Waking up early in the morning was always a nightmare for Deepak, but he was lucky enough that his office started by 10.00 AM. Problem started recently when his boss ordered all the team members to reach office positively by 8.00 AM, for a week, to cope up with the deadlines.

Deepak thought, that it means he has to catch a 7.30 AM metro, means he has to wake up at 6.30 AM, means…blah blah blah…and that whacko will come in his BMW, who made him the boss! Cursing boss was the only happiness in the world, he declared to himself. Frustration had overcome Deepak’s senses.

He thought about his wife Muskan and got a bit motivated and felt lucky because she goes to office by early metro, after finishing all her chores, cooking and packing lunch for both of them. Her house keeping was perfect and ofcourse she was soft spoken and beautiful too. Next month they would be celebrating their 4th marriage anniversary.

Next day 7.20 AM sharp he was in the metro station, still 10 minutes for the train. He started looking here and there and then he saw this beautiful lady, busy with her mobile. She was dressed beautifully. How these females can afford to get time to dress up in matching attire! Cream chudidar, cream earrings, cream watch, cream bracelet and woah she is carrying a cream purse too, observed Deepak. He observed more closely, her eyes were so big, so sharp, mrignaini is the perfect name for her, he thought. Deepak tried to draw her attention, but she was busy with her smart phone.

Train came and all over.
Office…boss…deadlines…tired…home…sleep, but next day, 6.30 AM alarm woke him up with thoughts of Mrignaini. 7.30 AM Metro station and yes! she was there, today in blue jeans and white kurti, all matching, only one thing that didn’t change were her beautiful eyes matching with her personality.

Now 7.30 AM Metro was happiness for Deepak, it brought a fresh air of life, the definitions inside his mind started changing. Life was so monotonous for him, all week work, weekend movies, eating out, shopping and again Monday. All good, all rosy, all happy, but some element was missing. He compared Mrignaini with Muskan and thought, this poise, this elegance, this confidence, this attitude,  was missing or he ignored, or he forgot to see it in Muskan.

Her eyes, her eyes, her eyes, Mrignaini and her personality had filled that empty corner of his mind. He was satisfied, happy and felt complete.

It was Friday, deadlines were well met, boss was happy, promised his team to give special increments and Deepak was also happy to be back to his routine and freedom to enjoy his morning sleep, but that empty corner now filled by Mrignaini,  popped up in his mind.

Last day of 7.30 AM Metro and she was there as usual, smiling and talking over phone.
Deepak went and tapped her from the back. Surprised and puzzled Mrignaini stood up with a jerk.

“Oh you, what are you doing here. You said you were availing 8.00 AM Metro,” she said.

“Yes, I told so, but you know this 7.30 AM Metro has introduced me to the most beautiful lady of the world, my Mrignaini.  Rather I had rediscovered my love, which I had taken for granted, and it’s you my dear wife, my dear Muskan,” Deepak exclaimed.

“I am not getting it, what are you saying?”, Muskan asked, puzzled, unable to digest the sentence.

Deepak smiled lovingly and said, “The first day I saw you here, I decided to see the other side of you, not the side which I had taken for granted, I imagined you as Mrignaini and realised that you are blessed with all the goodness a person can imagine. I am very lucky to have you, dear wife.”

Muskan smiled back and said,” Happiness is always very near to us, we just overshadow it with numerous layers of perceptions, assumptions, and notions and take it for granted. Don’t worry we make the best pair.”

And Deepak finally decided that happiness was togetherness, to be surrounded by person whom you care and love..

Love was there, but the dust of monotony, hid the glow of it. The fresh rain of June and the rainbow after the rain, filled all the colours in their life, in the form of 7.30 AM Metro.



10 thoughts on “7.30 AM METRO (STORY )

  1. Coping up with deadlines usually make people to sprint and elevates them on toes as well. In this story I find it has been a boon in guise to discover the patent which was apparently latent to Deepak. It’s good that story has terminated with unveiling of the Muskan who was apparently appealing as trance of Mrignayni to Deepak. Good that the nightmare ended on some morning. 4 years of togetherness and if things were not yet discovered between them then one would conclude that the male dominated has given a leeway for men to lazy at home front so that he is spared to gear up at office front and takes his better half for granted. To the contrary in this marriage it seems that wife was more dynamic despite that she was stranded and torn apart between home & office. Yet she could afford to be gorgeous & decent outside & good homemaker inside. The spell of the story tells us nothing new about men…..they wander and assume themselves to be Casanova or philanderer or hero whenever they are in front of gorgeous women….men will always be men….and if not so then he isn’t a man….there has to be a little commotion in his heart & head upon any glimpse of his fantasy encountered en-route.
    Thus our Deepak had to fall prey to striking large eyes. It means he never saw Muskan between 7:00AM (though he was sleeping then) till he was back from his work at around 8:00PM (exhausted). Thus after 8:00PM till morning 7:00AM he had some 11 hours to dine, shop, rest, bath, read, leisure, sleep or whatever. It means that Muskan did occupy as a bread winner between 7:00AM till 7:00PM (atleast) so that she could fix lunch & dinner for Deepak in time. Of course rest of 11 hours Deepak had for Muskan when she was available as home maker or maid in derogatory sense. I think home making is the biggest job & tougher than anyone’s job but poignantly it’s shouldered on females throughout the globe. And even if there is any seduction appeal possible at home it becomes more pronounced away from home and that too on streets, but is more pathetic to read that the same male is entranced towards his own spouse on streets presuming someone else. However with this tough job at home if female has to be appealing at home also then it would naturally construe that there has to be a requirement to flaunt within all limits of decency if others are at home and that too if something is left within inside her after days hard work & toiling provided the counterpart has that ability to take care for her at least if not cooperating her with daily chores or at least has the cognizance of her beauty even if he is not taking care.
    Deepak is quite lucky that way since Mrignayni was taken aback not only to see Deepak but she was equally flabbergasted that how anyone could tap her from hind side…..i leave it to readers to comprehend…. But it’s appreciable on part of Deepak that he did reveal his phantasm and realization about Muskan. But while writing this peace I am unable to digest that how could a man not have any faintest impression of his spouse despite that she could be seen at any strange place. This only reveals the reluctance steeped into Deepak who never bothered about his spouse’s route or would never even know that their paths were common despite that they may have to report elsewhere for work.
    Yes Muskan “the angel” had to smile back and say, “Happiness is always very near to us, we just overshadow it with numerous layers of perceptions, assumptions, and notions and take it for granted. Don’t worry we make the best pair”, because it seems she was more overjoyed to get back her love from Deepak instead of Deepak discovering the OTHER SIDE of Mrignayni. Deepak got his wisdom & Muskan never required this astuteness as she was an angel.
    You have appositely concluded by saying ….”LOVE WAS THERE, BUT THE DUST OF MONOTONY, HID THE GLOW OF IT. THE FRESH RAIN OF JUNE AND THE RAINBOW AFTER THE RAIN, FILLED ALL THE COLOURS IN THEIR LIFE, IN THE FORM OF 7.30 AM METRO”….I have one question but I have the answer for it as well…..as I know your anthem……you always advocate happiness…..keep infecting all, there is lot of dust in all…….you are SOUL SCAVENGER

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Someone told me many years ago, ‘it’s not that interesting, infact monotonous even to spend the life with the most beautiful man or woman under one roof’. It is you, who need to carry the fragrance and explore it with a new light, each morning 🙂

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