In my balcony, this small sparrow was a regular visitor, then she came with her soul mate, they made their nest and four small sparrows emerged and ultimately they flew away as destined. The whole act gave me immense pleasure and balm to my soul. Sharing with you on Poetic Friday, my poem KHUSHIYO KE DOOT.

खुशियों के दुत


मेरे छज्जे मे रोज आकर बैठती थी, गौरैया वो नन्ही सी,
भाषा कहते थे हम दिल की, एक रिश्ता बहुत प्यारा सा ।
चाहत उसकी सिफ॔ कुछ दाने चावल के और पानी  थोड़ा सा,
रोज इंतजार रहता मुझे उसका, वो थी मासुम सी, भोली सी ।

एक दिन वो अकेले नही, साथ मे आई अपने साथी के,
प्यारा सा जोड़ा, मै मंत्रमुग्ध हो गई उनके सम्मोहन मे,
घासफुस का वो घोसला, चार अण्डे उसमे जिन्दगी के,
कितना सुंदर सपना, उन्होंने बुन दिया मेरी आंखो मे।


उस दिन सुरज जागा, नन्हे आवाजों के कोलाहल से,
रूह की बोली से, खुशियां दस्तक दे गई मेरे छज्जे मे,
सुधबुध भुल के, सम्भालने लगी मै उन्हें जतन से,
कितने ही नई रोशनी जगमगा उठे, सतरंगी ख्यालो मे।

पहली उड़ान बन गई उनकी, छज्जे के घोसले से अंतिम उड़ान,
आकाश को नापने, अपने मंजिल को छुने चल दिए,  कर सुनसान,
प्रकृति की यह अद्भुत लीला, देती है सबको पैगाम,
यादों को अपने अंदर रमने दो, बनकर सिर्फ मुस्कान ।

गौरैया कई बार बन जाती है जिंदगी की पुरख,
आईने मे देखकर अपनी ही बदलती हुए सुरत,
चुनो उसको जिसे तुम्हारी हो चाह और जरूरत,
खुशियों की होती है कई खूबसूरत सी मुरत।।



26 thoughts on “KHUSHIYO KE DOOT (POEM)

  1. So beautifully narrated lines!!!life is all about this.We are here with a purpose for a certain period of time.Our roles are written n we play them accordingly, life moves on n we become a part of the past.Sunder rachna ke liye dhanyawad🙏

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  2. From this verse it seems that you have psychic powers to read nature & extract the essence for life. Way back 5 samosas, they were instrumental in discovering HAPPINESS in petty things & now little chirruping ones have delivered you all the wisdom to stay back ENLIGHTENED after the never ever flight/return of those winged family. It soothed you to witness the nature’s play, is really appreciable since this seldom happens with all, as they lack the vision to foresee. We all watch this mundane world work, merry, toil, forget, sleep & just a routine, slipping all the ticked moments from point of no return. But the way you could extract this moment is just as combatting time…….its timelessness which you could conquer. I have been classifying your recent works deeply soaked into melancholy but now I feel that you could see then pain in others & then wrote these works. ….however in the instant case it’s you who owing to GIFTED VISION seen goodness and yet has learnt enough to be happy with other’s happiness….. I think it’s ultimate. U r proving that adage “ATITHI DAEVO BHAWAH” is applicable for tiniest creatures even…you are possessed with great COMPASSION…..and here the birdies are signifying through their flight the departure of our children towards their destiny.
    Birds do perch at most of our abodes creating more jovial surroundings & also fills the home with nature’s feel ….but seldom do we enjoy. Your poetic description displays that you were not only in habit of communicating with sparrows and but you enjoyed their company as a family. You were indulging into nurturing, caring, & did wait for her RETURN. But your psyche is so immensely & femininely tender that you have admitted it to extent that this birdie was a female…wow!!! And one day while waiting she comes with her SOULMATE….to multiply their nest full with life, enthralling you and making you HAPPY by seeding a dream in your live open eyes…..(I admire this expression as a reader). The twist as usual, which is your penchant, metamorphoses all your works/blogs into HAPPINESS DESPITE any desolation. But here there is no such situation described. All is about life, happiness & a way to admire MOTHER NATURE. I think that you rather have felt as a mother for these little beings, proud & happy and yet lost into their everyday chirruping happiness, with a sunshine & streak of glow on your own.
    Then as usual the story of any mother left alone with her accomplishment for having reared worthy children….needs to see her portions flying high towards their altitude and embarking for their call , may be someone else’s ledge, may be some other villa and usually NOT TO RETURN is bitterly EMOTIONAL….and yet HAPPILY narrated… while a cherishing mother is lost into her own endeavor of caring, loving, nurturing despite being unaccompanied summons HAPPINESS from the GOD’S OWN WILL over the cycle of birth, living & so on…redefines your great style of writing. But your reference to MIRROR has been disturbing to me as usual…you have used this word in few other works…..I ADMIRE IT BUT WOULD LIKE TO SAY THAT SOUL ITSELF IS THE BEST MIRROR…..anyone can fool others but not THEIR own self…..because there is a subtle node of SORROW in name of SPARROW…..I FIND YOU GIVING YOUR READERS A DIFFERENT SERMON…..this time by saying that this episode you manifested has delivered you the apparition of CREATOR/ALMIGHTY in disguise giving you further a way to look yourself over the declining days into mirror called soul/self….(local dialect adage …..apney mei he parmatmaa ka waas hae)….BUT LAST 2 LINES ARE GOLDEN PIECE OF WISDOM….i leave it to readers to speculate what they read & comprehend….because all will decipher their own intentions after having read it & few may chuckle, or fade away their smile, or seriously rethink what you are trying to say your readers……these lines are very simple yet no one can say & practice it because most of us are insecure in this material world. Thus choice is not a discretion but a duress…..and here you advocate exercise discretion, listen to your core which has a realm common to GOD……because HAPPINESS EXISTS IN MULTITUDINOUS FORMS FROM WHERE ONE NEEDS TO PICK UP THEIR CALL….. I think there are 2 parallel precepts written here. 1: on mothering & 2: on company of HAPPINESS….
    .. HYPERLINK “” I am attaching a good song with few portion commensurate to this poem….and do stop listening where the song derails.

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  3. Ye Khushiyon ke Dhoot
    Hamare Zindagi Mein Aate
    Bhar Jaten Hain Khushi
    Have you been following my blog. Actually I am waiting for one special to be my 500th follow. Today the number is 499. Maybe I may create a post on that. If you are not I welcome you to be so.
    I was rather happy browsing your blog.
    Aap Khushiyon ke Dhoot Hain.

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