An Alzheimers patient is like a grown up child, who talks like a child and behaves like a child. They try to recall all that has deleted from their memory. The sadness of forgetting and helplessness of not able to do anything, makes their loved ones more responsible towards them…which they also reciprocate, in some or other way….
Let all be blessed with good health…
Today on Poetic Friday sharing with you my poem ‘MERI DOST’, sharing with you the relationship famous as the institution known as marriage…

मेरी दोस्त


तुम से रूठता हुं
तुम को देखकर खुश होता हुं,
तुम कौन हो मेरी बोलो ?
तुम क्या मेरी दोस्त हो ?

तुम कहती हो, तुम मेरी मां नही हो
पर उनकी ही तरह तो खाना खिलाती हो,
बालो को संवारती हो, प्यार से समझाती हो
तो तुम क्या मेरी दोस्त हो ?

बहन नही, बेटी नही हो, तुम ही तो कहती हो
पर उनकी ही तरह मुझसे कितनी बातें करती हो,
गाना सुनाती हो, मिठाई भी देती हो
तो तुम क्या मेरी दोस्त हो ?

तुम कहती हो, तुम मेरी साथी हो
अब समझ गया मैं, तुम मेरी क्या होती हो,
मां, बहन, बेटी, सब मिलकर बनी, तुम मेरी साथी हो
साथी, तुम ही तो मेरी दोस्त हो ।

जब डरूं, तुम साथ में रहना साथी
जब हाथ बढाऊं, जोर से पकड़ लेना साथी,
मैं किसी को नही जानता, तुम ही मेरी दोस्त हो
सबसे कह दो, तुम ही तो मेरी दोस्त हो।।


16 thoughts on “MERI DOST (POEM)

  1. Oh!!nice poem”Meri Dost”.sukh mei dukh mei jo sath rahe vo hi to dost hai.Aur life partner se bada dost to koi ho hi nahi sakta.Ek patient k .liye isse bara gift aur kuch ho hi nahi sakta.Thank u for this nice posting.

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    • जीवन एक संघर्ष है, लेकिन सही हमसफर उसे खुबसूरत बना देता है…..बहुत शुक्रिया मेरी इस कविता को पसंद करने के लिए ।


  2. In most of the cases for dementia alzheimer is the commonest cause…but of which we have come to know in last 15 years. I remember my grandpa’s words in my college days. ..He said old age is another childhood and these are your opening lines …..I shouldn’t b overwhelmed to say about such situation but can say that it’s good in some way……because most of the human beings die with grudges for not having done something or other. ..and this is due to brain making us to think so…..
    .While most of the meditation practices do advocate peace of mind.or Equanimity or taming its unrest. …..because its wandering…..then I think dementia is a state of bliss because the state of senses then don’t make u unstable n concerned to the extent of worrying as normal beings do….thus their heavenly journey is without lamenting for anything….which is basic need for nirvana n salvation. ..
    thus …they adapt to what is available in their vicinity. …they don’t have that fear what we may fear…and…… .They find companionship in what is surrounding after a check is made on them….For this they may create a scene to confirm their doubts. ….but then as a child they would b happy to reaffirm themselves about a relationship which they don’t know. …..almost like a child happy in anyone’s presence…..whosoever carries them….
    But their longterm memory incarcerates them to their childhood days. …thus all whatever good or bad they had then, they cherish n slumber as an overgrown up child ….short term memory seldom triggers. ….I think short term memory only creates the ruckus. …but the brainwave is from childhood thereby relating pleasure n fear what they might have experienced as a child….and they are therefore lovable as child only… …If not then we are sensibly heartless selfish indeed.
    Alzheimer interferes with daily tasks n that’s a challenge reposed on them as well us. There is no cure to this ailment but now our knowledge has enabled the slowing of the dementia due to alzheimers so that there can b some quality of life.
    Memory thinking and behaviour r 3 issues in alzheimers. As Alzheimer’s advances through the brain it leads to increasingly severe symptoms, including disorientation, mood and behavior changes; deepening confusion about events, time and place; unfounded suspicions about family, friends and professional caregivers; more serious memory loss and behavior changes; and difficulty in speaking, swallowing and walking…..People with memory loss or other possible signs of Alzheimer’s may find it hard to recognize they have a problem.
    ……….after having read I find the essence of the soul of such ailing ones……Their submission. ..their reposed faith on rest of us………
    Had u been a doctor u could have written a book…u have summed up nicely in bare few poetic lines…and I have penchant knack to write unnecessarily long till its intriguingly loathsome
    Ur punch lines expresses their soulful voice ….
    जब डरूं, तुम साथ में रहना साथी
    जब हाथ बढाऊं, जोर से पकड़ लेना साथी,
    मैं किसी को नही जानता, तुम ही मेरी दोस्त हो
    सबसे कह दो, तुम ही तो मेरी दोस्त हो।।
    Now after having known this
    I would say please
    Alzheimers is a challenging disease
    But if you again read it
    It would certainly awaken your wit
    Since this is only a little bit
    Which could make them fit
    I think God’s do then conjure
    And V may not now have any cure
    For their hearts are so pure
    If alzheimer is for sure
    Alzheimer may not happen to any
    When we are so many
    It’s their liberation
    Journey for salvation
    Their kind of meditation
    Teaching us yet
    How to b best
    Even if at unrest…………

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    • Let it be Alzheimer or not, just the love between a couple is not enough, there should be a strong bonding of friendship too…..that makes a relationship perfect. Thanks for your knowledgeable comment.

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  3. पति पत्नी के रिश्ते की रूहानियत को दर्शाती ये कविता दिल को छू गई और कुछ ऐसे भाव मन में आये
    और कौन हो तुम
    सभी रिश्तों को
    अपने आप में समेटे
    सुख में दुख में मेरे साथ
    हर पल खड़े
    हर हाल मे तैयार
    थामने को हाथ
    और कौन हो तुम
    जीवन संगिनी हो तुम।

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    • जीवन संगिनी, साथी, दोस्त, सभी को परिभाषित करता, यह एक ऐसा रिश्ता है , जो वक्त के कसौटी में खरे उतरते हुए खुद को निखारता है ….बहुत धन्यवाद मेरी कविता को पसंद करने व इन खुबसूरत शब्दो से नवाजने के लिए ।


  4. Very touchig poem❤️I have a friend suffering from this divyang n she is my truest buddy cause she never ever complains about anything Whenever I meet her she she gives so much of joy n happiness God bless them🙏🙏🌺🌺

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