Saw an old classic movie today. The heroine waits her whole life, for an imaginary magical person, who will come and change her life forever…

Do we all wait for such an angel? Can someone really step in and make the life a perfect dream come true?
Walk with me, along with the poem, and feel the vibration of desires, which is so different….

  शिशिर तुम कब आओगे

यूं ही उड़ते जा रहें है पल, उड़नखटोले पर होकर सवार, 
इंतजार लेकिन खत्म नहीं होगा, मत ढ़ाओ तुम कहर,
खुशीओं के कपोल बन गए है, मेरे मन का आहार, 
मौसम हंसकर कर रहा है, मीठा-मीठा सा प्रहार ।

शिशिर तुम कब आओगे….

खुली आंखो के सपने सोने नहीं देती,
बोझिल आंखे जागने नहीं देती,
कुछ इसी कशमकश में मैंने बुझा दी बाती,
और मेरी बातों में तुम्हें उलझा दिया, ओ मेरे साथी ।

शिशिर तुम कब आओगे ….

सांसों के इस पिंजर को, 
सम्हलने के लिए मत कहो,
चहकता है हर हाल में, साथ तुम्हारे जो,
तुम्हे रगो में शामिल किया जुनून की तरह, ही तो।

शिशिर तुम कब आओगे …

एक सोच जो लय और ताल का सृजन करता है, 
एक उम्मीद जो खुशबू की तरह तुम्हें और मुझे जोड़ता है,
जो मेरी रूह की आवाज बनकर, मुझसे ही मिलता है, 
तुम मेरी वो कल्पना हो, जो हकीकत का चोंगा पहनता है।

शिशिर तुम कब आओगे …..

ख्वाब अगर परिपूर्णता का सबब है,
उम्मीद अगर प्राणशक्त बन रग रग मे समाता है,
तो शिशिर तुम कभी भी मत आना, 
इस इंतज़ार को बनने दो पराकाष्ठा का पैमाना ….

शिशिर तुम कब आओगे ……




  1. Beautiful pictures, but I have to admit, waiting for someone else to rescue you doesn’t sit well with me. Sleeping Beauty may have had a Prince Charming to rescue her, but most of us don’t.

    We need to realize the person with the most power to make positive change is us.

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  2. As usual there is lot of food for thought in this work …its your beautiful way to express feelings of your subjects. …it may be painful to anyone for waiting so long ….but some or other day the dream is fulfilled. ……..yes dreams are seeded only to be ordained. …it works…


    I dont know how this worrisome situation can fuel anyone…..Kindle …pep up… BEYOND IMAGINATION…n this is pinnacle of extremes …..N THEN finally u r still concerned n concluding when the tryst would happen. ……

    Soliciting time to comment with finer details. …..till then …wait for this paraakastha. ……

    HAPPY NEW YEAR. …2017…..N 2018….2032

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    • This poem is about an angel, for whom we wait our whole life, to come with a magic wand and make everything perfect. Actually the angel is within us, who motivates us to do our best. So in the last paragraph, the urge, not to come ever, is simply because to let the wait make us more perfect. Once the wait will be over, we will depend on the angel to use his magic wand.
      Thank you so much for going deep to feel the poem.


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    Please follow me again, and I regret the inconvenience caused to you.
    From My Theory.

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    The poem solicits invitation to sense the vibration of longing(s), & it is so beguiling that difference is handled through the illusion & fantasy weaved by the presence of such imaginary somebody. The introduction is providing for the genesis of the thought which made you pen such made-up man. If it was acknowledged which movie was depicting such cravings and also the possibilities of making dreams coming true, then that recourse could have enabled your readers to point exactly what you intended through this poem. May be this is the reason it’s still beyond my comprehension what you could have intended while jotting such pensive lines. And then the 2 pictures of leafless trees signify a lot…….THEY AREN’T LEAFLESS OR LIFELESS THEY ARE FULL OF EMBRYONIC LIFE. 1 tree is standing in serene surroundings & seems to be unruffled, while another 1 is purposefully displayed in last and is portrayed withstanding the extremes or is striving to pop out of the shackles & vagaries with intense countenance of longings to come out and make the tryst happen somehow…….maybe I am true may be others may perceive their own instincts…. & yet they may be honest and true to decrypt your code….BUT WALKING ALONG WITH YOU STARTS FROM HERE……. LET ME ACKNOWLEDGE YOU MY PULSATIONS……SHE CAN STILL AFFORD TO WAIT…………
    Opening lines do construe to me that everything is going conducive to the expectations of the soul in waiting and yet she is accepting & resonating with the cycle of climate which is enough to ensure ostensible slipping of time and with this apparent pain & loss of time is also signified……….BUT…… SHE CAN STILL AFFORD TO WAIT….this goes with the composure of the tree depicted initially.
    Agonizing lines have been rendered hereafter signifying that it wasn’t a delusion for her, since dreams are creation of imagination during our unawaken state. However if one is waiting then there has to be an exchange of assurance between them, which defies day or night……OR TIME, APTLY…,….resulting into awaken state. It may certainly then diffuse the interphase of time eventually disregarding the light of lamp meant to ward off evil darkness or so called anxieties & misgivings. But there seems to be something very sequestered about the parleys between duo, and that is what could have stunned this man to put his move on hold and therefore consequently she has put off the lights of hope…….yet…….amidst darkness SHE CAN STILL AFFORD TO WAIT…… SIMPLY WOW COMES TO MY HEAD………….(I THINK THE PIVOT OF THE POEM IS HERE… “aur meri baato mei tumhe uljha diya, o mere saathi……” this I suspect TO BE CAUSE OF ACTION…….this is to be the punch given through the poem……WHICH HAS BEEN EXPRESSED LUCIDLY IN LAST LINES WITH FINE CONNECTION….…& this is why there is a PERPETUAL NODE……SHE CAN STILL AFFORD TO WAIT……after each gesture into poetic narration)
    After sore served to the readers through above lines there has been a beautiful dash spurted which steers the poem to right balance of emotional distress. This is about recollecting the ecstatic parleys between the duos which unveils the order for predilection towards this man (so called angel by most of the readers). Here while reading, “SHE CAN STILL AFFORD TO WAIT”…..(shishir tum kab aaogay) gives readers the warmth of compatible pairing between them……and enables us to decipher that their togetherness is one common entity…..and probably their distance would mean nullity thereby, where after which there is an eventual dire need to be lost forever…….
    It’s true that any compatibility would signify coherent bond worth enough to generate the harmony with common melody & rhythm……and enough for resulting into perfect chemistry. Interpreting about such unison to this threshold is OK where whiff is invigorating life with every breath she is taking, is quite certain & evitable & imaginable……but the declaration of this imagination as realty having worn a MASK is bit mystifying me……is it still referring same person or person is signifying still someone else….IS PERPLEXING……because the duo were meeting soulfully in the same way as was imagined……BUT what this MASK could be hasn’t been penned to unveil…… Readers are thus bit stranded & unattended with the conceived pattern of unison as described poetically……the last TREE ILLUSTRATED SEEMS TO RUN INTO HER….despite all constraints……… a song can support his state of mind ( HYPERLINK “” … I mean I feel like doing some justice to him while writing this comment) and with all this there still is a call……SHE CAN STILL AFFORD TO WAIT……..the perpetual yearning……
    But answers to all our questions which arose are concluded in appeasing manner…….SINCE THE CONNECTION IS LAID SOMEWHERE IN EARLY LINES ……..WHEREIN THE IMAGINARY ENTITY IS ASTOUNDED DUE TO CERTAIN QUERIES PUT FORTH TO THIS MAN BY HER….….“aur meri baato mei tumhe uljha diya, o mere saathi……”. Either imaginary entity has not ceased to meet her or the realty is known to her or that realty has accepted her yet she is waning or that there are constraints on both the sides…..possibilities are known to the intention of soul & pen of the author……but what is picked up by me as reader is that she is happy still to wait & cherish this missing entity…..because by mere cherishing THIS MAN her feelings are pulsating enough to RESURRECT THE LIFE IN HER. ……..A BIG WOW CAN BE FROM SUCH BEWILDERED IMAGINATION FOR COMMONS LIKE US….OR FEW MAY RIDICULE HER IN SUCH SITUATION…..BUT….TO THE CONTRARY WITH SUCH AFFECTION (shiddat), IMAGINATION ITSELF PROVES TO BE THE FUEL TO HER TO SUBSIST…….QUESTION ARISES IF WE SHOULD deprecate this imaginary entity……BUT SALUTES TO THE COURAGE, TENACITY & ENDURANCE OF THIS DIVINE LADY WHO can wait longer …..cause by waiting only she is rejuvenating herself alternatively……..however salutes TO HER….she has to be divine as she still hangouts for the call……THE CALL OF HER ENSHRINED MEMORY….SHE CAN STILL AFFORD TO WAIT……. And wait & wait & wait…… I dedicate one apt linking song to this plot of poem HYPERLINK “” kindly listen you as well rest of the readers.
    ….mellow storm had I been Lord Bramha, there wouldn’t have been such painful cravings, a very good poem indeed. IT WAS NICE WALKING WITH YOU THROUGH THIS POEM the pulsations were invigorating life differently….

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