Mehendi ceremony of Shaila was in full bloom. The arrangements, the music, the food, the ambience…all were perfect. Guests were looking forward for the next day marriage ceremony,  which was expected to be marvellous. 

Shaila, the very beautiful banker, doting daughter of Mrs.and Mr. Mehta, was getting married to handsome and famous CA, Soham.

When Shaila and Soham stood on the dias, Shaila raising her hands to show her mehendi, all cheered for this beautiful, made for each other couple.

Soham was crazy about Shaila’s smile and loved her habit of saying something special in form of puzzle or rhyme.

Soham, one day, asked lovingly,” Do you like me?” This question was obvious because Mr. Mehta had chosen him as his prospective son in law. Shaila smiled and said,” Hey, Mummy-Papa said you are the best,
Let’s think about each other and forget the rest.”

Both laughed at this silly rhyme.
Next morning, the marriage day, ‘Mehta House’ was full of police as Shaila was missing, leaving a clueless letter behind her.
” Mummy-Papa, forgive me as you always do, but I have to go”.
“Soham, you  may feel cheated, but I am really sorry, get a nice life partner and lead a very happy life.”
Don’t search me or blame anyone. No one is responsible for my departure.
“Violet was the colour, but Orange was my choice.
So I preferred to go with absolute White.”

The last lines of the letter became a mystery, all started decoding it in their own way. The police searched the hospitals, bus stands, railway stations, airports, spots of accidents, friends, relatives,…. …everywhere , but in vain.

Days past, the CID took charge of the case and started intrograting everyone separately. No previous affair, no bad habits, no wrong association, no clue for kidnapping, how can she vanish like this??
The clue she left had violet, that represents the future, the imagination and the dreams(that was really going to happen). Orange was her favorite color and white was for peace and calmness.

Mrs. and Mr. Mehta recalled that when Shaila was young, she had a facination to become a monk, but that time they told her, they will die if she thinks so. The chapter was closed.

The friends recalled the day when she topped in the University and won the gold medal. She told her friends'” The best one in the room was me,
So they gave me the medal and the golden key.”
Golden key was the prestigious job offered to her.

Soham was really feeling cheated and down, she could have told him once, he could had solved her problem. He took this monk  facination as a big clue. At his request all the church, monastery were searched, not only in India but in China, Bhutan and all the possible places, but no results. After a year the case was closed
But Soham didn’t give up, he started personally visiting all the monasteries when ever possible. Years rolled on, under pressure of everyone he got married. 

Nearly five years later, as he was sitting in the Buddhist Monastery in China, he saw a group of lady Monks coming for prayer, in them a bald headed monk in white dress looked exactly like Shaila. He put his secret camera on, later in the hotel, he checked the video and concluded, she is definitely Shaila. He had decoded her message correctly, a Monk, she is a Monk now. He sat emotionless, his search was complete but he was unable to decide whether to be happy or sad. How she came here, they had checked the airports also, but she didn’t board any flight, when she got the tickets, why she had chosen the marriage day to elope, he was coming again and again here, why didn’t he see her before, since when she was planning all this, all this questions started screaming inside Soham’s head, the unbearable pain slowly converted into sobs, and he decided to confront her the next day.

Next day he stood in front of her looking straight in her eyes. She asked ,”what do you want my child?”

“I simply want some answer Shaila, you are here at peace, calling me my child, following the path of divine one, but there since last five years we are searching you, your parents are totally broken up, I am wandering like a mad one. Why you did this?”

She calmly replied,”I am not the person whom you are searching, and leave some questions unanswered, time will reply and heal your agonies. God bless you.”

She walked away. Soham screamed, “Shaila turn back, you can’t go like this.”
But no one was there to reply, a vacuum in his heart nearly choked him.

A soft hand on his shoulder bought him back to life, an old monk made him sit and offered some water, and said ,” Child, she is correct, she is not the person you are searching, she is a Monk. But I want you to breathe in and exale peace, so listen, she was planning to join us since long, she didn’t tell because she didn’t wanted to lose her parents, she choose the marriage day as it was her mother’s wish to see her getting married, so she completed half the rituals, one of her friend helped her reach here, gave her shelter, since last five years she didn’t come out in front of strangers, so that you all get time to heal your wounds and you Soham, she knew you are a strong man and you can forgive her and also walk ahead strongly. Go back and don’t tell her parents, let them wait for her. They will surely meet one day up there.”
“You know me?”
“Yes I know everything , God bless you my child. It’s God’s decision, so don’t question it. “.

To the degree that God has not revealed His plan, it is a mystery. But even that which He does reveal is a mystery……


18 thoughts on “CLUELESS (STORY)

  1. After a good spell of pause u have rendered a good story …heart rending n poignant. ..mystery has been unveiled in an another mysterious way…leaving us all to think many whys… Any creation is a part of the creator…I may ask u to give me time to comment…n Also would like to manifest the you….who really has the potential to create such things for her readers….yes U have uncanny ways to associate n dissolve as well…. U r also enigmatic. ..n that’s a compliment….language has spellbound me….and I read it before dawn could gleam over the surface of planet

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  2. Clueless….a very good story.welcome back mam.i was waiting for your story and was rewarded.i think shaila who was determind to become a monk should have faced her mom and dad bravely and why cheat on soham …

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    State of oblivion matters most for those who have made themselves available for resurrection of others by paying cost for humanity, feeling & caring only for others unconditionally….and then a time comes when they realize that they have been used for nothing but stupidity of theirs for being an emotional fool….since the world takes such souls for a free ride….but then it imparts a wisdom to such losers not to involve thereafter…..and this coldness punishes the non-culprits/innocents….. Chaff doesn’t get winnowed from wheat & both do get grind eventually….since I don’t find that any respectable person to be addressed as weevil who gets grind along with wheat (as per local dialect’s adage). Wheat at times becomes loathsome when chaff is grinded due to wheat’s irresponsible act….

    I think as an unbiased reader Shaila deemed Soham as that poor chaff, but I pity chaff who could endure all the brunt due to some irrelevant wheat…..a selfish giant. Your tales/poems etc. all has been spinning very mysteriously after August 2016…..truly speaking beyond my comprehension……your saga describes that mehendi was flaunted, and I know that there is an maxim that mehendi if is that impressive then her hubby loves her very much….thus these lose pieces confounds me that what made Shaila to punish chaff/Soham/hubby..…wheat was punishable indeed & was destined to be grinded, yet the story lacks the backdrop of wheat, which further puzzles what made Shaila embrace renunciation from this material world……yes you have beautifully crafted that enigma/puzzle about Shaila & her attributes….and the intriguing mindboggling inquisitiveness of Soham that if ever Shaila did ever loved Soham…….and to which she says that she is abiding by the mandate of her parents…..and she makes a mockery of the Soham’s inquiry, which indeed is intriguing as a part of story.

    Hereafter there is a big twist in the story….with a clue to beseech getting condoned as usual from parents (leaves an impression why????, I mean was she always upsetting her parents….) and an appeal to hubby not to feel sorry for having been cheated for this melodrama…as it wasn’t a drama…… AND THEN A COLORFUL NOTE….if you read between the lines you are saying violet goes with future & dreams and you also do write that it was “that was really going to happen”, …then without an iota of doubt her violet was already white…..THIS IS WHAT I READ… she had already embraced WHITE for her PEACE & CALMNESS and paved her way through VIOLET…..well during her formative days…..

    It may really well the eyes of captivated readers that Soham did hunt for her Shaila even after his marriage with another….and then he ended successfully with his quest but his fist did hold nothing then also, despite he chased his inquisitiveness….. why… implicit……but the intended nuptial knots transformed into a mess…..I THINK SOME ELEVATED SOULS PICK UP EARTHLY SOULS to teach them a lesson or two in mysterious ways……why, may be a pre-destiny……AND A COLD ANSWER AFTER SUCCESSFUL SEARCH, “TIME WOULD UNFOLD THE QUERIES AND RESTORE COMPOSURE”….curls the story towards sorrow…..AND THEN reconfirmed by senior that Shaila is no more VIOLET indeed confirms that Soham was hunting VIOLET in WHITE…..but one thing is admirable that THOSE ONLY ARE PUT TO TEST WHO ONLY CAN ENDURE IT…. It’s really a mystery……everything is a riddle…..

    I think wheat is not that lifeless as a corpse… may think why with only whys clutching it tighter….

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    • Well, the story completes a full circle, when Shaila’s decision to become a monk, takes a strong stand. Before, in between and after this decision, the incidents select their best seats and settles calmly. I hope you will agree with this. Thanks a lot for thinking upto the finest depth !

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