Puja mania, puja enthusiasm, puja shopping craze, if you want to see, come to Kolkata now, before Durga Puja.

Happiness is in the air and you will drown yourself in the aroma of self-satisfaction.
As we were talking about this puja craze,  my friend proposed,” If you really want to enjoy this, let’s go to New Market. You can’t imagine how people shop with extra zeal and madness.You will start enjoying the drums in advance, once you reach there.”

I am back to Kolkata after many years. I was still wondering whether to accept her proposal or not, she came up with another tempting one,” I will take you to the best puchka (golgappa) shop there. Once you put the puchka in your mouth, it melts like butter leaving a sweet, sour, hot and exciting taste.”

This temptation was more than enough to inspire me, I immediately said, “Let’s go tomorrow. ” She laughed and said,” I knew, I had hit the arrow at the right place.”

Next day, at New Market, I was puzzled, amazed, in fact excited to see people shop like as if the shops are going to close the next day, forever. All sort of people, of all age group, happy, smiling, bargaining, eating……that positive happy energy started mesmerizing me.

Yeah…sometimes crowd can be a pleasure, sometimes in crowd you are not tired and you start enjoying the pleasure of the freedom of behaving, in your own terms.

Totally engrossed in shopping and hunting all sort of things, we didn’t remember that time was fleeting. Satisfied with the huge packets of goodies, we moved to the puchka shop, to satisfy our gastronomical buds. As we were melting with the pleasure of hogging puchka, I felt someone was saying something from behind. I saw a small boy, pointing towards samosa and asking for one. I told the vendor to give him a samosa, he happily grabbed it and ran away.

Done with our guilt pleasure of overeating,  we planned to go back home. At that time in the corner of the road I saw the same boy, sitting with four more kids, maybe his siblings, all sitting with military like discipline, waiting for the boy to distribute the single samosa among them. I watched them eat the small piece, of their share, blissfully. A sudden urge forced me to turn back to the shop, and get five samosas for them. As I handed it to them, their face suddenly started spreading with hearty happiness. The pleasure to get your desired thing unexpectedly, the joy of satisfaction, made them lift their hand and dance in tapori style. I had witnessed nearly all sorts of dances, but this dance of happiness was beyond comparision.

We had spend thousands of rupees within few hours, but the happiness I saw in their faces by spending only few rupees, was nothing in comparison to it, in fact it was an asset for me.

Back home, I closed my eyes and while recalling their faces I smiled, feeling all my nerves relaxed and calmed. The Puja drums and merrymaking were inside me with the message…….Happiness is contagious, spread it.😊



12 thoughts on “FIVE SAMOSAS (STORY)

  1. Yeah exactly. ..After a long time u have again advocated ur anthem….Happiness is contagious. ..spread it….actually Happiness is within ourselves. ..v unleash it thru being ourselves n manifest while petty things r accomplished. ..may b mostly intangible. …e1 tangible, if that’s not taxing in nature…. n this is a great fact that happiness is never found in striking a big deal because big deal transports u to bygone past or speculated future….. when we dwell in present v r happiest n r living the moment… It is never possible to b happy if v r missing the current moment. … The other dimension is deriving pleasure from others happiness….by sponsoring happiness to others….its a loan u sanction which is interest bearing n thus is reaped in swollen volumes unknowingly. ..but u need to b divine like mellowstorm…who can find this happiness…n its a gods planning to exploit chances like these…..U need to b skeptic to know n decipher the orchestra played by God…. U never know what other’s soul may impart…. this Happiness echoes n resonates n reverberates with Almighty’s dictum…. metaphysics is not contradictory to physics…. U give n u get back definitely …. The quantum n form may b different. …so indulge into living….. that enables to find life n resurrects ur own wilting life…….

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  2. 5samosas
    After my prologue I am feeling euphoric to post my epilogue… this post seems to be summon for me to the jovial season-pooja season due to this 5-samosaas & I was literally transported to Kolkata while reading it…. n today I have finalized to be there somehow during this pooja-2016 and pave my way to far flung pilgrimage to DIVINE SHAKTI, I have heard a lot n watched the repertoire on GODESS through electronic media & this has catapulted me to manifest the occasion anyhow. Similes with regards to aroma has triggered the olfactory senses on hi stimulus….n then the drowning happiness signifies yet ur gr8 dimension of writing…however the roaring drums have delivered the blasting percussion…n I am unbelievably amazed to find myself at a puchka stall by ur description…… from here I am saddened by the means available to street boyz….ur story has immense breathtaking capacity to melt ur readers.
    Dance of happiness is beautifully described n yes it is unparalleled by any stance during one’s euphoria. But I admire ur book-keeping knowledge of accountancy… a petty expenditure n its debit entry creating an invaluable asset despite having no real ownership and to the contrary heavy unwarranted expenditure creating no asset despite that u weren’t dispossessed of ur ownership…..gr8 …u need 2b philanthropic & benevolent to have such gratuitous acts.
    U deliver us a thought…..y cant v find happiness in else’s happiness….1 just need to b that contagious….. kudos to ur twist on samosa which lacked the chutney as per story for the savory… but u have served with full garnishing ….. salutes 2u o gourmet.

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  3. Very touching story❤️❤️This is real pooja celebration in my opinion.Bringing smiles to the face of these children is much more satisfying than shopping for ourselves !!!!Too good

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  4. Happiness is not a readymade thing. It comes from our actions. It doesn’t need big things to do, very small actions of ours can make others happy, as it has been portrayed in the story. Very simple thing presented in a very beautiful manner. Liked it very much.

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  5. A simple story with a strong message.You have showed that how a small act of kindness can bring joy on one’s face.It might be a small thing for us to spend a few bucks to buy some Samosas for the needy,but it means a lot to them.That Samosa they ate is a feast for them.The happiness which we get by making others happy is immeasurable.A very beautiful story of humanity.

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