With festivals and busy schedule, just couldn’t makeup my mindset to write. Now I am back on Poetic Friday with this poem for my daughter, whose birthday was in first week of the month. Hope you will reciprocate my feelings if you are a parent, or the doting child of your parent. Here goes my poem ‘TEMPLE OF HEALING ‘.



The drops of words revealing
A special pearl in the ocean of feelings
She spreads happiness like ultimate ceiling
Giving my life an exquisite meaning
She makes me write…..
She is my temple of healing !

The sparkle in her eyes
Mischievous grin like the angel from the sky
Her presence makes the family tie
Like the bouquet of roses fresh and bright
She makes me write….
She gives me the wings to fly !

Sometimes she is the baby in my arm
Sometimes she preaches like a saint, so calm
She is the achiever with poise and charm
She can heal anyone from hurt and harm
She makes me write…..
She is the best lines of my palm !

When low and down, I pretend to be energize
All says, perfect strength and energy, you symbolize
But she reads my mind and the truth she spies
You need rest, comes her firm piece of advice
She makes me write……
She is the windchime of my life !

My daughter, my angel, my pride
I want to protect her and fight
From the evils hidden or on sight
I pray for the blessings on her of the divine light
She make me write….
She is the treasure of my delight
She is the first ray of my daylight
She is the blessing of my life !!