This is my 50th post in the blog, so, on Poetic Friday, I want to celebrate it with a dream. Dream for better land to live…dream for better emotions of people to share…dream for happiness that is not flagged…dream for a better tommorow,  and ofcourse, dream to dream freely….
सुख की आधारशिला


जहाँ खिलती कली हौले से मुस्कुराए,
जहाँ मंद-मंद पवन सुखद एहसास दिलाए,
जहाँ चांदनी गीत मधुर गुनगुनाए
जहाँ तारें मन को बहलाए,
वहीं सुख की आधारशिला है ।

जहाँ रोते हुए बच्चे को पल में सब हंसाए
जहाँ पथिक किसी आशियाने में भूख-प्यास मिटाए,
जहाँ जन्म-मृत्यु कोई हादसा न कहलाए
जहाँ सफलता अपना उज्जवलता फैलाए,
वहीं सुख की आधारशिला है ।

जहाँ प्यार निश्छल, निम॔ल हो
जहाँ हंसी उन्मुक्त, उल्लासित हो,
जहाँ नजरें नजरों की भाषा समझती हो
जहाँ होठों पर सच्चाई सुशोभित हो,
वहीं सुख की आधारशिला है ।

जहाँ छोटी -छोटी खुशियां सहज उपलब्ध हो
जहाँ मन मार कर जीना किसी ने न सीखा हो,
जहाँ पराए दद॔ को अपनाने को सब तत्पर हो
जहाँ पलकों में सुखद भविष्य की झिलमिलाहट हो,
वहीं सुख की आधारशिला है ।
वहीं सुख की आधारशिला है ।।



18 thoughts on “SUKH KI AADHARSHILA (POEM )

  1. Congratulations for yor 50th post your postes helped us in 50 various ways may you score a century or more than that thanks for informing me about your blog. The poem sukh ki aadharshila was wonderful.

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  2. Wah wah kitni sunder rachna hai ye “sukh ki adharshila”. Bahut sambedansheel, unmukta batabaran Bahut sunder rachna likhi tumne. Thank u so much.

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    SUTAPA you reap what you sow and not peculiarly even you should sow what you want to reap. I have the experience of both the ways, consequently I have my harvest. I am aware why I could be a loser or winner. If it’s disdainful now then I am to be responsible for my acts then & vice versa. It’s pertinent to note in your case that the world of happiness is growing for you & that makes me feel blissful. Its sheer coincidence that you are on the 50th post with poetic slot to commemorate the foundation with blogging. I salute your theme…you had wide open array for scribbling, yet you chose to enlighten us….YOU ARE DIVINE REPEATEDLY….
    The best thing is to dream freely….& how many of us do so….. I could dream believably. I proudly congratulate you on this milestone and believe that you get the fertile land to sow the free dreams which could result into contagious happiness despite that storm may mellow. Thus I presume your readers would….. Dream for better emotions of people to share…dream for happiness that is not flagged…dream for a better tomorrow,  ….
    In the opening lines you have beautifully crafted the fantasy & make-believe the surroundings where anyone indeed could be into trance. ….जहाँ खिलती कली हौले से मुस्कुराए..जहाँ मंद-मंद ……वहीं सुख की आधारशिला है । This is certainly a reverie if one has not manifested this in real but yet has successfully experienced the delight. Yes sometimes dreams do invigorate us a lot. I remember a quote from life chronicles of Daewoo Chairman, “All streets are paved with gold”- wherein it is written that history belongs to dreamers. Thus I advocate that dreaming is not an idiosyncrasy. These opening lines thus take you to romance with the nature.
    Another aspect conjures upon the philanthropy & magnanimity, of which I seldom find in any one truly. People in our circles mostly are hypocrites and dissemblers who would indulge into phony acts in name of charity or something of that sort…..if I am wrong then prove there is no inequality or no discrimination……by the way जहाँ रोते हुए बच्चे को पल में सब हंसाए……वहीं सुख की आधारशिला है । Yes there are very few like you who may still advocate this philanthropy in all real sense. I admire your this conception of humanity & thoughtfulness. Kudos!!! God keep you always pure at heart & healthy.
    Many times I can decipher that you really appreciate truthfulness and how many can do so or at least avoid deceiving. Certainly happiness lies in small things and this is evident here जहाँ प्यार निश्छल, निम॔ल हो…….जहाँ होठों पर सच्चाई सुशोभित हो, वहीं सुख की आधारशिला है । in fact simplicity is the best halo any human being can have…..God has bestowed us this in form of happiness, love, company or relationships but to the contrary we do make it filthy thereby we then masquerade ourselves which shatters the happiness of other sides.
    Thus while concluding the precepts of your poetic acumen ingrained in the terminal lines I do agree completely that if petty things can’t keep you happy, then any one would be left under duress to compromise & deceive himself only, and then so called complacency would unveil to vent his frustrations at some point of time…..जहाँ छोटी -छोटी खुशियां सहज उपलब्ध हो…..जहाँ पराए दद॔ को अपनाने को सब तत्पर हो….and further poignant situation is that selfish giants would unscrupulously always like that their miseries are wooed away but if reciprocally they were supposed to do it so for their counterparts, then they would deceitfully withdraw away even. जहाँ पलकों में सुखद भविष्य की झिलमिलाहट हो, वहीं सुख की आधारशिला है ……And then this droops the eyebrows, the gleam of eyes also loses luster and melancholy shackles your counterpart which may become irreversible. It’s a sin then. Your imperative conditions for happiness are simple and innocent…..
    ITS BETTER TO BE HOLY AND STAY AWAY FROM SIN…..Poetic sorcery is aptly delivering the justification for your anthem….”happiness is contagious……..spread it…….”

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  4. ये कविता पढ़ कर ऐसा लगा जैसे हर्षोल्लास की शीतल मंद पवन दिल को छूती हुई खुशबू बिखेरती हुई चुपके से आगे निकल गयी। ऐसी ही कविता और कहानियो की खुशबू बिखेरते आगे लिखती रहो। पचास्वी पोस्ट की बधाई!

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