The life’s journey starts with crying and we all hope that we will go with a smile on our face. The good, the bad, the faults, the virtues, all play hide and seek as we go on. Live with positivity and embrace the happiness, that’s what I am serving this Poetic Friday, as ,” RANGO KA AIANA”.

रंगो का आईना


आज चलो बहने देते है, दफन किए हुए चट्टानो को,
आज सिंचते है अक्ष्रुधारा से, बंजर सी जमीं को।
रंगो से एक अद्भुत खेल खेलते है,
आओ आज दोनो मिल कर रोते हैं।।

तुम मेरे अव्यवस्थित होने की व्यथा सुनाना,
मै सुनाऊं तुम्हारी सुव्यवस्थित कथा सुहावना ।
धीरे -धीरे रंगो को यहां वहां छिड़कते है,
आओ आज दोनो मिल कर रोते नही, कुछ सोचते हैं।।

तुम मेरे दोहराने की दुखद आदत का वण॔न करना,
मै तुम्हारे परिपक्वता की स्तुति चाहती हुं पढ़ना ।
फैले रंगो को आकृति में ढलने देते है,
आओ आज दोनो मिल कर सोचते हुए कुछ गुनगुनाते हैं।।

तुम मेरे अनाड़ीपन का एक सुचि बनाना,
मै तुम्हारे खूबियों की चाहती हुं कविता पिरोना।
रंगो की पहचानी सी मुरत को फिर से गढते है,
आओ आज दोनो मिल कर गुनगुनाते हुए मुस्कुराते है ।।

तुम मेरे असफलताओं के माला के नए फुल चुनना,
मै तुम्हारे कामयाबी की अट्टालिका को चाहती हुं सजाना।
रंगो ने सपनो के विस्मित हकीकत को छलकाए है,
आओ आज दोनो मिल कर मुस्कुराते हुए उसे निहारते है।।

तुम मेरे हाथो की लकीरो के दोषो मे मुझे ढुंढना,
मै तुम्हे अपने तकदीर का ताज बनाकर चाहती हुं पहनना ।
कुचे ने जिसे तैयार किया वह तो हम दोनो जैसा है,
आओ आज दोनो मिल कर उसे निहारते हुए खिलखिलाते है ।।

एक मुस्कान, एक हसीं, एक दिल, एक दिल्लगी,
यही जागीर है मेरी, यही है मेरी  सादगी ।
रंगो मे भिगोकर मैंने खुद को,तुम्हारे रंगो मे रंगा है,
आओ आज दोनो मिल कर खुब खिलखिलाते हैं।।



14 thoughts on “RANGO KA AIANA (POEM)

  1. Bahut marmik aur dil ko jhakjhorne wali rachna hai.Kuch vyasta ke karan main apka blog nahi dekh payee thi jiska afsos hai.Aise hi manobhavon ko abhivyakt karti rahaen aur hum sunder rachnayen padhen😊😊Beautiful poem❤️❤️

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  2. You are advancing & achieving the complexity level in your writing day by day…..one thing is sure that your favorite color is YELLOW as apparent from marigold flowers…I PRAY YOU NEVER MELLOW.
    The poetic rendition resolves between the twosomes to sob incessantly that even stone cold matters or rigidly attached issues gets deluged and finally the storm inundates & irrigates the barren soul to fertility…..and then an appeal to start playing a game of colors. COLORS is flabbergasting me as a reader since it isn’t that festival of colors which is under subject, but is significant & beyond the perception of common intelligence…O what a feeling….here I feel there is an urge beseechingly to introspect what has been bygone shouldn’t go forgotten if it can yield some something even at a cost crying loud. But the appeal has been too modest….which seeks to welcome criticism (for being not perfect) yet & in return there is an impulse to accept & appreciate the one who shall be condemning the other…..LITERALLY BEYOND IMAGINATION….divine request & not easy….to contemplate & find a way for themselves after having scattered the COLORS into chaos. But next in suit is another request to think further and yet be captivated by some melodies after letting the COLORS take an impression. But this request has been done overwhelmingly in response to the grudges with other half for having a disdaining attribute of repeating the statements and yet in return the other half wants to praise the admirable persona of other half….BELIEVABLE, BUT AVAILABLE FOR BLESSED ONES.
    COLORFUL game is so absorbing through these lines that all 4 lines open with rejection/criticism, sails into acceptance/praise in return…signifying the contrast, thereafter giving some brush strokes on canvas and finally resolving for togetherness……the structure has been repeatedly deployed till you have tapped all the facets of your vivid experiences. Yes this happens with all, yet few only reduce the despair into verse. In the following situation there is an opening of divergence for being naïve and yet there is a longing to enlist the tributes of other half. But then COLORS hereafter are meant to unveil the known masterpiece mandating to smile since the musical melodious node has already gripped them. Reading in furtherance fiats us to read a wish that success of one half needs to be adorned (can be) with the endeavor of an ineffective other half, despite that the success may indulge into some censure and signify it with any derogatory reward. And here you are admitting that COLORS then only invariably manifest to see the reality with smile, (a smile which already had appeared owing to be enchanted by melodies) which drives towards the common coherent existence….. O wow …description transports us to a utopian paradise!! In this array your last appeal has allowed assent for any dissent since there is a commitment towards other half (as a mark of loyalty) of having been possessed by……because the solemnized celestial affair of nuptial ties has been witnessed on earth…. & thus there is something common between them……but I recall the summation OF YOUR POETIC CALL….first WEEP, then THINK, then HUM, then SMILE, then GAZE, then GIGGLE…..cause it’s the same muntra….HAPPINESS
    BUT YOU CONCLUDE THE POEM DRIFTING TOWARDS COLORS WHICH AREN’T YOURS…why I can speculate & may be readers would be indulging so…..because it is other’s hue which is making you…..where it discloses your assets, ALL INTANGIBLE & YET PRICELESS…..SIMPLICITY COUPLED WITH SMILE & A STRIKING CORE….. I find a reference HYPERLINK “https://youtu.be/EnP7eT5bGUg” https://youtu.be/EnP7eT5bGUg but this song also fails to deliver the situation befittingly since the other half is equally responding in praising manner…..i think then this song may relate to the after effect of the COLORS & having painted the canvas duly and then the duo do indulge into happiness thereafter…. I leave it to readers & author to point any anomaly if I am wrong in selecting the song. A CALL FOR UNISON/to titter/to gleam in the sun/so why should there be any pain of parting away……………………………………………

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