Today on Yogi Thursday, let us talk about an Emotional Healing Mudra, Mushti Mudra.

According to ancient sources, this Mudra originated from Lord Vishnu, who used this hand gesture while he was fighting with Madhu.

Mushti Mudra is the tight fist which is the symbol of force, also known as fist Mudra.
It is used for releasing pent up emotions, suppressed anger, frustration, constant irritation and negative emotions.

Each inhalation brings positive energy balancing the fire, each exhalation takes with it the deep seated tensions and suppressed frustration.


Form the fist with both hands and place the thumbs on the back of the ring fingers.

1. Releases body tensions and accumulated emotions.
2. Free our mind from unwanted thoughts and worries.
3. It activates liver and stomach. It aids digestion and cures constipation.
4. It benefits when feeling depressed and discouraged.
5. It lowers blood pressure.
6. It reliefs from physical discomforts like shivering, phlegm in the wind pipe or feeling of lethargy and inertia.
7. Form a fist as soon as you finish your meal, 10 minutes on and the food is digested.

15 minutes thrice a day or whenever you need.

When a dancer completes learning all the Mushti gesture usages he/she recites:
Mushti Hasta Ya Mishyate.

Mushti Mudra is the combination of Vayu Mudra, Shoonya Mudra, Soorya Mudra and Jalodar Nadak Mudra which decreases all the four elements there by solving the problems of the excessive of the four elements namely Vayu, Akash, Prithvi and Jal. The Agni affecting Soorya Mudra generates heat and energy in the body.

In us, there is a blind fury and righteous anger — but there are worlds between them. The basic evil is fear. Let us look for the cause of aggression and develop a strategy as to how it triggers and how it can be eliminated…and ofcourse Mushti Mudra is one of the best solution for it.

Try and share your experience. Comment and let us know how you feel…


4 thoughts on “MUSHTI MUDRA

  1. Mushti Mudra

    United we stand & divided we fall, somehow signifies that despite all fingers having their individual stakes do behave different when they are clubbed, which has to deliver combined effect obviously. Thus it’s not surprising that mushti mudra has to be of combined mudras essentially.
    Size of fist as a rule of thumb suggests the size of heart and bigger fist would mean bigger heart, consequently more powerful one has to be. So if we clench our fists then naturally we are into developing of more energy, which actually proves that robustness can only endure all vagaries. Whereas for robustness size does matters, so from this point of view, etymology & nomenclature justifies the very mudra-mushti mudra. Truly speaking brave heart shall never have fear & thus nothing can mellow them, but since heart size is gauged from fist size it can be said that we need to be coherent & bonded to sound strong even if our fingers are small as compared to any other’s.
    Dhishoom ….bang bang…. Now this too requires clasping of fist tight enough to thwart the attack or make an attack to bring down any one during a duel. Larger the fist harder is the punch and blow. Even Lord Vishnu deployed this mudra while fighting then we in our contemporary eras have added a sound to it…Dhishoom….dhishoom… Thus I conclude comfortably that if you have power then negative emotions would never accrue…and rather with every blow breathe so exhaled would allow to inhale positivity only.
    Obviously when we are strongest then nothing discourages us to build apprehensions, fears or suppress frustrations and this is the real feel also no sooner we do mushti mudra. And if we read the benefits again then it’s quite easy to deduce that due to such mudras tensions can be released, mind becomes more focused, digestions is hassle free, depression is conquered, blood pressure isn’t under unnecessary variations. So at least we all can say dhishoom dhishom with force & avert all negativities. This combat is with you yourself however. Fists normally clench itself during fit of aggression or while into turmoil of emotions, but to the contrary mudra releases such emotional chaos by balancing the uproar in between hands and palms.
    Other side which we can foresee is turning emotionally scrawny, which basically is due to apprehensions developed due to evaluation with irrelevant strength. I mean needle has apt strength to stitch whereas bulldozer has apt strength for cutting earth and if needle could ever thought of its weakness in comparison to bulldozer it would have failed to mend, darn, stitch or embroidered a piece of cloth. So in other words this mudra would open the avenues for self-realization which actually curbs your evil-the fear. Because during such spell either you may get intimidated and grumble or retaliate under preemptive drive. Rather later at some point of time we may realize we had deployed our forces disproportionately too high or too low. So if the mind is awakened to ward off the fear, poise shall be restored and mushti mudra is a resort for this.
    ……sing with me….imagine you are wearing heavy weight boxing gloves….dhishoom dhishoom………..Mohammad Mohammad Ali….he looks like a butterfly and stings like a bee……be gentle despite you have power…..that tames your mind……be gentle even if you are infirm…..that also builds up power……and power combats the conflicts of the inner you……… Mohammad Mohammad Ali….he looks like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

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