Today on Poetic Friday, sharing with you my love for coffee. I don’t know whether it is nectar of the Gods or poison , will it kill you or make you alive, who enjoyed the first cup of java, but for me coffee is more than just a drink, it’s a passion, nectar to rejuvenate,  to be alive.
Let it be espresso, cappuccino, latte, freshly ground or even instant, a whole little world all of its own seems to have been created around the cup of coffee.
Hope you will feel the same after reading this poem….

हम दोंनो 💑


दोंनो हाथों से थाम कर ,
तुम्हारे उष्ण से एहसास को ।
न जाने कितने ही ख्याव बुन डालें मैंने ,
श्वासों की मोती को माला में पिरो डाला मैंने ।।

मोम का वाष्प सा उड़ने की कल्पना की तरह ,
बफ॔ के चट्टान को आग सा धहकने की तरह ।
तुम्हें छुकर उन्मुक्त हो जाता है मेरा शेशव ,
ख्यालों में खिलखिलाने लगता है वक्त बेवक्त ।।

तुम्हें होठों से छुकर ,
घुट घुट तुम्हें अपने अन्दर समाकर ।
अपना लिया है तुम्हारे हर नजाकत  को ,
समा लिया है अपने पहचान में तुमको ।।

वक्त की पाबदिंया हो या उड़ते पतंग की डोर ,
बेझिझक खिंचती चली आई मैं तुम्हारी ओर ।
शायद तुम हो निर्जीव, सिर्फ एक तरल पदार्थ ,
पर मेरे लिए तुम हो मेरे प्राणशक्ति, मेरे साथ॔।।

न जाने कितने ही किस्से तुम्हारे संग बांटे हैं,
यादों को तुम्हें थमा कर, जज्बातों को सहजे है ।
अभिलाषाओं के पिंजर को मैंने तुम्हारे लिए खोले है,
गम॔ रेत की तपन की तरह मैंने तुम्हे महसूस किया है ।।

मेरे सुकून, मेरे चाहत हो,
मेरे अजीज, मेरी ख्वाहिश हो ।
तुम प्याली में समाए हुए मेरे गम॔ कॉफी हो,
तुम प्याली में समाए हुए मेरे गम॔ कॉफी हो ।।



14 thoughts on “HUM DONO (POEM)

  1. I have gone thru the hot perfectly brewed coffee served with real warmth…..sipping it was really a subtle conversation with serving…..However now let me roll my tongue n feel the remaining taste……its really required n at times its better than tea. …..though I am fond of tea……but coffee is better if a gourmet has served it… let me have the gestation period…I shall comment in length 2moro……A LOT CAN REALLY HAPPEN OVER A CUP OF COFFEE

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  2. वह ! क्या बात है
    कॉफी के साथ ऐसी दिल्लगी
    बहुत खूब !
    सही बात है ये न जाने कितनी दास्तानों का गवाह होता है,
    कभी सुबह कभी शाम होता है,
    गम खुशी आँसू मुस्कान,
    सबका राज़दार होता है,
    और कोई साथ में प्यारा सा साथी हो,
    तो फिर क्या केहने ,
    दिल गुले गुलजार होता है|
    तुम्हारी कविता पढ़ के तोअभी कॉफी पीने का मन हो गया|

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    • बहुत शुक्रिया ….. कविता को पसंद करने और इतने सुंदर तुकबंदी के साथ कमेन्ट लिखने के लिए ……….


  3. Your poetic Fridays, tales of Wednesdays have always been my food for thought. Now that when you have taken up the challenge to write on Coffee & that too not on foodie Saturdays I feel overwhelmed by stating that you can withstand any challenge & you have successfully crafted the flow how one relishes a cup of coffee. This also reveals your penchant/romance with the coffee. I remember an advertisement on KOHLER… (Sanitary-ware from German origin….ad goes… a house around this…..) in the instant case you have penned sonnet for coffee. Since I have been preoccupied with other mundane things during your previous posts, I thus failed to write on your other blogs. But poetic expressions allows anyone to soak themselves so that they too can spurt their own feelings & relate a little bit as a poet, philosopher or a writer. My Guru who is a Tamilian goes cranky if he misses coffee & I too go often to his abode basically to relish coffee. He serves me with fresh decoction & the liquor is brewed to ultimate levels tantalizing my taste buds.
    Your coffee has surpassed all the tastes till date lingering in my mind & I hope your real serving would be much better than tea. Tea has been my religious beverage as it has been imbibed that coffee is for grownups while I was being reared up as a child, later on it never was stashed in our kitchen. And now you may laugh at me if I say I am 50 year child……..let it be. Therefore coffees have been sipped to rock bottom whenever served. Coffee as we all are aware requires perfection to roast the beans, precision to pulverize it, timing to graduate the liquor, the apt balance for milk proportion, serving temperature & of course sugar to our taste. This is a patient job & I feel the patience has paid with this divine serving.
    Gliding over your poem made me feel that there is an element of profound liking in you with your coffee & that MAKES ITS VERY SPECIAL…I mean you may run amuck/berserk if any one admits that tea is better than coffee. But let me clear your doubts….. I have first priority for coffee only provided it is rendered by a gourmet since I am too boastfully a connoisseur. But the way poem starts, transports me to a cozy sit-out with a cup hold between the palms to feel the warmth and weaves a trance in a day-light and then there is a realization of something called life after the aftereffects of coffee…… “shwaso ki moti ko mala mei piro dala”……this makes me see that the coffee has now become reason of your existence. May be the pearl drops would have condensed on your nostrils while sipping and the extent of such phenomena is so frequent that there is a complete festoon of such droplets, which is thus phenomenal to imagine.
    Hereafter the craftwork is beyond imagination wherein you are revealing your addiction for this cup of coffee which no sooner after gulping it, unleashes the child in you as well. This coffee I feel is harbinger of good times for you, I suppose this coffee is that potent, because then only the wax can vanish or ice can be set on fire……quite vivid is your imagination here. Thereafter when this liquid is deep inside you, you then enable its settlement by mutual acceptance, thereby making it an integral part of yours…..great….as if coffee and you or you & coffee…..are made for each other. Great anyone may not be in a position to gauge it exactly where this coffee would go without you, but you without coffee would then mean lifeless existence. So better control the coffee……you are Bong & not Madoo,….yet everyone has his own limits……so for you there is an exception redefined, LET THERE BE THIS COFFEE IN TOTALITY.
    Half done with this piping hot coffee I foresee that there is nothing stopping for you with this liquid, as it ensures life in you to breathe pearls for weaving a festoon for yourself while you get adorned more & more than even before. I admire your imagination.But this is eventually fathomed by any reader that your palms do speak to this cup of coffee & you do reveal to it your inner soul to fullest.

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