At night, at the lamppost, we all have seen  the insects/flies, which lives only for a day, but they enjoy every moment of it. Morning, only their wings are found scattered below.
Patanga, Moth, Spark, May flies, it has got many names.On Poetic Friday, writing about her last destination, that’s the lamp post.
Life may be short, but to live every moment of it, is the sign of a happy being.



That was the perfect venue and ambience,
Music slowly tickling every sense,
Dance steps comforting from every tense,
Life was so smooth by his presence.

The moon smiled and she blushed,
The stars blinked and she said I must,
Be the precious memory which can never rust,
The joy swelled like balloon, never to burst.

No words, just the eyes spoke,
Pray let it not be a dream or a joke,
Let all the bubbles of happiness soak,
This was her ultimate and last hope.

The eternal dance was in her favour,
Every act made them more and more closer,
She whispered, let me go where peace ends never,
In his shadow she closed her eyes forever.

No matter, the life shows himself for a day,
Who can claim, forever they will stay,
Morning will witness shedded wings that lay,
Just enjoy every moment, however tough maybe the way!



23 thoughts on “THE ULTIMATE WISH (POEM)

    …………..the concluding line in the introduction you are writing …. “THAT’S THE LAMP POST. LIFE MAY BE SHORT, BUT TO LIVE EVERY MOMENT OF IT, IS THE SIGN OF A HAPPY BEING”….. Yes that is no different than being blessed by anyone who utters, “Be happy”. Earlier this I used to think O! What a discounted blessing…but it was till I was 27. Thereafter I could realize that it was actual blessing which any one should have….we actually stop living in the rat race called life, in pursuit of humdrum for petty goals and stop being happy. Life is actually for something more. But I still advocate that there is a common theorem between science & metaphysics. Since I am not a biologist I can’t state more in those terms, hitherto I can say that these insects are nocturnal creatures yet they need light. We are aware of other creatures that are nocturnal yet they would like to be in dark & they have that vision to see in darkness, for this they have that adaptability to see in dark. Humans are not nocturnal & thus Almighty has not aided us with night vision. However if these flies do appear in night & yet require to be in vicinity of light then there is some inherent requirement of light. If we contemplate deeper we get that may be it is vital for their life cycle. Now what attracts these tiny flies towards such lights is beyond my comprehension…. Because lot of flies we do find trapped inside the bucket of light…..questioning how they could make an entry inside the lamp cover & RIP in its clutches. But if we see that someone dies in a generic sense, it dies amidst its innate requirements. And if these flies die along a lamp post then there is an undeniable requirement to be with such light-posts. But here you read & narrate a different verse as observed while seeing this nature as compared to those little sparrows. There it was wisdom for all, but here you have unleashed a desire as poetess THAT DEATH IS INEVITABLE, THEREFORE LIVE TO FULLEST DESPITE ALL AGONIES….. Your thought process is freely flowing towards salvation.

    Poetic lines have the essence of rhyming words in the end of each lines & that requires one to be more careful to deliver the expression worth captivating. But your opening portion pivots cherishing past, & this is really intriguing. I mean is the light switch put to off, a fly can never leave such lamp post & neither it can put the switch off…thus how can be anything related to PAST? The second portion of the poem goes well balanced, opulently making clear what the WISH is….and it’s again cherishing of the memories. But again the third portion is recalling of the haunted memories…probably not being cherished now, since it’s expressed that HOPE also couldn’t be materialized….hope which did build after running into & whisking HAPPINESS…..creates the twist in the verse. And this is your knack to catapult a sharp turn towards…..sometimes you don’t even know what you are endearing.

    Finally there is a communication about homogeneity with ceaseless amity in inseparability….after having twirled and all other endeavors for divine relationship along with this LAMP-POST. But the lines on shutting down of the senses are bit too unnerving us as a reader and that too with a contrasting simile…. (In his shadow she closed her eyes forever…. It’s quite bizarre to perceive shadow of light….do you mean that LAMP-POST too has lost it light or what is very speculative) Light is persistently eternal from post & the life of wish maker is too small (the fly). All have been writing on such flies, but what if that LIGHT-POST also was in need of some fly….no one has ever thought…as if LIGHT-POST may never have any feelings…..if ever you can write on LAMP-POST then think that way also. It’s like a bias for short lived creatures, but what about other ones with longevity???

    You are no doubt advocating living every moment given, but what about the crux delivered in the concluding lines. …but probably I copy and overrule my own misgivings that actually LAMP-POST also lived for a day only… you have blown away every facets & attributes of the LAMP-POST…may be I am wrong to read….AND thus if I am right then the LAMP-POST stands still traumatized in the day light when its own light is inadequate to light…..but it stands to see the remains of deceased near its side who flocked it side by side whole night. ……you should have been a philosopher…. I PRAY NOTHING SHOULD BE LOST.

    FOLLOWING ARE few songs which deal with such flies & light & they do express some philosophy in melody… readers are requested to read which fits to their frequency HYPERLINK “” then HYPERLINK “” then HYPERLINK “” then HYPERLINK “” ….. They will give other dimensions too.

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    • I salute your art of going line to line and concluding the poem in all possible way. Here shadow of lamppost, is the shadow of his warmth, his care and affection. It is the personification, which made the poem possible. Thanks a lot for liking the poem !

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  2. A different analysis:

    Some entomologists believe moths zoom toward unnatural light sources because the lights throw off their internal navigation systems. Moths didn’t evolve around bright lights, after all; they evolved at a time when all the light on Earth came solely from the distant sun, moon and stars. In a behavior called transverse orientation, some insects navigate by flying at a constant angle relative to a distant light source, such as the moon.

    But around man-made lights, such as a campfire or your porch light, the angle to the light source changes as a moth flies by. This confuses it. “The thinking is that they become dazzled by the light and are somehow attracted,” said Jerry Powell, an entomologist at the University of California, Berkeley, who specializes in moths.

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