We all live and we all die, but in between, life waits to see the best of us…the person who can fight for himself, who can express and who can care, who is not a slave and who can stand and say…Yes, I am the blessed one.



The seed sown was deep asleep
The rain whispered and made him peep
Silence in the soul was absolutely deep
Awake dear seed, show your face and leap.

Let the thoughts creep up like fire bush
Let the aroma of wet land be guide to perfect outputs
Let the knot in the heart convert into free brooks
Let it not be suppressed by mean term and looks.

Once awake and once fully alive
Cry like a newborn and prove you can survive
Choose the best nectar from that busy hive
Sing the song of your love, which gives you the drive.

Life when grow from the seed
To a healthy plant, not unwanted weed
Time to sneeze the fear, which was imbibed deep
Warm fuzzies is the only food, you are supposed to feed.

Seed to plant and back again to seed
We can’t stop the cycle of divine breed
But we can hold it to breathe and succeed
To prove that we are sure-enough human indeed.



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  1. Nemo says:

    …….Seed to plant and back again to seed
    We can’t stop the cycle of divine breed
    But we can hold it to breathe and succeed
    To prove that we are sure-enough human indeed……… CONCLUDING LINES HAVE DECRYPTED ENCRYPTED LONGINGS…. I pray almighty that few souls despite undergoing through their acid test can ensure that the best of their progeny is harboured through their unshakable faith .. imbibed values.. bonding.. caring… and all that is quintessentially crucial to pop a seed… abhyudaey…. THE ONE WHO JUST AROSE … just germinated…. I need more space hereafter again to ponder… my work is yet to complete the marking of commenting. ….. for he who arose is unstoppable. … any born may be into peril… but that dissappears to appear somewhere… since its MY ABHYUDAEY

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    1. mellowstorm says:

      Thanks Rajesh for your great words and yes, those who arose, germinate or take birth have to follow the cycle. These simple understanding makes so much meaningful attributes to our lives.


  2. Awesome words penned and thanks for the beautiful share

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    1. mellowstorm says:

      Thanks kamal for liking and appreciating it!

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  3. Rajan Michael says:

    Really heart touching poem. Yes seed must die to give new birth, a new life and everything new.

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    1. mellowstorm says:

      Thank you Rajan, for liking the poem!


  4. Nemo says:

    HINDU EPIC MAHABHARTA renders that soul exists in perpetuity…. Nothing can mutate it to wither …all it would be doing is that of taking up of a new form to mark it’s the then present existence. Then this allows us to ruminate that there is something of having a life to discharge its significance in that very existing form until it is liberated from shackled life cycles of a particular soul. This vents the genesis of one such life cycle amongst any of its form to habitat then. Certainly most of the forms have limitedly developed faculty for cognitive activities, thinking, feeling, emotions, empathy, compassion…. But it’s only the human form endowed by the almighty to do its best or ultimate as per its cognitive competence. This competence then maneuvers the humans to be fallible or infallible. And now that the soul has germinated and acquired its infancy, then the path of life cycle towards deceasing itself shall go through many stages….. And we are aware of many tenets to be inculcated through scriptures and mentoring as done by surroundings. MELLOWSTORM urges through her verses that BEST CAN ONLY BE HARNESSED INTO US, IF WE MAKE OURSELVES BLESSED. BUT SHE HAS BEAUTIFULLY REDEFINED BLESSINGS ….. It deems that we ought to be WARRIOR no matter what …since we would succumb before death and lose to it ONE OR OTHER DAY TILL UNDERTAKER COMES FOR THE ENTITY, yet ….but between life and death the war has to be waged against all hardships, trials & sufferings….. But the poetess has added two more riders for combatant. These are: there has to be no willy-nilly services for caring, mothering, loving… it has to be full of compassion else the grudge would strangulate you within and the individuality of soul would scuffle with the mind… floundering entity would thus never be a free soul. The monotony of services rendered for caring, mothering, loving becomes services if it is expected from the touchstone of reciprocal obligations or duties. Such philanthropic acts can’t be duties, since duties are performed under duress and obligations…..not very much distinguished from slavery therefore. From first rider only germinates the second one, enabling the entity to stand up upright & express explicitly that its inning is/was full of contentment. Yes no one could disentomb the remorse from their within then, since it rendered the significance of its cycle from which it germinated and for which it germinated actually. Sutapa you are going too divine… your sermons are enshrined in the cantos but you have spilled everything in the launch.
    The poetic lines on seed; I construe it to some form of energy, which has immense latent potentials and thus it needs someone or some surroundings (soul-mate, partner, lover, parents, mentors, gurus…..) which can unleash the power vested within mundane existence into purpose of significant existence. The second verse deals with the role of surroundings for nurturing such entity……& to which your invoking is quite remarkable & crucial……which is with regards ideal substratum. This portion deciphers that one needs dependable association being a combatant. I am pleased and relieved to decrypt this that you vouch poetically that it can then enable cognitive abilities, output, heart & freedom. In simpler terms all impediments do get cleared off.
    You are a female and a mother too and your blog introduces you that mellow-storm also is your another baby through caesarian process. I wonder why not more babies….because the third section gives an insight of the motherly experience after her labor to deliver a soul and the pride derived after having heard the cry. Yes for grownups a soulful cry is silent yet loud enough to shake those who have the concern. This cry isn’t a whining or grumbling…..but it certainly marks assurance to the confidante association to team up and live/sail for rest of their life and towards their destinies. This teaming up eventually is ambrosia to be consumed and is an enchanting tune to be heard….. What else anybody would wail for then.??? This is the perspective for leading the significant existence towards waging of the combat. Fourth stanza also earmarks aptly about the freedom/independence of maturity/robustness. In all ways it has marked the impression that this state of existence is free from captivity, full of pride & content and is really enjoying blessings of liberation within the life cycle.
    THE CONCLUSION is bit enigmatically poignant matter. You have maintained the wisdom for souls to be infallible through your cantos, despite that human are fallible… (Well-known precept, “to err is human & to forgive is divine”) Here it is apparent that what law warns/teaches with regards to giving up is taken as sin and is not solicited even (….giving up breathing would mean dying alive or dying within…therefore certainly it’s advisable to hold breathing & staying alive to combat the adversities). Therefore in simpler words deceasing oneself is as good as losing to the sufferings & trials amid the life cycle span. Somehow I can imagine that for fallible ones through penance only the soul gets divinized in due course, either in one go or through several life cycles (…& is acclaimed as enduring owns past karmic debts or whatever)…which only is the way for graduating with the honors…..BEST OF US. There is a secret unveiled through the poem that terminating one’s own existence under owns hardship is a sin since we are the substratum for the forthcoming progeny of which no one is aware and no one can ever foresee the cycles to come thereafter through them. In some way you have glorified “human beings”… deem “being human” is as close to “being divine”….which in all ways is to ensure that life cycle must go on…..& that’s the orchestrated event beyond the comprehension of fallible beings. As usual I would like to make the conclusion through a motivating song….O RAHEE O RAHEE RUK JANA NAHI…. O! traveller don’t stop…..keep walking….. HYPERLINK “” HYPERLINK “”

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    1. mellowstorm says:

      The creative adult is the child who has survived…Thanks a lot for such beautiful, eloquent comment.


  5. Saroj Singh says:

    Very beautiful presentation of different stages of life.
    Like the poem very much.

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    1. mellowstorm says:

      Thank you, Saroj! I am glad you liked the poem. Take care!


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