Now in the month of Ramzan (also written as Ramadan), which is the ninth month in the Islamic calender, the healthiest drink to break the fast, after sunset (Iftar) is Khajoor- Badam Sherbet.

Today on Foodie Saturday, coming up with this Dates-Almond shake, which is my favorite too. It is simply heavenly…just one sip and you are in dates and almond heaven.

Besides rich flavor, this drink provides us the benefits of antioxidants, minerals and fiber.

Wait, let me make a quick list of goodies…
— Good for healthy heart
— Cures anemia
— Cures constipation
— Maintains a healthy nervous system
— Prevents intestinal disorders
— Healthy eyes
— Energy booster
— Protect tooth health
— Inhances bone health
— Provides strength
Enough… let’s jump to the yummy receipe…



1/2 cup khajoor (dates)
1 cup chilled milk
8-10 badam(almond)
2 cardamom
1/2 cup vanilla icecream
2 tsp sugar/honey (optional)

Blend all the ingredients in the blender. If required, add sugar/honey, as it is already sweet. Serve chilled.

It provides a burst of energy and just check its revitalising effect! Sip a glass of this chilled and refreshing drink…and let me know…how it was…

To drink this khajoor badam sherbet,
Be always ready, har waqt.
You don’t need a New Year or Monday,
It’s Foodie Saturday, so drink today…



  1. Looks very good n temptingly irresistible. .

    I mean how can I know if it’s going 2 revitalise me…as u say
    courier it…simple…I would delightfully reciprocate my gratitude with asking for once more….
    After Ramadan I can hopefully look forward for rajeshdaan. …….;.after all goodness is to be shared

    Liked by 1 person

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