Child labour is a crime. Isn’t this line very familiar? But for this little girl, Dhanya, this line was baseless. Eldest among her three siblings, this 8 year old, fatherless girl, knew only one thing, sunrise means getting up and going to Aunty’s house to do all the household works. 

Aunty was a good task master, merciless, with her motto that she is paying money, so all the servants have to work, whatever the situation maybe.

Evening this tired girl used to come home, to see her siblings waiting for the leftovers, given by Aunty. Her sick, fragile mother also worked in many houses to make their ends meet.

Journey was tough, but the spark of happiness in Dhanya’s life was the showroom nearby, where she use to go to see the mannequiens wearing beautiful frocks. And among the frocks, a pink frock was her love. She used to dream, that wearing it she reaches to the fairy land and the world’s best things are at her disposal. This dream was the only happiness in her life and she use to long for that frock. Her heart, her soul, her wishes, her desire became that frock.

One day, as she was staring at the frock, a big car stopped in front of her and a pretty girl of her age, along with her mother walked in the showroom. Suddenly Dhanya saw the salesman changing the manniquein into another frock. She sat on the floor, her heart sank, realising that the girl has bought her dream frock. Her only happiness was going away forever.

The next moment, she could see the girl, wearing that frock and coming out. Tears of desire, tears of hollowness, tears of lost dream… flowed uncontrollably.

Sobbing, she looked at the frock, to bid her last farewell, but what she saw, was that girl struggling to take out the frock strucked in the barbed wire, near her car.

Her mother screamed,” Oh, the frock is torn, how can my princess wear a torn frock, come lets go and get the best frock from the showroom.”

They went in, and the princess came out wearing the best frock. Her mother saw Dhanya standing, simply gave that frock to her and walked away.

Till now Dhanya was crying, but with the dream frock in her hand, she was blank, numb… So much of happiness was beyond her imagination. But the next moment, her self-esteem started arguing with her mind. She thought, ” Did they give the frock because they thought I am a beggar? I didn’t beg, I can never beg! God, I asked from you, but I didn’t ask them. I work hard to earn a meal, I am not a beggar.” The pride, the self-respect of a child was hurt.

Her mother who was witnessing everything, since long, read her mind. She hugged her daughter and said,” They didn’t think anything about you… actually they gave it because they didn’t want it, you got it because you deserved it. You are not a begger, you are the fortunate one and fortune chooses their own way to reach the deserving one. So don’t doubt, it’s all yours.”

Tears rolled over Dhanya’s cheek…the stream could reveal her whimpering…her soul wailed to breathe a respite…she was happy, very happy.

Her mother darned the frock.The frock was again as good as new. Who says princess are different?? Dhanya in that frock was looking every inch a princess, a fairy, an angel.

Make your wish, your desire, so big that it comes running to you. Have the courage to dream, the starting point of achievement is your dream, your desire.



He was asthmatic. Old age, 76 years of age and various ailments were not actually his major pain, his wife’s bitter, foul tongue made his life hell.

The whole night, he used to cough and she uses to scream,” You don’t sleep and don’t let others sleep too. One day, I will strangle you.”

Love grows with age, the couple becomes each other’s life, all this was just a fairy tale for them. Bitterness and humiliation were the gifts, the old lady use to serve the old man.

One fine morning, when the daughter-in-law entered their room with morning tea, she was shocked to see that the old lady was no more. This sort of unexpected death left all of them stunned.

The old man wept for his wife, bought a beautiful sandalwood garland for her photograph and prayed for the departed soul.

Days passed, the old man was at his death bed. His whole family surrounded him, some praying, some crying.

The old man slowly opened his eyes and said,”  There is something I want you all to remember as my parting wisdom…never humilate or hate a person so much, that he gets pleasure doing any wrong deed, as if he is doing the best thing in the world.”

Surprised, astronished, his son tried to blabber,” You mean to say that….???”

There was no one to reply, the old man was resting in peace.