to bless her again. But not thereafter, as this headgear would suffice to ensure that Shachi’s all dreams which are ordained get fulfilled. Peace shall be bestowed then upon………and once again OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN, MAY YOUR HOLY NAME BE HONORED, MAY YOUR KINGDOM COME, MAY YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN…….BUT KEEP US SAFE FROM THE EVIL ONE…….

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  2. A heart touching story presented in the most beautiful manner.Firstly,the title given to the story itself generates an interest in the reader.All the feelings of the protagonist are presented clearly and beautifully.
    Yes,it is true that we must have faith in the Supreme One.He always answers our prayers.He gives us the strength to survive in difficult times,and this strength amplifies when our well wishers and people around us like doctors,nurses etc start praying for us.It increases the hope for survival and makes us even stronger.We must not leave hope till the last moment and keep on fighting with the disease.Hope for survival and faith in God are the two things one must have in order to win over any problem.
    The story gives us a strong message about the power of God in healing our problems.It is a very good and influencing one.

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  3. A touching story. Zindagi ke sach ko dikhati hai. Kisi ko aaj jeene la moka molta hai jaise sachi ko , kisi kp nahi uncle mathews.God has plans for all of us. Pray to him n accept his decision

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  4. Yes we don’t often pray but we always pray in pain and go in knees. Very sad and touching story. Almighty God touch them and heal them by your healing touch. Amen.

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