Does everyone wear a mask? 

I am not sure, but perhaps sometimes. And when someone claims he/she wears a mask always, how should one react?  I want to know….want you to connect with my poem (mask)……Does a mask really justify its existence or it’s just an illusion of mind and words….


To reveal the truth, whenever she ask,
He say it’s a real herculean task,
As on the spotlight where he bask,
He always prefers to wear a mask.

He kneels and says, you are the best,
He winks to show others, the fool in his nest,
You give, so I take, is the answer of her quest,
It’s the mask, above his shoulder which rest.

Protecting his treasure, he pops out of his shell,
Loaded with shallow promises and plastic assurance, as well,
To write on her blank slate with invisible gel,
Like a crossroad with no signpost, the mask suits well.

She walks on broken glass off guard,
Feeling like dead fish stinking in the shore like coward,
Her pain claws through vocal cords,
How can he wear a mask and guess her like tarot cards?

Quite whispers, cold breeze and fake illusion,
Sad little truth, his game with life is still on,
Candlestick is burning out, don’t be such a glutton,
Stop wearing the mask, between the twilight and the dawn.

She is the tree of warmth, not the polished bonsai,
Let his real person underneath, expose and dignify,
Speak from the heart, stand for her and be her samurai,
Rip off the mask or better say goodbye. 
Rip off the mask or better say goodbye.


39 thoughts on “MASK (POEM)

  1. Crafted exquisitely with words drenched from ink buried in heart….unveils the thought process how mask can be perceived. …give me time to express assuming I am the poet on this page. ..

    Punch lines are etching deep. …rip off the mask….and an appeal. ….but many words are beyond my comprehension. ….I think I need to mask and then read….then remove and then again read it……till then wait

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  2. I think we all wear masks to a certain degree, at some point, don’t we?

    write on her blank slate with invisible gel, … I like this line. There is a story to be read between the lines. Well told. Have a great week. Smiles xx

    Quite whispers, .. quIET whispers ?

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  3. Btw ! I did wear a mask when I wrote my first Book : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara at 63 . That’s the reason probably it’s in 16 countries , 118 libraries India , 3 in USA . Hope to see you read my book too , & review it without wearing a mask , as masks are deceptive 🙂

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  4. The mask is worn when there is pollution on highway. ….mask is worn when doctors do operate to avoid infection ……mask is worn by Jainis as a matter of principle. ….mask is worn in general when epidemic alert is sounded……mask is worn by burglars or miscreants to avoid identity……mask is worn by tourists during safari in a storm or when sun is dispatching scorching rays……..mask is a protection, shield or defense ……so the utility is enough to condone anyone who wears for long…’s always with some reasons or not even that…..then just an attire.

    Mask is thus meant for being pretentious or way for masquerading or for flaunting an illusion…..with this regards your perception with illusion of minds or words is correct. This song would lead on the perspective of a male who is pragmatic in his approach to fathom that mask is nothing but some strange attribute which is revealed unexpectedly. ……however this situation is in parlance of romance…..who meets someone who is veiled better than him behind mask.

    This hindi song goes into another aspect as perceived by females on wearing a mask…..where the agony is that of an Indian cultured woman who is into turmoil over the camaflouge geared to survive by her partner…the grief is obvious….and is with regards to missing eventually someone nearest and dearest. ……. the realisation about mask can confound or give rise for some misgivings to anyone once when counterpart has become totally transparent and that one half has given its soul, spirit and itself which sums up as existence…..the grief is obvious as even if it is admitted that still something remains……I doubt that nothing remains hereafter …….the mask may be evil need but it may perplex anyone if mask is integrated perpetually. …..acquainted persons would crave for the face-off….. but something refrains both the parties…….under duress.

    Zeroing on the poem ….initial 3 portions significantly describe the deception endured and agonies sustained jeopardising the existence which have been excruciatingly painful……yeah the basic picture drawn is that of getting dumped….I had sought some time to write on mask so that meanwhile I could have worn the mask and could have commented aptly but I am deterred to realize that the poem is on some strong antipathy which is rendered here against wearing of the mask. BUT I HAVE A PROBABLE REASON THAT MASK CAN BE A STIPULATION IF ONE HAS TO HIDE HIS DISABILITY OR EMOTIONS else he may circumnavigate interrogator or resort to be dumbfounded even.

    But if at a cost of gullible partner the other side exploits someone so that he can bask into glory…..or if he spoils the existence for sake of pleasure or is selfishly concerned about his sake or loads in words and leaves her on a crossroad or is as casual as handling deck of cards then very obviously he is wearing a mask to decline any confrontations. Mask is very much propped over his shoulders and isn’t just tied to his head then…….

    Poem asserts that soulful situation is bound to develop which may mellow the strongest one into intimidated one. What you write thereafter is obvious that piercing pain can ruin the voice…..all that gestures of reciprocation would disintegrate her more if she recalls the togetherness. Reading between the lines yield that there has been enough of irked state of mind undergone by the character of this poem that is torn apart by the misleading acts……what all she could lament has been beautifully etched amid the lines so that the readers may extract the feel/emotions/guilt/honor/pride as per their own instincts…’s a beautiful work which unveils anyone as it has that power to strip anyone compulsorily………I do conclude that grieving soulful voice has ostensibly made it clear that character of the poem isn’t a commodity-give & take sort or available thing or one which can be publicly humiliated for no reason….because she has that empathy & compassion towards existence for sake of dignity…..which seems to be missing in the boy …….AND THEREFORE THIS APPEAL WRITTEN IN THE CONCLUDING LINES SEEMS TO BE JUSTIFIED WHICH ARE AS HEAVY AS SLEDGEHAMMER FOR ANY MASKED MAN OR ALTERNATIVELY AS SOULFUL CRAVING AS DIVINE PRAYING FOR ANY CARING MAN……

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    • What an amazing review. … It’s really heart touching the way you read and analyse every word and story behind it….Thank you so much for your appreciation and encouragement!


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