Today in Yogi Thursday, introducing this simple, gentle Mudra, which has the power of relieving tension, headaches or even migraine. It clears away the pain, pressure and more. Before you pop in a pain killer, try Mahasir Mudra.
Basically Headache are of four types—-
1.Sinus— Pain is usually behind the forehead or cheekbones.
2. Cluster— Pain is in or around one eye.
3. Tension pain— Pain is like a band squeezing the head.
4. Migraine— Pain is at one side of head followed by nausea and visual changes.
These all pains are relieved by Mahasir Mudra.



Tip of the thumb is joined with the tip of index and middle finger. Ring finger is into the fold of thumb and strech the little finger out.


1. It quiets the senses and calms the emotions.
2. It is good for migraine, headache and releases tension.
3. It cures all sorts of stress.
4. It eliminates mucous congestion in the frontal sinuses.
5. It relieves eye strain and back pain.
6. It improves concentration and meditation.


15 minutes thrice a day or as an when required.

Before any Japa, Meditation or Worship, Mudras are practised because Mudra remove the impurities of the mind like fickleness and lethargy. Mudras activate blood circulation and transmission of energy through the nerves. They balance the five elements, five Pranas and three Doshas by replacing one element with another and increasing or decreasing the proportion of an element within the human body.
Mudras are universal in application. They will benefit all who practice them. So try it and let me know how it works for you……


6 thoughts on “MAHASIR MUDRA

    • Thanks for sharing with your friend…this Mudra relieves tension also, so can be done by anyone, as and when required……however if the pain is chronic, medical help is always recommended.


  1. AFTER READING THIS I feel that I should indulge into teasing anyone to extreme till they have a headache. And no sooner that happens then I feel another prank to hide balm and make them read this blog……I think this would be the best remedy. Alleviating pain by this is mudra has to be better than pills. Since you have given the entire expanse of headaches then it can be concluded that blood circulation plays a vital role to cleanse the body and the contaminations indicated due to sinus, cluster pain, tension pain & migraine. Thus it is appropriately advocated to practice mudra before meditation & worshipping since CLEANLINESS IS GODLINESS. CLEAN YOUR BODY/SOUL & LET GOD RESIDE IN YOU….

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  2. Some alike points:-

    Relaxes weather influences or tension in the eyes.

    Relaxes neck and back pain.

    Balances energy.

    Gives tension-relieving effect, and eliminates mucous congestion in the frontal sinuses.

    While exhaling, imagine that waves of energy are flowing down from your head through your neck, back, arms, and legs, and leaving through your hands and feet. After a while, imagine that your head is clear, cool, clean, and light.

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