I looked down from my balcony. Yes it was Ghosh Uncle, who was trying to tell the watchman and one of our neighbour, something. Now it was a routine, since Aunty expired six months back. The loneliness has changed him a lot, he now tries to catch hold of someone, who can spare time, to hear the tales buried deep inside his heart, about Aunty.

In my building on 17th floor, Flat no. 17C, they had weaved their nest with the main ingredient, love. Their love story starts right from the door, where a hand painted wooden name plate adorned the name,
with a very artistic flowery pattern. Below this another extended name plate is attached with his son’s and daughter- in- laws name and sketch of two kids holding hands, with names of their grand children. A very unique one, painted by Chayya Aunty, on request of Uncle.

We friends, use to go for evening walk, then usually chat sitting on the bench near the poolside and wait for the couple to come for a walk, just to see , what aunty is wearing that day. It was a common joke among us that instead of watching the young ladies, latest fasion trends, we wait for this retired old couple in their seventies, to walk on our building ramp. But yes, we could never deny that the best of handloom, cotton or tatth sarees were owned by her. Aunty always gave us the address of the shop, but we never got the same stuff, and Aunty would smile and say that the saree is bought by Uncle with love, so it looks so beautiful. Very light and appropriate matching accessories with the saree, a flower in her bun, she use to deck up for Uncle, as he liked that way.On the other hand, we the bunch of friends, use to take walk wearing the most comfortable plazzos, leggings, pants or pajama with kurties, hair tied in a ponytail at the back, with that bindass, who-cares-to-deck-up attitude.

The small Ganesha Temple in our building compound was managed by them. We use to insist Uncle, a very good singer, to sing and Uncle use to sing looking in Aunty’s eyes,” pal pal dil ke pass tum rehti ho……”, and Aunty use to blush like a teenager first time in love.

Right from a recipe to philosophy of life, we use to look at them for guidance.
Of late, there evening walks were restricted as Aunty was not keeping well. First started with fever, then lots of complication and unexpectedly she passed away six month back.

The very strong and confident uncle started breaking rapidly, the smiling face clouded with gloomy sadness. His supporting and caring family also couldn’t help him overcome his sorrow. And now this new mania overpowered him, he use to wail loudly sittting on the bench, where they use to sit, talk and giggle. His pain touched us all, infact we stopped sitting together after our walk.

Yesterday as I came down, I saw Uncle standing there, he came to me and said,”  You tie your hair nicely, so you can use this. Keep it.” He quickly handed me a hair clip and walked away so that I can’t say anything. Surprised I looked at him and then the hair clip, it was Aunty’s one of the favorite clip. Then I came to know that he was giving away all her visible things. I don’t know what this syndrome is called, but now he was in a stage where her things were haunting him. I came up holding the clip, very disturbed.

Evening as I was telling this to my husband, we could hear him again, wailing like a child, and his son persuading him to come home. My husband said,” Let me go and talk with Pratham(his son) about the anti-depression treatment, which may help Uncle to overcome the pain.” He went down and I sat with something hot flowing from my eyes. I looked up and said,” Aunty you both taught us what is real love, but now it is unfair of you to go up alone. Take him with you, he can’t live without you. Uncle is just a body now, who’s breathing. Please take him with you, make your nest again up there, be with him……”

The song from sony mix,” hamhe tum se pyar kitna yeh hum nahi jante, mager ji nahi sakte tumhare bina…..” made my appeal and tears more prominent.

Everyone says love hurts, but that is not true. Loneliness hurts. Losing someone hurts. Everyone get these things confused with love. Real love doesn’t care about body shape, old age, model looks or wallet size. It only cares about what’s inside.



12 thoughts on “THE HAIR CLIP (STORY)

  1. Everyone says love hurts, but that is not true. Loneliness hurts. Losing someone hurts. Everyone get these things confused with love…….

    This is the fact…. wisdom….Gospel Truth. …love some ONE… 2NO what it is

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    I have seen your mysterious ways to tell stories around life through the lifeless objects intercepted in our mundane existence…You did write about samosas, colors and you did find relevance in a hairclip too. You are really a sorceress and your wand is your device/pen…..kaalaa jaadoo of Bengal. In this anecdote you are highlighting the lonesomeness of a loving couple who is bewildered after the loss due to departure of one from the twosome. I think the pairing is one to one with common wiring in any relationship. Be it any duo, ….a father and a son, guru & his disciple and so on….but they are emotional & mental, however the relationship between couple when has intimate physical element hitting the extreme deific level then any withdrawal haunts and eventually longs for the company…..he/she then constructs his/her illusionary world by cherishing it. But tragically it requires an audience to witness their solemnized affairs through this recall. Seldom people have such audience around, I mean people don’t indulge so deep unconditionally with any one…..there are always some misgivings resulting into missing pieces of loyalty, trust, understandings, empathy, compassion, feelings, caring, sharing and so on, which this mundane world would not sum up as love….. But those who are into real know what all these pieces meant & shall mean.
    Harmonious vibes do intercept us whenever we enter into such dwellings where love is residing or has resided….and this has been said very well by describing the entry to the abode of ARUN & CHAYYA… I think coincidentally you chose the right pairing name…signifying for their being as complimentary existence….made for each other kind….thus….where there is light(ARUN) there is shadow(CHAYYA)…and any procreation from them has to be abhyyudaey….the other description with regards to dressing up signifies the choice of the duo that they were happy sporting it and the attire yet was not common, leaving a mark of graciousness & uniqueness. Such penchant does erupts when their going is unique….we all are aware of dragging life while maintaining the conduct of subtle nuances of decency in name of social responsibility…..which is truly hypocrisy if we are not same…..the other description of singing for his soul-mate reveals that their intimacy had extreme profoundness for each other, because if one can sing for his consort enchantingly then there has to be an unlimited bonding, else voice won’t be melodious & captivating.
    After this you are giving a spin to the saga of love….. The severed relationship & partition due to becoming deceased, is really pathetic. I remember one good song from ANAND ASHRAM HYPERLINK “” it has some semblance to your situation…..but this is other test of one of the soul-mate who exists after one’s departure…..we never know what might have been the grief of dying partner during such situations because it’s unheard, unseen, unfelt, unexpressed…..yet there is some bond still….. and thus you are that right persons like these have to be our guides. ….but these lines “…, infact we stopped sitting together after our walk.”… bit difficult to decrypt. But rest I am copying that Uncle had to mellow after his soul-mate’s demise….that pain & melancholy which was clutching Uncle is obvious. Bellowing or bawling under such circumstances is a vent to dispense the emotions.
    The best twist in the tale is with regards to the psyche of Uncle who resorts to give up the belongings of departed partner…. I think it was his way to manifest her living through others….maybe yes or maybe not ….maybe he was attempting to live for rest of his sojourn this way all unaided & without any recall…… I leave it to the reviewers to ascertain this as per their own perceptions…. The more you shall be speculating the more you would be introspecting & finally deporting to the plot of story. But your call in form of appeal & prayers do reveal the tenderness of your heart. You are ending story with Uncle still left all alone actually, but you have tried to fill the gap with your prayers/appeals & a company of his descendants. But in the end you are blowing shards of conditional love, affluence, power, position etc. actually you are imparting wisdom to your readers that lonesomeness gauges bonds of love and so does the togetherness……but the situation is dire when one is alone and has loved someone unconditionally. BUT IT WAS A HEAVY STORY. WRITE SOMETHING FOR JOY.

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