I believe He is there, keeps on sending constant strength and energy for everyone. Now it is upto us, how we decipher. Some say they are born believer and some say they are non-believer, but does it really matter? God is like Oxygen, you can’t see Him, but you can’t live without Him.
My name suggests the meaning, ‘Seeker of God’, and for me, He is the best listener, healer and comforter. He who kneels before God, can stand before anyone. Today on poetic Friday, serving you my poem, SEEKER.



I sometimes forget to walk,
Standing in the hollow shade, I only talk,
Words melt like the broken pieces of the prison lock,
But I can’t hear them, to my utter shock.

Rain pours with full intensity, making me drench,
I try to recall, what should be my strength,
Somehow I drag myself to the nearest bench,
I forgot to walk, does it make any sense?

Stretching my arms, staring like an insane,
But who will come to me in this heavy rain?
I again use my unheard words, but in vain,
Deep inside something pricks, maybe it’s pain.

Scared of thundering, shivering with fear,
I scream, you are watching, but why don’t you hear,
Get up, don’t drag, walk straight and come near,
You said this firmly, I doubt do you really care?

My ears can’t hear, and now I have lost my voice,
Inside me echoes, the harsh drum and unbearable noice,
You, I want only you, I can’t think of any other choice,
The wavelength between us is the perfect poise.

Hold my hand, be my ultimate guide,
Walk with me in this rain, side by side,
Let me speak only about you, day and night,
Let your flame shine within me, O divine light !!



30 thoughts on “SEEKER (POEM)

  1. Any relationship has a chemistry. .n it reverberates the pulsating motion to sluggishly dragging life….I comprehend that u had ur drenched association in this material world to ascertain the choice…..n I am sure u weren’t wrong for your timeline which made u wait quite long….Since despite u being in multitude of roles. ..u have 1 more unique role…n that’s U …your ownself….no need to walk e1….light has inflamed itself 4u …..thundering is a part of it….its lightening is plundering your infirmities. ..b calm…..sooth yourself n invigorated yourself…The dusk showed u to watch sanity…There wasn’t insanity in it…dawn gave a way…..but then this is a cycle….no one can rob ur choice….N mind it ….nothing goes waste….screaming with voice or silently n soulful all r heard……believe…as Divine is listening 2 u…whether U find it besides u or not…..its ur permanent integral part……It was n it shall b so till eternity..I pray almighty….
    But ur poetic command is becoming alarmingly intricate…Very difficult to decrypt. ….Keep posting….
    n I looking for an autograph from u

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    Power of believing has been unleashed by you in an exceptionally intricate and articulated way. If at all I could hear you reciting this poetic expression in person I would have been dumbfounded by your act… I am sure you have that clairvoyance too and it is too good, I would rather rate it best amongst its class/genre. Intricacy is so burgeoning that from anywhere to decode/decrypt your urge is really very challenging. I find it’s your amorousness with your Conqueror/Almighty, and I am sure I can’t be wrong…. After all you are seeker…..SUTAPA…. etymologically you are right and you are indulging divinely and piously to seek seeker. However your indiscriminate use of similes throughout poem has given the convoluted edge to your verse. The best thing is that you have analogously pointed towards your “Him” at par with the most vital need to subsist….that is you remove it and again take it or it comes to you inherently …a process of inhaling & exhaling without having any speculation for what is in store for next moment….yet you have it and live with it But I am sure you are signing in a big message by saying God shall be by the side of He who has knelt before Him. My my my..….this is very philosophical indeed.
    Very often your situation to forget walking signifies that you are attached somewhere so deeply with YOUR ALMIGHTY that you find HIM there where you got stuck up, and thus it really makes no sense to walk anywhere out then…. I mean then you are really relating to getting lost in a crowd even if you are standing alone….and probably you then unshackle yourself from being incarcerated further anymore. We copy illusion as readers, but the fact is that your attachment silences all noises into an orchestrated downpour enthralling you even to get soaked & wet thoroughly.
    I somehow remember the work done by Kalidas-Meghdootam… but here the rains have created a doubt with regards to your murky perception for YOUR-conqueror, but listen nothing goes unheard & I would like to correct you that what has pricked is not pain, its gain in disguise. Everything is God’s planning… unlike clouds as messenger, rains are your harbinger for truth, companionship, loyalty, joy & freedom. I mean here you are erringly having qualms over your DIVINE SEEKER. After all, all who are immortal do have some misgivings and thus I would be appalled if you seriously dwindle with the empathy what the CONQUEROR has. It is the poise of your CONQUEROR that HE rides on storm & rains, thunders, lashes & inundates your soul with existence of you yourself. HE thus knows that bit stooping before your divinity is a mark of HIS gratitude before this mundane world. HE might have darted before you as an earthling but HE is OMNIPOTENT and OMNISCIENT as well, I am sure HE has been watching you, hearing you and has full concern about your well-being.
    Sharing is caring and vice versa, this is the basic precept which I as a reader vouch because the poem is too too heavy for most of the readers. So don’t panic & feel bewildered or lost for the quest of choice. Intangible ownership is a word I term for your SEEKING pursuit. Tangible ownership is face value….you are already blessed with the phase value. I am sure you would hear HIS sound of call and HE restores your voice. HE is munificent and believe HIM……if there is your specific choice I pray that let it be ordained. Now since you have that access to HIM owing to your divinity, I doubt that rest won’t have resonance ever then……HE is already side by side and thus it is urged that you shouldn’t contradict your own opening words, AS YOU ARE NOT NON-BELIEVER…all you need is to put forth your sight….. I know that you are shimmering in this twilight…..BRIGHT BACK TO LIFE

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