It’s my first day of the quote challenge. I have been nominated by Ranjeeta and I am so happy to accept it.

I want to thank Ranjeeta (atrangizindagieksafar) for nominating me for this challenge. Please check her blog, she is a good writer and author of the book ‘MANN KI AARZOO’.

Rules of the challenge __
1. Three quotes for three days.
2. Three nominees each day (no repetition ).
3. Thank the person who nominated you.
4. Inform the nominees.

Today’s  quote—


The inspiration you seek is already within you. Be silent and listen.

Don’t you also feel the same……hearing in silence……it’s mesmerising….

My nominees are—

Letters of life

They are all beautiful and well written blog. Please do check them.

Thank you. Have a nice day !


19 thoughts on “3 DAYS 3 QUOTES, DAY 1

  1. I express my gratitude to Mellow Storm for having nominated me in this pursuit. I wish that you would face this challenge comfortably and happily. I pray that this chain would link up enormously into a very big size.

    My 3 quotes
    1…The more one suffers the stronger they become.
    2… after a dark spell there’s a brightness inevitably
    3… There is no way towards happiness, happiness is the way.

    My 3 nominees are
    Rising hawk d.vak@earthling.net
    Amitav chowdhury amitavchowdhury.WordPress.com
    Leyla 6leyla@gmail.com

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  5. I have also done this three day three quote challenge.
    These words of Rumi some how or a little say of my post. ” Silence Speaks”


    In the Challenge I had created my own Quotes, OK, I shall give here the links for you.

    If you have the time go through.
    I shall come again to you.
    Fondest Regards,

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