Basic goal for Suniti was to reduce 5kg weight. She took it as a challenge. Health conscious Suniti made a walking plan of 4km, which would be 2km walk from her home to Shiva temple and back home. Rule was simple. If tired, halt at temple. Perfect plan to start with, smiled Suniti.

Next day, as a non-walker, she got tired and as per plan took a halt at Shiva temple. Suniti believed in the Divine power, but was not that going-to-temple-daily-type, or praying-regularly-type. She believed more in hard work and labor.

Inside the temple she saw a huge shivling, a continuous playing peaceful audio chant of ‘Om Namah Shivay’. The ambience was soothing. She also sat there like rest of the people sitting, meditating and praying.

Suniti saw, on the right side of her, a lady sitting. Her hair was totally white. She was wearing a white saree but surprisingly her face was wrinkle free and had a perfect glow. Suniti thought that if she sees this lady again tomorrow, she will surely ask her the secret of such a glowing skin.

Back home, at dinner table, Suniti told about her walking plan to her husband and son. Their son, Amol, was in class 8th, a very bright and intelligent student.

Next day, in the temple the lady was there. Suniti went and sat next to her waving a hello. She smiled back and said ‘Om Namah Shivay’. After few basic chit-chat, Suniti couldn’t control her urge to ask her secret of wrinkle free skin. That old lady smiled and said,”Not a secret at all, it’s faith in God, believe in self and satisfaction with what you got, makes your skin glow. And of course wash your face many times with fresh water.”

Suniti was disappointed,” What are the beauty products for, if it is that simple, this lady doesn’t want to share her secret, so is telling anything abstractly.”

That old lady guessed her thoughts and said,” Wait, one day you will also believe in the power of God, you will decode the secret of self. Till then try chanting ‘Om Namah Shivay’.”

Days passed, Suniti started shedding weight, got use to, infact got friendly with the old lady. Something charming was there in her personality, that appealed Suniti.

One day she was about to leave the temple when her husband called and asked her to reach Fortis hospital immediately as their son had met with an accident.

Suniti felt her body clench up, and something cold rippled up her spine. An unbearable pain started spreading all over her body. Her only son, her life, her Amol was in hospital. She somehow dragged her body to the hospital.

In front of ICU, she realised her son was sinking. She could feel the words of doctors, her husband, friends and of relatives, floating above her. She felt paralysed.

Two days passed, two major operations, but no response, life seemed to play hide and seek with Amol. Her tears had lost control and were flowing nonstop. The team of best doctors were helpless.

Suniti suddenly remembered the old lady’s words and challenged God,” If you are really there, give me a proof, I will chant your name nonstop, show me your existence.”

Suniti sat in front of ICU and started chanting,’ Om Namah Shivay’. Day to dusk, nothing could move her, no food, no rest, she went on chanting. Doctors told her to stop all this as her son was already in coma. His chances of survival were nearly nil. Her husband also pleaded to stop, but all the efforts went in vain. They forcibly inserted the IV fluid in her. Meanwhile the old lady and other devotees started chanting Mahamrityanjay chant for Amol, in the temple.

Two nights past, Suniti could feel a strange light around her. She exclaimed, “Is it you God? Are you here to save my Amol?”

No response came but she could see that divine light entering the ICU, Suniti dragged herself with the IV fluid to the room. She could see Amol covered with a blue light all over.

“I can feel you, I can feel your presence, ” screamed Suniti. “You are there, oh you are there God,” Suniti started wailing like a mad women.

Next day this miraculous news that how Amol was saved by doctors, how he got back his life by the new advanced technology, and his mother’s faith in God, was in newspapers.

But Suniti knew, infact every one knew that God is still the supreme power. Suniti rushed to the temple, hugged the old lady and instead of saying anything, went on uttering ‘ Om Namah Shivay’. Her faith in God cemented deep in her heart.

It was a new life for Amol, so after the puja in temple, they had a party in the home. All the ladies were surprised to see the glow on Suniti’s face. They asked the secret and Suniti repeated instantly,” Not a secret at all, its faith in God, believe in self and satisfaction with what you got, makes your skin glow. And ofcourse wash your face many times with fresh water.”

Some puzzled, some surprised and some confused looks made Suniti, recall everything.

Faith doesn’t make sense, that’s why it makes miracles. Feed your faith and doubts will starve to death.



20 thoughts on “AND THE FAITH ECHOED (STORY)

    • Wrestling with one of the most perplexing question that man has ever faced— Does God exist ?—Neither science nor religion has been able to prove its case…….so let faith do the needful.😊
      Thank you for appreciating the story.


  1. Walking is the most basic workout, and is natural too. Fitness is bound to be there whosoever makes it a habit. Yes but for those who haven’t been into walking (indoors/outdoors) & have been lazing may have a tough time to pick it up, and then one may require a resolution hard enough to combat themselves. The story catapults from this requirement for walking which mandates a need for weight loss. Suniti the subject who basically is neither an atheist nor too much into praying has a firm belief in to Supreme Power & its existence and munificence. There is a requirement to fix a milestone for the distance to be traversed she had a Shiva temple in proximity to earmark her terminals. One may call it a destiny or power of Supreme Being but Lord Shiva could conjure with her walking as He had His own plans for her daily obeisance and a boon in disguise. So you have aptly portrayed the sketch of Suniti who used to be industrious and who left little for talisman of luck.

    Your saga continues divinely: Since Lord had summoned her to His Empire where she could manifest chanting of hymns and which could restore the tranquility and this was instrumental for new association with a charismatic blessed soul. This blessed one had the halo & aura of divinity despite she had aged and who eventually shared with her the modest secret of this halo. The secret is unveiled eventually to readers with this anecdote that unshakable faith in Lord, equanimity, complacency & to believe upon ourselves can only embellish the ruddiness. Yet the new friendship has vouched to hydrate the visage frequently……. & I know it works (lots of fashion TV channels do advocate this). Water is one of the basic elements thus no one can overpower it. You have depicted a female’s psyche that they usually are beauty conscious, either boastfully with their own beauty or with an element of envy while comparing it with some other amatory/dazzling/gorgeous woman. However a beautiful message has been told to us in patent way…..BELIEVE IN POWER OF GOD & DECODE THE SECRET OF SELF…… Here I mean you purport that EVERYTHING IS IN WITHIN OURSELVES ……yes I too vouch for it, especially when you are focused then this happens. The story expounds the fact & wisdom aptly.

    Hereafter your story pens to deliver its message that God is The Supreme Being. Despite having deluged her eyes for more than 2 days and placing herself into trauma she could recall echoing words of divine old lady. With the length of story it is right time to deliver a twist for we readers, there seems no speculation left hereafter what was to happen. Challenging God is usual in such times & I am sure this stance is adopted with many of us to shake the Almighty so that they are in tune with Him and receive the bountiful gift from Him. I remember an old story of SATI_SAVITRI who could conquer Lord of Death-Yama. Suniti did the right thing then & could bail out her son from hands of the undertaker. The plot is used nicely to tell us that for manifesting the Lord or to have his apparition we must need to have immense belief in Him. It is said that pious & God fearing lot do only have this luck & this is what you have delivered. The sketch of God has been drawn properly by you; it seems that you had an encounter with Lord….. and that is the reason why the visage is opulently radiating. The crafted lines are concluding properly ……….HAVE UNSHAKABLE FAITH IN HIM & DO HAVE AN ALLEGIANCE FOR HIM……..He is then omnipotent, munificent, bountiful……..

    And to believe in humbleness simplicity compassion contentment. …..see this living legend speaking on YAMA N NACHIKETA. ……N BUDDHA. …..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Being a Pious person,I was attracted to read this story just by looking at the title of the story.A wonderful title is used,which itself generates interest to read this story.
    Yes,I do believe in the existence of God.He is Omnipresent and always listens to the prayers of his true devotees.Even impossible things become possible by having immense faith in God.The Lord never lets his devotees down.Miracles do happen.Also,the doctors should be given credit,because science and religion are incomplete without each other.Amol was saved by both “Dava”(medicine) and “Dua”(prayers).
    Finally,the ending lines are written beautifully with perfect usage of words.A good ending has been given to the story.

    Liked by 1 person

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