Today is the day for Mudra, coming up with a real ‘jaadu’, for headache, earache, toothache, throat pain, chest/abdominal pain, numbness in body parts and so on…

Actually this Mudra brings about a reduction of the Vaata humor within the body. Vaata governs every moment in body and mind. It controls flow of blood, waste elimination, breathing and also movement of thoughts across the mind.
Excess of Vaata can make us more scattered, fearful and worried than usual.
So dear all, Vaata Nashak Mudra, has got solid reasons to appeal us all to perform it.


Place the tips of the index finger and middle finger on the base of the thumb and place the thumb on it. Little finger and ring finger should be straight.

1. It takes care of lack of stamina and endurance.
2. It helps in poor memory and forgetfulness.
3. It addresses all painful conditions like headache, earache, toothache, throat pain, backache,  heel pain, joint pain etc.
4. It removes the numbness in body parts.
5. It reduces tremors and shivering.
6. It helps the underweight, emaciation, inexplicable weight loss.
7. It cures constipation and flatulence.
8. It takes care of creaking joints and osteoarthritis.
9. It gives relief to dry cracked skin, nails and hair.
10. It removes chronic/easy fatigue.

15 minutes thrice a day.

Mudra therapy is an effective way of non medical and holistic healing. Vaata Naashak Mudra is such a useful Mudra that it can be regularly performed to avoid illness.

The key to health and well -being is to keep our Pranas in harmony.  When one Prana becomes imbalanced, the others tend to become imbalanced as well because they are linked together. The practice of Mudras aids in creating balance among the Pranas. So don’t think, just practice and be benefitted…


4 thoughts on “VAATA NASHAK MUDRA

  1. Thanks a lot mam for this mudra. I need it because i m suffering from backache due to long sitting. Also it effective for numness of body part so it is useful for my husband in slipdisc ?

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  2. Vaata nashak mudra

    Vaata is one of the contributors for ailments as per Ayurveda. There has to be a balance between rest two- pitta & kuffa (tridosh), however we need not be a medic to ascertain basic symptom which are triggering into some physical disorders. Lifestyles, food habits, age, occupation, sleep are few basic issues which can alter health conditions. Vaata impedes the body movement, nervous system and scavenging system. Thus it necessarily mandates to get rid of this impediment if it’s unbalanced. Gestures relevant are all simple yet they essentially fiats discipline & conviction, then only we derive the best.

    I would take you towards different arena from mudra & concentrate more on vaata, and after having read you may express gratitude to mellow storm for her simple remedies. Vaata are cold, light, dry, irregular, rough, moving, quick & changeable types. Predominance of vaata causes preferences for changes and they are agile & also like frequent movements. Thus such lot is usually slim & has lighter skeleton system. But then they have impulsive energy and consequently do have sudden sessions of exhaustion too. These guys do have dry skin & hairs and also do have cold feet & palm. Their sleep is little and digestion can be sensitive. But no sooner vaata becomes imbalanced body tends to have constipation, hypertension, weakness, arthritis and restlessness too. Vaata causes excitement & seeks changes. These lots have mercurial behavior; their temperament shoots up & goes down easily as well. During balance state they are conversationalist; else during imbalance state it would make them anxious & causes insomnia.

    What mellow storm says- do indulge into it and further it can be coupled up with meditations, but one has to avoid skipping of meal if there is any unbalanced vaata. Alcoholic beverages then may prove to be catastrophe and thus it is advocated that regular routine be adhered which engages you so that there is no digression for their mind to wander. The other ways to ground vaata are to opt for stability, consistency in life and delightful acts. One should then do daily light exercises which can enhance balance & flexibility. They should cover their heads during winters & go for daily self-massage with warmer & heavier oils like sesame & almonds. Other activities like yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, walking, short hiking, light bicycling, light tennis, dance & aerobics can control this imbalance also. Ginger tea throughout the day is also beneficial then. Ensure that the bowels are regular and your ears do have soothing & calming music. Enhancement of the senses through colors can be resorted using earth colors, pastel shades, browns and other warm colors as well. Basil, bay, cinnamon citrus, cloves, frankincense, lavender, pine, sage and vanilla are few sweet, heavy and warm aromas which would be instrumental to strike the balance for the vaata.

    Sweet, salty & sour flavors do appease vaata, but one should cut the consumption of pungent, bitter & astringent foods. One can then consume larger intakes but that must not be to the extent of overeating. Fats & oils do enhance digestion & it can be restricted to 3 teaspoons daily, even low fat dairy products can be consumed. However wheat & rice are best suited but barley, corn, millets, buckwheat & rye should be quite lesser. Sweet heavy fruits are advisable like bananas, avocados, mangoes, apricots, plums, berries, coconuts, figs, grapes, oranges, lemons, melons, papaya, peaches, pineapples, rhubarb, kiwi, dates, nectarines & dry fruits all do go favorable for maintaining vaata levels. Dried apples, cranberries, pears & pomegranates should be avoided. To digest fruits either it should be consumed alone or it can be lightly cooked or sautéed even. Cooked vegetables are good but beans, sprouts & cabbage produce gases thus it should be avoided. Asparagus, beets carrots are advisable intakes. However peas, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, sweet potatoes should be moderately consumed. For pacifying vaata spices which are recommended are as follows, cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, ginger, salt, cloves, mustard seeds, basil, asafetida, cilantro, fennel, oregano, sage, tarragon, thyme & black paper, which indeed are sufficient. Non vegetarians can go for organic chicken, turkey, sea-foods & eggs. Lastly…..

    Thanks for your patient reading, but actually…….

    ….. go and follow mellow storm- MUDRA

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    • Thank you so much….! I am glad to see your efforts to analyse Vaata. Your extended research has made Vaata so simple to understand and remedies are exellent…hope all will be benefitted by it .That’s awesome, I really appreciate it !

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