Imagination has no boundaries, it’s vivid…
While visiting a copper mine, I stood before the granite rocks containing copper mineralisation. There, the flowing copper sulphate solution from the rocks provoked my thoughts with the fact that when we wail and whimper, although our tears don’t exhibit any hue…they are transparent, but these rocks were shedding blue hued tears. If these rocks could have been possible human beings, then their blue tears would have flown directly from their veins…and if so, then their pain and tears could have been an intregal part of their soul, however frigid it may appear to us or however rigid…poetically or geologically crystallised these thoughts as ‘NEELA AASU’…blue tears.

नीला आसूँ

रिसते रिसते नीला हो गया…
श्वेत अश्को को भायी रंगीन काया ।

दर्द रगों में बहता है…
नीला आँसु सच ही तो कहता है।

दूर से टटोलने से अन्तर्मन की व्यथा …
क्या नाप पायेगा कोई भी मापदंड का पैमाना,वो अद्रश्य कथा?

सोच और खयाल का तालमेल कहाँ खो गया …
नीला आसमां,नीली स्याही और अब यह आसूँ भी नीला हो गया।

नीली सी रिसती आखें दिल को दस्तक दे गया…
जिन्दगी का रंग बदलता रहा,यकीं जवाँ होता गया ।।

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  1. Pushpa Rishikesh says:

    Bahut khoob

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  2. Deepali chordia says:

    Beautiful poem exhibing a altogether different thought process

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    1. mellowstorm says:

      Thank you for sharing your insight…
      Have a great weekend.


  3. Shyamashree says:

    Darun ,darun

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  4. Joydeep Mukherjee says:

    Who could have possibly imagined such a chemical process in some part of the country, get such a poetic touch from you 🙂

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    1. mellowstorm says:

      Thank you for such a witty comment…😊


  5. Rajan Michael says:

    sach hi kaha hai dard raggo me bahta hai aur neela aasu sach hi kahta hai. Bahut sunder likha hai. Mubarak ho.

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    1. mellowstorm says:

      Thank you for appreciating my work🙂


  6. rajesh dhamge says:

    Nice poem

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  7. rajesh dhamge says:

    Life has given an infinite impetus to delve over the melancholy whether it is good to snivel or caper……I think the blogger has bounced back unveiling her inborn potential which was gratuitously shoved away from their readers from quite long time…. I think she won’t do this again… not like a hurt lioness slithering into her arboreal oblivion… in this occasion she has aggravated herself with the BLUE VITRIOL (hydrated copper-sulphate) which was oozing out from the parent rock owing to mineralization and thus there has been a perfect marriage between her emotions and the geological phenomenon…. Introduction gives an outline how a solid rock could be appearing living dead & yet infused possibly still with life… it further forces us to perceive its taciturn soul which in contact with someone has to mellow-down.
    Mind it there is still lot of thing in connection with life-science when one weeps especially if it’s not an emotional reason to cry… Emotions leading to crying include anger, happiness or sadness, agony, surprise or joy… thus at times it may be cheerful episode or a painful event…… Adrenocorticotropic chemical is the stress hormone which is eliminated due to crying. Psychology ratifies that helplessness triggers weeping. A neuronal connection between lacrimal gland and brain involved with emotions plays main role as a response, welling of eyes also do happen to protect us from conjunctivitis even. However there is a marked difference in chemical composition when there is an emotional crying as compared to other types of tears… sobbing is done slowly with an erratic inhalation, occasional instances of breathe holding & muscular tremor… yes we all cry some or other way… crying triggers due to inflicted pains or due to nonverbal communication… but crying usually has a biochemical effect to relieve the stress …
    The allegory deployed for colorless tears which is mesmerized by the color is a bizarre imagination. Then in sequence to which it’s really difficult to estimate about an inflicted pain which can roll blue tears down…. Yes I agree no one can gauge from superficial outlooks because happiness is contagious & deceptive as well. It has been finally impressed upon us through the verse that we all bellow even if we are robust or cold…. & yet there can be an unparalleled angst in doing so. Yet it intrigues me why you had to pick up such a disconsolate topic … there is lot to brood over the gifts of nature endowed to you …so please start the countdown! But I love to dissever your demonstrations always… but I have utterly failed to comprehend what or who kept on changing its hues to make you sure about your perceived beliefs…. There is a message to be decrypted… can you write how zindagi ka rung badalta raha, yakin jawaa hota gaya … Lastly not dramatically but elegiacally I would appeal, “Pushpa I hate tears…” because you advocate happiness… which is contagious & spreads it like an epidemic… let it be a genuine happiness… let the cat purr and pour the potion of happiness… let misconceptions be removed quietly…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mellowstorm says:

      Thank you for your constant support and encouraging words. Means a lot to my writing.


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