Let Foodie Saturday today witness reunion of some good friends…. Jamun, Litchi, lemon with oldie club soda and lots of refreshing ice cubes…

We all know that Jamun (Black Plum) promotes healthy heart, cures ulcer, increases haemoglobin, takes care of oral health, cures diarrhoea, cough and asthma, lowers blood sugar and so on……..

Litchi strengthens immunity, protects from free radicals, it’s skins best friend, lowers blood pressure, aids digestion and bowel movements, promotes weight loss and fluid balances, increase metabolism and what not……

Lemon juice is one of the main source of Vitamin C, cleans your bowel, has powerful antibacterial properties, strengthens the blood vessels and many more……

If we want to transform ourselves, the first thing to do is to attend to the mind. It is the state and health of mind that determines the flavour and flow of life. Well, I remember we are talking about mocktail, not dealing with life’s funda…..so here we are…..to transform all these ingredients into a delicious mocktail, we have to feel the flavour and flow of the drink while consuming it…..😊




Jamun juice 1/2 cup
Litchi juice  1/2 cup
Lemon juice 2 tsp
Club soda 1/4 cup
Ice cubes


Mix Litchi juice, Lemon juice , club soda and ice cubes well. Slowly pour the Jamun juice and don’t stir it. It gives an attractive look and while sipping you can feel the difference……

They are fun, sometimes fizzy but always refreshing…….

Let me know how you like the taste. Comment and share your feelings…..




  1. I think you should have been a full time chef & that too freelancing and TVs should have been beaming you on the globe with your culinary prowess acclaiming you a seat on top. You are very inventive and can tantalize/excite the taste buds with any composition and any ingredients. You have the acumen to plate the things nicely and with absolute dexterity…..this makes you a perfect home maker. Jamuns & Litchi are not available round the year & they have a short shelf life thus blending it together & serving us now on blog compels us to have a crush preserved for our deferred servings. Lime is bound to make it tangy…..so the entire summation is wholesome goodness as a beverage during this sultry weather if the sky sparkles with Sun and especially if is sipped in a good company. Needless to acknowledge about the benefits….all fruits have something within……..and a mocktail would give the best……keep gulping or have the shots.

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