Their whole life a couple spends, to build up a beautiful paradise, but as the old age approaches, often, certain ailments and circumstances forces them to leave their nest and settle with their children. This pain of the couple and the isolated house, are the dart of my poem ‘Come Back Again’. I pray for all the couples to be healthy, fit and fine, and to enjoy their life’s blessings.




The gate creaked with an unusual pain,
As, slowly I pushed it open from the chain,
Oh, long time, no see, how come you in this lane?
You know everything, I whispered bit ashamed.

It’s my parents house, where every vacation, visit was a must,
The furniture now covered with cloths, with a topping of dust,
The memories of golden days, which has started to rust,
Made my channel of emotions, to blow in gusts.

Those were the days of laughter, merriment and joy,
Aroma of mom’s delicacy, from the gate, we use to enjoy,
Dad’s blooming garden never failed to deploy,
Where are they, the walls , windows, furniture and all, inquired.

Both sick now, don’t stay in this house anymore,
No one to blow the conch shell like before,
The fruits and flowers no more show up in galore,
All miss them, as each other, they use to adore.

It’s our home, it can’t be a forgotten paradise,
Mom Dad get well soon and again fill the place with life,
We all will dine and laugh, and will listen to your advice,
Come back, old age can’t be the price to sacrifice.

If it is destiny, I still have a complain,
If it is a challenge, I accept all the pain,
May the healers bless, let my prayers not go in vain,
God let them be well, to come back again.
Come back again…….



24 thoughts on “COME BACK AGAIN (POEM)

    It seems to be a wish of the poetess to be with her parents may be ailing & if not then might be they are in their in advance age or may be the concern for them to repay her debts dutifully by extending the care. It is true that the coherence between family members and affinity, emotional attachments & motives behind it, forthcoming family challenges, cost of living, locations, occupational arrangement & bread winning stresses have redefined the combined family setup in India & thus these emotional conflicts do tear apart young couples physically & mentally from their senior couples. But it is truly said that old age is like another childhood, thus this wish to see parents is beautifully rendered in poetic rendition “COME BACK AGAIN”. I have felt personally the pain to dress a helpless senior man especially if he is cynical, but to the contrary all have enjoyed dressing their toddlers & children…..because in this they see their future and with parents they only relate an agonizing past. And therefore I admit that if there is no coherence then there is a segregated paradise & hell in one family unit…’s a temple of doom with intermittent happiness & gloominess….……all of them yet are living in their WAITING ROOMS…seniors waiting for their undertaker & younger ones torn in between yet, do wait for flowering or some respite & lastly the juniors imbibing, inculcating from young ones & seniors and thus wait to break free….this is a COLD STORAGE…..meant for living dead. All then certainly reflects how the family was born & what shall be the end of younger ones when juniors takeover……I thus salute your spirit to have such desire to see your parents…..alas! if all could have the luxury of an appeal, wish….COME BACK AGAIN…..because after they aren’t anymore we just can’t replenish their gaps…….& then often it’s too late to be even remorseful…..however what you say/pray that, let the pair be healthy, fit & fine…..then that’s ABSOLUTE.

    Beautifully chiseled your own soulful voice….then gate creaking in pain…..takes readers to imagine the pinnacle of desperation felt with poetess….confirming that gate too was in WAITING for this visitor who happened to visit this home after long pause…….your poem makes it apparent that old age home has its weary & dreary couple’s mind, heart & eyes transplanted to the gates with poignant voice to greet their children at the doorstep once their children step out of gate to see another world…. The opening stanza has this essence….following this is the nostalgia and shows how reminiscent you are in recalling the hues of memories concealed with dust which are fading and caving in.

    The gate has been idolized in this poem as a threshold which is the periphery where seniors have marked their presence in continuity… nurturing, teaching, caring, providing, protecting since their youthful days thereby creating leeway for juniors to become youthful within it. This gate has therefore alike every abode’s definition left a distinct mark for any family name which is revealed in piecemeal to the visitors, be it playful days, blossoming yard, pampering from parents, food for life or arranging fixtures adorning the abode within. The poem hereafter takes you towards the senior’s positions, who have actually mellowed over a period of time and who have now got incapacitated due to health or ageing……and thus the lines there in poem tells how visitor is deluged and is clutched with the emotional tornado.

    But before concluding the poem there is a good call and a prayer to the DIVINE ALMIGHTY through this poem so that age is defied and the abode is restored to its glory and life. You have glorified your lamentation resplendently with an urge to relive the past….but it has intrigued me where & when did you disobey your parents, because I think you weren’t disobedient if you can unveil such good emotions of yours for your parents……such thought don’t prevail in disobedient lot….however I cast AMEEN to your wish so that you can believe that PRICE TO SACRIFICE IS NOT AGEING BUT THERE IS A REWARD IN FORM OF YOU TO YOUR PARENTS.

    I WISH YOUR PRAYERS ARE HEARD SO THAT YOU COULD SEE YOUR SENIORS WITH YOUR OWN SENIOR EYES THE YOUTHFUL SENIORS OF YOURS……I mean you relive your past again on the lap of your parents……believe in prayers, they happen provided you have the faith…..and this deems COME BACK AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN……..

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  2. I got it..
    Your name please…
    I always want to address the person of the blog, so please…
    ‘Come Back Again’ is a very touching poem. Its been the story of many households now in India and the world as well.
    You are so right to say that in your introduction of this post.
    The words in the poem recall memories of the past childhood.
    The asking of the good health of the parents.
    I was very impressed by your thoughts here.
    This is the state, I have sen personally so many parents move and they become unhappy. It scares.
    Spread the word, let the children know what are the feelings of their Dad & Mom.
    Fondest Regards,

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